What Your Drink Choice Says About You

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They say you can judge a man by his shoes. For instance, on a first date, is he wearing a pair of snazzy shoe shined Buscemis? Or does he roll up in tattered bo-bo sneaks that look like they came from the clearance aisle at Payless? Or perhaps it’s a fresh pair of the latest Michael Jordan sneakers, gleaming with that new car scent look. In the same vain, you can certainly make judgments – albeit snap – about the kind of drink a man orders at the bar. First impressions go a long way, and the list below will help you decipher what your drink choice is saying about you.

bar-liquorSource: sxc.hu

Beer. What You’re Ordering: Sam Adams, Guinness, or Some Sort of Belgian Brew. What That Says: You’re practical and pragmatic. Down-to-earth and loyal, you enjoy sticking with what works – what’s tried and true. You’re low-maintenance and not very picky when it comes to style and taste. You prefer to do what’s comfortable and keep a low-key vibe and wardrobe to match. Women love you because of this – you’re like an anchor and a steady rock for the whimsical.

Classic Cocktail. What You’re Ordering: Gin & Tonics, Dirty Martinis, Screwdrivers. What That Says: You’re a gentleman steeped in tradition. You have a swagger and style that is timeless but by no means lacking in dapperness. A well-fitted suit is your go-to, and the only time you’re seen in running shoes is at the gym. You have a good range of morals and a Blu-Ray collection that contains all the James Bond and Godfather classics. Women adore your gentlemanly approach and view of life.

Specialty Cocktail. What You’re Ordering: Mixologist Drinks at Your Local Speakeasy (drinks infused with lavender and rosemary poured over cool looking ice cubes). What That Says: You’re spontaneous and adventurous. You like to try new things, new flavors, and experience new sensations. You’re friendly and gregarious, and love to be the life of the party. Women find your live-for-the-moment attitude refreshing and attractive. However, beware of coming off as too flighty, as sometimes that can be perceived as being a “player”.

Bourbon/Whiskey/Scotch. What You’re Ordering: Macallan 18s, Jonny Walker Blues & Blacks, Pappy Van Winkles. What That Says: You’re a real man’s man. You avoid any fillers or sugary mixes in your drinks and that reflects your personality – you like to cut to the chase. You’re a traditional man in every way… And furthermore, you prefer to take your time sipping on your drink as opposed to sloshing them down with the quickness. Contemplative, complex, but simple all at the same time. You drive women wild with your stark honesty and manly persona.

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