Now Korie Robertson is Dealing with Scandal

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Apparently, someone is looking to cash in on this Duck Dynasty drama. The latest news is alleged nude shots of Korie Robertson are being shopped to media outlets. However, there are some major flaws in their claims.

Scroll down to see the 9 pictures of Korie Robertson, one of the wives on Duck Dynasty.

As you will see in the gallery, everything that is offered for sale is fake. We have undeniable proof. They are trying to make a quick buck off of uncensored goods but it’s completely bogus.

Here are the aforementioned images. Hit the right arrow to view the gallery in its entirety:

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson

Korie Robertson



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  • Joe y

    Wow looks good to me. How could man straight or gay pass her up.

    • snapsbacula

      Ooga Booga… Man want woman… *grunts*

  • JstAnotherAnimal

    Someone has really crappy PS skills. Looks like a kid did the edits.

  • rick

    nice quacker


    DUCK and Cover!

  • Truth_Quest30

    I think #1 looks realistic, but not the others.

  • Rex

    I hope you disgusting clowns are sued for slander and harassment. What a filthy perverted lie. The homosexual left is going all out to slander people because they dare believe in GOD!

    • Joe

      Lol its so funny how you act like there is a war on Christians, I have never seen someone get made fun of or harassed over being a Christian personally anyway. Just tv garbage now atheists get the bad rap, we have just as much right to not believe in sky fairies as you do to believe a man lives in the clouds and hates gays and rich people and black people blah blah blah How can people be so rational and think God is realistic. God was invented before we had science, but I respect your right to believe just do not pretend anyone has a rough time being a Christian

    • truth

      the bible was thrown together by king james, a guy who is a known rapist and murderer. he created the fairy tale to rule his people easier. believe whatever you want, but dont run my life by your freaky rules, thats why we are in america, freedom FROM religion!

    • John

      Actually, it is freedom OF religion, fucktard. You say there is no harassment towards Christians, and yet they all think we are the douche who started this, Rex. Christians get that Americans get their choice he’s part of the one percent. So why don’t you go look at a group of Christians instead of assuming we’re all like red, dick

    • ba0420

      OK Christianity is actually just an amalgamation of competing religious ideas that were blended together in an effort merge the tribes and their ideas that developed as civilization spread through the middle east. Christians took the old testament and added to it with their prophet , same as Muslims did with theirs both who stole ideas from other competing religions . Then they killed each other over it. Christians still try to force their morality down our throats claiming their freedom of religion. Freedom of religion does mean you can force your morality on others what we need is freedom from religion. Believe what you want but do that away from me and others. It is also proven that the new testament was wrote well after jesus would have died and by people that were not even there ( hearsay ). The churchs sat down one day decided what books worked for them and changed them to help promote their own ideals. They are the words of man not a god. Ignorance and hate is what the church teaches. So keep it to you and yours and out of politics and our schools

    • timbo44

      Duh, you must be confused, Muhammad married a 6 year old, (lol) and then had sex with her when she was 9 years old. and he didn’t invent his religion until the 15th century, lol, cuz his flying carpet was in the repair shop.

    • Iceman47

      ” The Bible was thrown together by King James”, now that would be so hilariously funny if it weren’t so truly telling about your stupendous ignorance.

    • timbo44

      What year is this? 2,014 years after what event? What? I can’t hear you? The entire world functions, and tells time, ALL due to the birth of Jesus Christ. That FACT angers agnostics because there is NOTHING they can do about it, except of course break into churches and throw excrement at statues of the Blessed Virgin Mary and steal wine and gold chalices. What? You want to know how a Virgin could give birth? 2,000 years ago when a woman was with child, the definition of the word “Virgin” was different than it is today, back then it meant she was pregnant, and it was customary for women to NOT engage in sex while pregnant, that was the mores of the times.
      As for you agnostics “needing proof” (lol) before you are convinced that there is a Creator, as if your disbelief is of even the most minute importance, consider this fact:
      How many people are on a jury? And why exactly did they settle on that number? Answer: There were 12 Apostles who witnessed miracles, and today we have 12 persons impaneled on a jury because those original 12 Apostles were to go out and spread the Gospel Truth concerning the Miracle of the Loaves and The Fishes, or of turning water into wine. Human beings also witnessed these miracles and they spread those truths to all the corners of the globe, and that is the basis of Faith in the Catholic Church today. We trust those 12 individuals to be swearing to tell the truth of those miracles. Ask yourself: Why, what would be the benefit of those 12 men to purposefully lie? Answer: None. What would be the benefit to mankind of preaching the Gospel of the Miracles? Answer: Eternal Life in Heaven.
      Begone fool!

