Madonna Tries to Be Cool, Comes Across as Racist

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Fri, Jan 17 - 9:04 pm EDT | 4 years ago by
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Apparently, Madonna is really excited about her son’s boxing career. In hyping up Rocco Ritchie, whose nickname is Dirty Soap, she punctuated her Instagram post with a hashtag that many critics say is racist.

Check it out and judge for yourself:

madonna disnigga

I’m not sure if #disnigga is racist — but she shouldn’t be using it. Madonna is just too old. Someone half her age could get away with it but it’s just not cool coming off of the keyboard of a grandma. Sorry, babe.

Predictably, she has deleted the Instagram post with the alleged racism. Publicity stunt? Yeah, probably.

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  • my thoughts

    Because ageism is no different from racism

    • Guest 2

      Thank you, was about to say the same thing!

    • Doug Holmes

      yeah, and on other articles they refer to her as #datcracka.

      Only whites can be racist, and it’s only racism when white people do it.

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