Nintendo Celebrates Massive 3DS Sales in 2013

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With the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 hogging the spotlight this past year, even before they were released, Nintendo has had to deal with some near catastrophic lows. The Wii U wasn’t exactly the success they were hoping for and it looked, for a moment, like the gaming giant was in trouble.

While they aren’t exactly out of the woods yet, there has been some encouraging news for the Japanese company. Their DS handheld consoles sold more than 11.5 million units in 2013.

It was so genius of them to release the 2DS as a more affordable option for people who wanted the titles offered for the 3DS. On the exact opposite end of the spectrum, they also released the 3DS XL for people who were willing to pay a little more for a larger screen.

It doesn’t end there, though. The 3DS managed to beat out the PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One in the United Kingdom to become the best-selling game device of 2013. That’s actually pretty amazing.

With titles such as Yoshi’s New Island and Super Smash Bros. on the horizon for the 3DS, it’s very possible that 2014 could be another great year.

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  • Henry 8888

    Portable gaming is the future. Nobody wants to be tied down to a station. That’s why tablets are destroying desktops these days.

    • truth sayer

      LOL. No. Little kids are buying 3DS.

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