    • sargentjesus

      you are a fucking moron, the number of people in each group being equal DOES NOT PROVE anything about the veracity of christianity. it’s so funny how the Holy Babble is the inerrant word of god, but now we have to reinterpret certain words and phrases because “they don’t mean the same thing anymore.” why can’t we just agree that none of it means what it used to (if it ever did) and just forget the whole shebang and MOVE ON

    • Irenaeus

      I would like to point out there were 13 apostles, people seem to forget judas as he betrayed jesus, very important thing to miss out, then again i guess your argument doesn’t work otherwise. Here are my questions for you :

      1.)what language was the new testament written in?

      2.) what is the traditional christian understanding of the duality of the soul?

      3.) Should we only consider the bible as representative of God, or should we also consider the vast cannon of Dogma added much much later than the time of original composition? I.E: Unbaptised babies sit for ever outside the gates of hell etc

      4.) If God is as Christians believe, omnipotent, benevolent, omniscient and transcendant then, how can humans have been provided with the greatest gift of God… Free Will, as he would see, know and have the power to change all events within our life meaning no choice ever made is free as the decision is already mapped out to its conclusion.

      I am genuinly interested in your answers, I hope this serves as food for thought.

    • jjw

      So. You Were There ? Oh Wait No You Weren’t This Was Told To You In A Story You Brain Washed Ass Hat. By The Way This Is Coming From Someone Who Used To Be Christian But Then Woke Up And Started To Believe His Own Beliefs And Stop Listening To MY Whole Family Brain Wash Me. Think For Your Selves You Dumb Fucks

    • Isiah

      You atheist idiots will find out the truth someday, and it is the truth, there is a God and hopefully you fools won’t get punished for not believing but I doubt it, LOL

    • Jfro234

      settle down willie theyre clearly fake.

    • Edward

      Which god?

    • Edward

      Why do you hate Jesus? He only spent time in the company of men, never married, catered weddings, and threw fabulous dinner parties. He was gay.

  • Adulvith

    Okay, You said is not censored. And how the hell i can’t see nipples and vagina?????

  • truth

    this is stupid. the first one is obviously real, with a faked pic of some other girl. probably stolen from her phone since we know the government has backdoors into everything, any hacker can use those tunnels. all the rest are obvious fakes and tying them together is a cute ploy to discredit the first image, which is real and not the same body as the porn pics. either way, she is hot and good for her!!!! oh, and i dont care how “christian” somebody says they are, they are still perverts, molesters and wife and child beaters. religion is nothing but a mask to hide who they really are in plain sight.

  • Duck Fucknasty

    Nude? Looks like blur and Photoshop!

  • Biff Schmuckatelli

    If I were the Robertson’s, I would sue the photgraphers/media outlets involved.

  • Iceman47

    Like most of you, I hope that whoever did this really lousy thing is sued big time. These pictures, besides being disgusting are really amateur attempts at creating faked images.

    BTW, I am even more amazed at the total ignorance some of the posters on here display when it comes to Christians, the Bible, and even their own professed beliefs with regard to atheism. However, that’s okay because their ignorance, IMHO, has no place in this life or the next. The only thing it will do is earn them a place in the pit.

  • JWNelsonRN

    Looks like a lot of Photo altering to me. First of all, if you really watch the show. Kories legs are much prettier. Not to take a way from her But I do believe she does not fill up her bra as full as these pict’s seem to show. ( Btw- I like the way she fills her bra – Better than this pict.)
    If ya’ll really think this is her. Please contact me. I have some land next to Willies that I can sell you very reasonably. Then you can see for your self. I mean it is cheap, or reasonable. Don’t want ya to think I am scamming ya here….. contact me here at

  • jennifer penna

    Poor Korie and her family hopefully we will see her response to this one on the show

  • Beachguy53

    It is always a pleasure to see you and your family, but even more to see how the Lord has blessed you. Never waiver in your faith. Blessings to you and your family. In Jesus name, I pray for you.

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