Lindenwood University Wrestler Michael Johnson Arrested in HIV Case

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This guy is despicable. Michael Johnson is a wrestler at Lindenwood University in St Charles, Missouri who has been arrested for knowingly spreading HIV. Authorities say he knew he was positive yet filmed approximately 30 sex tapes with unsuspecting partners. Not only did they not know his medical status, they didn’t know they were being recorded on video.

Scroll down to see 9 pictures of Michael Johnson, who goes by the name Tiger Mandingo online. He can be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MySpace, Vine and elsewhere nearly nude while flirting.

It is suspected that the majority of people he slept with were men, however police haven’t yet said if any women are seen on the secret tapes. Thus far at least one man has said he has contracted HIV from “Tiger Mandingo.” Police have hit him with a handful of felony charges already — and that might just be the tip of the iceberg.

Here are the aforementioned images. Please use the right arrow to view the entire gallery:

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson



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  • Desmond

    This is horrifying. No punishment is enough for this crime

  • Matthew

    Why would someone do something this vile? So sick

  • John

    This is what you get for having sex with a negro.

    • Mason

      Shut the fuck up. You don’t have to get all racist you piece of shit.

    • Black & Proud

      No need to get racist its not only black people who have such diseases, in fact people of all nationalities can and do have HIV. I’m black & offended by your narrow-minded remark

    • Jerry Callender

      Agreed. It is known the highest incidence of HIV is the 18-38 year old white HETERO community.

    • Challenge Accepted

      That’s funny because last time I checked it was gay CAUCASIAN men who have been spreading AIDS and HIV all through Thailand and Asia! Last time I checked most blacks do not have a history of traveling much… now go research THAT! I am tired of people misrepresenting MY race, MY people and MY culture. Whilst your researching why don’t you google “Cum Dump” and see who are the majority to take place in those events. Stop speaking for US and speak for YOU.


      fuck you Bitch he should of gave it to yo AASS IM SURE IF HE WOULD OF ASKED TO FUCK YOU YOU WOUL OF LET YOU FUKIN BASTARD…

    • Jeffrey Atkins

      LOL I’m going to not attack stupidity with vain words. You probably black yourself. Please stop being dumb for half of your mother’s life for crying out loud. But then again, stupidity doesn’t fall far from the tree now does it?! ;)

  • since1911

    if this was a flamboyant queen, most of you would “lol” because then it would have been ‘obvious’. Now all of you writing up essays and pulling statistics because he looks like a ‘real man’. That is the root of the problem. Black women are STILL stuck on the “looks like a duck” attitude. Balleralert stays worshipping and adoring “men who look like MEN”

    This is a topic

    This was not safe sex:

    Women wish and pray for men they see on social medai because he looks like what they want. Women cower on Men’s blogs (ex. and wish and wish that their men are “like them” and even flirt, beg and THIRST profusely for them. So now you are all mad, ONE OF them is actually PLAYING for the other team and ALSO gives out. You are mad he looks like this ?

    This is a comment from a girl:

    lilian21 January 2014 15:08

    Ok, this is really gross. I can’t believe a young man that looks like him what do such a thing..but that has now become the world we live in.


  • guest

    Just looking at him makes me want to vomit

    • cablefor me

      Me two!

  • Chingpei

    Everyone’s Obsession for BBC !!!

  • cablefor me

    Men are sexual deviants and beg just about anyone or anything to have unprote cted sex. Then to have it with someone named Tiger Mandigo is just begging to catch AIDS. They all deserve it.

  • cablefor me

    The people he slept with are just at fault as Tiger Man dingoberries. They all stupid vile and discusting. Now that they all have aids they can all keep sleeping together! Tom cruise had work on his degenerated face he prob got aids too!

  • vic

    we hear every day everywhere not to have sex without a condom but people keep doing it. stop blaming on this guy, each and every one that is in this situation is responsible.

  • TreAnthony

    What they should have done was jacked off with him…and that’s IT…nothing more….

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