Prank Video: Pretty Girl Gives Disgusting Massage

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Fri, Jan 10 - 2:00 am EDT | 4 years ago by
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The funniest site on the internet,, is behind this hilarious prank video. It features an extremely attractive girl who is giving a very unappealing massage. She does everything from spit on the guys to spreading mayo on their faces. Watch this cringeworthy yet funny video:

The most amusing aspect of the whole video is that the dudes just roll with it. That just goes to show that we’ll let pretty girls do whatever they want to us. If they want to get freaky, we’re all for it. If you’re touching us and seem interested, we’re good.

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  • Yowz

    i’d let her do anythign she wanted to me.

  • Anonymous

    Lol some guys are so desperate, probably coz they know that in reality a pretty girl wouldn’t be interested in them like that…

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