Tony Parker and Boris Diaw Pictured Doing Anti-Semitic Gesture

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San Antonio Spurs teammates Tony Parker and Boris Diaw are in hot water. The players, who are both French, were pictured doing a salute known as the “quenelle” — which is regarded as an anti-Semitic gesture. In fact, it’s the Nazi salute inverted.

Check out this photo of Tony Parker doing the quenelle:

tony parker nazi

And here is Boris Diaw doing the anti-Semitic gesture:

boris diaw nazi

Parker has already issued an apology. In the press release, he said the photo was taken years ago and he didn’t know the meaning behind the gesture. The other man in both of the pictures is a comedian who is known for ruffling feathers in France. The country is now considering banning him from performing in any public venues going forward.


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  • Golo Bou Rer

    It ‘s a lie! Dieudonné himself said this is not an Nazi Salute! What else do you want? It’s coming from the mouth of the guy who made it famous.
    Stop lying to the public who doesn’t know the meaning

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