Lena Dunham Draws Criticism for “Girls”

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My favorite show these days is “Girls” — the entertainingly realistic HBO series. Lena Dunham is a big reason why. Critics have attacked her recently for the fact that she is frequently nude when playing the role of Hannah Horvath. Personally, I love seeing her without the hindrance of clothes.

Scroll down to see 14 pictures of Lena Dunham, the majority of which show off her uncensored skin.

Sure, she doesn’t have the typical body that we see on television. But that just makes it hot. She has the type of body we guys find in the real world. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

Here are the images — hit the right arrow in order to view the gallery in its entirety:

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham


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  • jewseinfedl

    She’s so fucking fat and disgusting. What a fat fucking pig. If you fuck here you probablyu have low self esteem.

    • bargal20

      And if anyone fucks you they definitely need an English-to-mouth breather dictionary to tell you that anal with a strap-on costs 50 dollars extra.

  • timrobson

    Yikes. I’ll never take my wife’s body for granted again.

    • JM

      You must look like Brad Pitt.. guffaw.

    • timrobson

      Not at all, chuckles. However, unlike Lena, I don’t inflict my naked form on the public on a weekly basis. If I did, I’d resign myself to the scrutiny which followed.

    • Daniel P. Hanover

      i LOVE Brad Pitt ! :)

  • Barry Jumper

    Why is she portrayed nude with a nigga….. makes her a white trash whore!!!!

  • Ron

    Don’t mind her body but could do without the tattoos. Still don’t get the whole tattoo fad.

  • Richie Rich

    Wow, she’s butt chucking fugly

  • Mike Jones

    Damn, should have done my research before landing here because I was definitely expecting a much better looking woman than that and I went to a liberal arts college (seen some hideous human beings in the cafeteria)! Looks like a pig that got into some ink. I understand being comfortable in your own skin, but damn get her into a gym!

  • Mike

    ok, so what is the problem, she just looks like white trash, lots of tats and completely out of shape, if you do not like it, then do not watch the show

    • Zachery Quinones

      The thing is other people like the show for the other characters and storylines. A few of my lady friends who watch it actually do not like her constant nudity but watch the show cause they relate to the other characters.

  • Blaine

    She looks like people who watch TV

  • now blind

    um…..yuck. clothes are goooood. rage spiral on that

  • a gentleman

    i’d hit that-she’s kind of cool and ptang is ptang

  • Gremlin1974

    No one “attacked” her. She was asked a legitimate question by a critic about why there was so much pointless nudity and since the real answer would have been “Well since my show has like the lowest ratings on TV, I thought I would try showing my goodies.”, instead she and several female producers decided to act offended to drum up ratings.

    Frankly the fake outrage is some of the best acting that has ever come out of the show. However, one wonders why they bothered since somehow a show that has consistently been on the bottom of the ratings bucket for its entire 2 season life got renewed for a 4th season before the 3rd season, which is not expected to improve, has even aired. It makes one wonder.

  • pjbthree

    If you can’t see nipples then she’s not naked

  • realguy

    This should give hope to all of us. If people who look like that can get paid big money and have their own show on HBO, then certainly there is hope for the rest of us. Dunham really drew the short end of the stick though. How much would it suck to be chubby but not get any boobs from it?

  • SosaiX

    No issues with her body; it’s the horrible tattoos that mess it up.
    And frankly, I’m pretty over this self-important egomaniac Lena Dunham; your show sucks, you can’t act, and you’ve somehow bought in to this idea that you’ve been anointed as the Chosen One of feminists for a new generation. Here’s a hint; you’re not. Now run along…

  • Freddie

    For uncensored pictures, there appears to be a lot of blurring. . .

  • Liana

    Uncensored my ass.

  • Puk

    I like her and I like her show. Its not about sexy, naked bodies, if you want that go on pornhub already. The show is about keeping it real, no filters, no boobjobs, airbrushed faces or pushup bra’s. Its about attraction and feelings rather than how society think we should look and what we should be attracted to.

