Robert Marucci Got Suspended from High School for No Good Reason

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An 18-year-old senior in Florida named Robert Marucci was suspended from Cocoa High School for doing legal activities off of campus. While it shouldn’t matter what he was doing, it’s been revealed that he stared in nude films for a website that caters to gay males. But, again, that’s not a legitimate reason to suspend the student.

Look below for 9 pictures of Robert Marucci, who went by the name of Noel on the SeanCody site. Much of the footage shows him in the nude or with his surfboard.

This guy actually took the job to help his family pay bills. In today’s economy, you take whatever work you can get. This young man should be considered a hero, not a nuisance or a distraction.

Here are the aforementioned images — hit the right arrow to view the complete gallery:

Robert Marucci

Robert Marucci

Robert Marucci

Robert Marucci

Robert Marucci

Robert Marucci

Robert Marucci

Robert Marucci

Robert Marucci



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  • J

    Defintely a hero. And a damn sexy one at that!

    • billythebigbone

      and he has a big pool stick ;)

  • Dick Jones

    So his mother whores his ass out for money and calls him “her hero”? Wow!

  • Danman

    I wish I went to high school with him…

  • Angel of Light

    Nice body! Americans/Christians are dumb and hateful.

    • tim simms

      That was a particularly dumb, hateful thing to say about 300 million people.

  • Joe

    Is this why you hate vaginas? Because if you’re gay, just own up to it instead if writing false garbage like the article on 9 reasons not to give women oral

    • stevie68a

      If you live a long time, you’ll find vaginas have teeth in them.

  • Drake

    This isn’t the full story. The Schools not that respectful and he’s thinning out the truth in a lot of areas.

  • roberto

    he could have tried fitness modelling or body-building, instead of a disgusting nonsense such as gay porn

    • enesha

      disgusting nonsense? I guess you are showing your bigoted opinions. I feel sorry for you. You must feel intimidated. Perhaps a closet homo lol

  • JET314

    WOW, if I looked like him, I’d do it too to help myself and/or my family. He did NOTHING wrong. He’s an adult,. We should have more well spoken young men willing to take on financial matters to help their family instead of turning to crime. He wasn’t trying to sell heroin.


    Grandma always said “if ya got it, you better show it !”

  • Chad Williams

    The holier-than-thou school’s reaction if it were straight porn? Holy crickets chirping.

  • detopguy

    damn he’s got a fine ass….

  • SlapARepublicunt

    These males, believe me they’re no men, hating on this MAN are just jealous. Yep, it bothers them there are 18yo men with 10 inch cocks and who are not FAT like these American guys tend to be. Besides what are they doing even clicking on this article, flipping through the pictures and who knows what else. Lol!

  • Freddy Snakeskin

    Leave the kid alone, he’s 18 and can do what he damned well wants.

  • Erica

    I dated that guy! Nice guy, had a wonderful time on his motorcycle!

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