13 Best Body Shot Knockouts in UFC History

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By Adam Martin
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Former Strikeforce middleweight champion Luke Rockhold knew he needed to redeem himself after his embarrassing head kick KO loss to Vitor Belfort in his UFC debut last year, and he did exactly just that last week at UFC Fight Night 35.

With one swift kick right to the midsection of Costas Philippou, Rockhold got himself back into the win column, won a $50,000 check for “Knockout of the Night” and reestablished himself as one of the best 185 pounders in the world.

It was one of the most impressive body shot knockouts ever seen inside the Octagon, and it got me thinking: What were the other best body shot knockouts ever witnessed inside the UFC’s eight-sided steel cage?

So I went back into the annals of UFC history and picked out what I think are the top 13 best knockouts stemming from strikes to the body. I hope you enjoy the list I’ve come up with.

Oh, and by the way, the most interesting part of the list is that most of the knockouts listed occurred in the last three years, which exemplifies the evolution of striking in the sport of mixed martial arts.

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UFC 63: Melvin Guillard def. Gabe Ruediger via KO (punch to the body)

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Gabe Ruediger had earned himself the nickname "Cake" after being shown eating the fatty food and then missing weight on TUF season five, so perhaps it shouldn’t be totally surprising that Melvin Guillard was able to knock him out with a punch right to the gut at UFC 63. Even still, it was an awesome knockout, and definitely one of the best one-punch KOs to the body in UFC history.

(source: cagedinsider.com)

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  • no brakes

    The Green hit was a low blow !

  • David Haynes

    Little Nog didn’t finish with liver blows. Those punches are clearly to the left side of Tito’s body.

  • StaalOntwerp

    No Scott Smith vs. Pete Sell? A travesty! Also Yoel Romero’s last 7 elbows were illegal.

    • CmonNow

      Smith vs. Sell didn’t end with a body blow. Smith was hit with a body shot and KO’d Sell when he charged in.

    • StaalOntwerp

      Oh yeah. How could I forget. Memory fades with age, i guess.

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