    I count personality higher than appearance. The ugliest man in the world could be attractive to me if he had a very dominating personality, because thats what I am attracted to. Many of my girlfriends don’t like buff men and my brother likes fat women.

    However in our society that is not normal, so people always assume there must be a secret agenda of some kind, money, security etc.

    But its just personal preferences – and I promise you someone finds Lena very attractive even though she’s not desirable by todays standards. Maybe might even be the fact that she is chubby with small boobs or her dominating persona.

    I dislike how all of you act like you are above her, however she is the one who is brave enough to bare all even though she knows her body is far from perfect by todays standards and she knew beforehand how nasty many of you men would be.

    “This should give hope to all of us. If people who look like that can get paid big money and have their own show on HBO, then certainly there is hope for the rest of us.”

    Yeah because you only get a hit show because of the way you look -_-

    • James McLarey

      Yeah, she’s a victim.

    • Had Enough With the BS


  • jdmaddog101

    Bro let me tell you somethin I would bang this woman with everything in my power

    • jdmaddog101

      She is beautiful and if you can’t see that your handicapped, and I’ve slept with many woman including traditional thin hot chicks but she is gorgeous

  • vowvoonrsq

    “the majority of which show off her uncensored skin”

    BS. Every one of of them is censored.

  • James McLarey

    You brag about her showing her body, but will not show it yourself…blatant hypocrisy. So her nipples and pubic hair are too much? By the way, how did pubic hair become risque? It COVERS the vagina, no?

  • Woogy Lewis

    Yes, this show is about feminism, since showing a naked fat chick screwing as many guys as possible definitely exalts the women’s cause LOL. Sorry, but if any fat chick can take her clothes off and get paid to have a TV show of her screwing various guys, then look out for the flood. I like how they address the ‘all white’ complaint from minority women by having her screw a black guy – nice move, but that does nothing for minority women. Maybe her Jewish mom & Judd Apatow are somehow related?

  • Zachery Quinones

    “But that just makes it hot. She has the type of body we guys find in the real world.” What? I don’t find this attractive at all and that’s MY preference and guess what? It doesn’t make me a pig or misogynist either because believe it or not not every guy is attracted to that body type. Oh yeah and there are just as many women who don’t have that body type; I don’t know where this notion came about that that’s this body type makes up the majority of the female demographic.
    Obviously whether she’s of “ideal” body type or not, she by all means has the right to show her nude body BUT as one person pointed out, the criticism is very valid and justifiable. If let’s say a male actor had a show with identical body type and he was constantly nude for no apparent reason, no one would attack the person who questions the motives behind his nudity. She was asked a legitimate question and she failed to give a legitimate answer, instead she danced around it. It’s like if someone brings up an issue, you should be able to give a cohesive response to it if there’s purpose behind your motives but if you can’t then it becomes apparent you’re working a gimmick and not being authentic.

  • Mamagnosis

    The most realistic images on how 90% of the worlds women look like naked. Thank you, Lena! You helped me love my body and not constantly fight with it.

  • kurt bray

    i think well need a chromazone check here double YIKES!!!!

  • Richie Aprile

    She needs a good, old fashioned, over-the-knee bare bottom spanking!

  • Deb

    Her body isn’t that bad if you can get past the face…

  • twr

    I think its ridiculous to appreciate girls portrayal of real women naked then cover up their bits with bars when you show their pictures.

  • solar1959 .

    I love her bbw body,very hot babe!!

  • epiced

    My 44 year old wife, mother of 3, is beautiful compared to this porcine…some people simple have no shame…Oh, and my wife didn’t molest her sister either.

  • cosmopolite

    To say anything less than admiring about Ms Dunham’s feminine assets, is deemed, by the politically correct, to be a form of slut shaming, and slut shaming is of course completely beyond the pale. To be sure.
    I have never seen an episode of Girls and have no plans to ever do so. But I do agree that fleshy women should reveal their nakedness if doing so gives them joy. I have just looked at the still images above of Ms Dunham’s “nudity”, and her face never suggested to me that she was happy being naked on camera. Meanwhile, the only times I have seen KK be very joyful on camera is when she is naked.

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