Why You Shouldn’t Give a Damn That Copenhagen Zoo Killed a Giraffe

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The internet is going nuts about an 18-month-old giraffe that was put down at Copenhagen Zoo. Stop protesting, crying and losing your mind about it. I’m here to tell you why you shouldn’t give a damn about a healthy giraffe being killed in a zoo and fed to the lions.

The Danish zoo euthanized the healthy young male giraffe named Marius because it was trying to avoid inbreeding. If you don’t know anything about the international breeding program, you probably think that the giraffe should have just been left alone. But it doesn’t work like that. This particular giraffe’s genes were already well represented in the program, so they couldn’t let it live and inbreed.

Why not just give the giraffes contraceptives? In addition to doing damage on their organs, it’s important for the animals to breed and birth naturally in captivity, just as they do in the wild.

Why didn’t they ship the giraffe off to another zoo? The zoo’s scientific director Bengt Holst explained all that on the zoo’s website before the animal was killed, “Only zoos that follow certain rules can be part of international breeding programmes. In Europe this is only the zoos that are members of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA). EAZA is an association that counts just over 300 members.

As a member of EAZA you agree to the following rules of not selling animals, working on a scientific basis and ensuring animal welfare. The international breeding programmes are fully controlled and open and are collaborations between institutions that follow from the same set of rules. This is important for the breeding programmes to work.”

We all know that releasing it into the wild wasn’t a possibility — there’s no way it would have survived, and on top of that, there’s not a release/reintroduction program in existence for giraffes.

And now most of you are saying, “Why, oh why, did they carve it up and feed it to the lions… in front of children!?”

First of all, what did you expect them to do with all that good meat? Throw it away? It’s logical that they would feed it to the zoo’s carnivores. As for doing it in front of children, the parents of those children allowed them to watch. If you think it would be too much for YOUR children, then that’s your decision. But these parents thought it would be a good learning experience for their kids (or maybe their kids just liked the blood and guts, who knows?).

But let’s get down to why you shouldn’t care about this baby giraffe being killed…

1) Animals are killed in this manner all the time. Just in this particular zoo, 20 to 30 animals each year are culled for the same reason. They are usually goats, antelopes and wild boars. So, are you just flipped out that this time it’s a giraffe? Because I know you aren’t up in arms every time a deer is killed in one of the thousands of zoos around the world.

2) You eat meat. I know you do. Our readership isn’t full of vegans who’ve never touched a burger in their lives. If you aren’t crying for the cow when you are chomping down on a Big Mac, you shouldn’t be crying for the giraffe that got devoured by a lion.

3) Third and most importantly, THERE ARE BETTER THINGS TO GET MAD AND SAD ABOUT! Are you sad about the hundreds of thousands of children in foster care across the country? Are you mad about the soldiers that are dying fighting in unnecessary wars? Are you upset about the drug epidemic in America? The condition of our schools? The unemployment rate? Those are human issues… things that matter. Things that affect you, your kids, your grandkids. A giraffe… a fucking giraffe? Come on, now. Get over it.

Check out the images and video of the giraffe being dismembered below, if you are so inclined. WARNING GRAPHIC!

Marius Giraffe Killed

Source: Imgur

Surplus Giraffe Killed in Zoo

Source: Imgur

Giraffe Killed in Copenhagen Zoo

Source: Imgur

Giraffe Dismembered

Source: Imgur

Giraffe Killed and Fed to Lions

Source: Imgur

Lion Eats Giraffe

Source: Imgur

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  • Justin Bieber

    Haha! You are right. People go nuts about the damnedest things.

  • Sam

    What a moron you are. How can you not be outraged? They killed a baby giraffe for no good reason

    • sam

      thught the reason has been pretty well explained in the article?
      are you amongst those who just stick to a point and stand by it without proper info ? guess you think chickens don’t feel pain because you have been eating them for ever and giraffes do coz you heard a dead giraffe for the first time

  • XJ

    It’s a sensational, brutal act. If they HAD to do it, don’t make a spectacle out of it. Do you know that the gestation period for a giraffe is over a year? This was a FAILURE of the zoo. They bred the giraffe, made the poor mother bear it for 15 months, then chopped up the baby in front of a crowd. This is not about meat eaters, don’t try and use that argument. Yes, baby giraffes get killed in the wild, but this was a controlled environment, the zoo knew the giraffe was coming. If it was worried about inbreeding it had over a year to make other arrangements, regardless of how limited they claim their group is. This was a horrible failure of planning by the zoo, for you to try and justify it and tell us to not give a damn about it is an enormous failure as well. This is one of the dumbest articles I have ever read. You can tell us why YOU don’t give a damn about it, but don’t tell ME how to feel or react towards it.

    • Fluttershyo

      Do you know how the dairy industry works? Cows are impregnanted so that they will start producing milk. If it’s a boy it’s turned into veal. If it’s a girl, the cycle continues.
      ZOMG?! THEY MADE THE GIRAFFE BEAR THE BABY FOR SO LONG AND THEN KILLED IT!! Guess what sugar plum? You’re milk comes to your glass the same damn way.
      Enjoy those dairy products hypocrite.

    • XJ

      Sweetie pie, I said if they HAD to do it, don’t make a spectacle out of it. My milk comes to me by the way of dead babies slaughtered in front of a crowd for entertainment? Sugar plum, you are a fucking idiot.

    • Jack

      That is irrelevant anyway stop talking about apples when the conversation is clearly about oranges, he may well have a problem with it, but its irrelevant to the situation. If we could see the way people mistreat cows I’m sure almost everyone will have a problem with that too. Either way I think a lot of people shouldn’t breed, for the greater good, should I feed them to lions? Is that your solution for everything Caesar?. “Oh the giraffe might possibly have a problem reproducing” said the zookeeper ” FEED HIM TO THE LIONS!!” Said Caesar.

    • jdjd

      You and people like you are making the spectacle.

    • XJ

      Riiiight. I’m the one butchering animals for spectacle.

    • jdjd

      Riiiight. I actually thought you could read for comprehension. My bad.

    • XJ

      Riiiight, and you obviously had no reading comprehension regarding my comment. Again, who put the butchering up for show? I’d love to hear your answer, but I’d expect nothing but another stupid little blurb from you again. You’ve actually contributed fuck-nothing-at-all to this conversation.

  • djoliver7

    Wow, if our society euthanized the useless, you would have been dead a long time ago.

  • Fluttershyo

    Totally agree with this article. Y’all chow down on your burgers and then get outraged by a giraffe getting killed?? Seriously stupid.

    • Jack

      You lack understanding. The lions had food killing the giraffe didn’t stop food production, it did save money, which is why they killed it tbh. You can’t claim to care more about animals than anything else then, when it comes down to them or money you pick money and expect no one to call you out on it jenyus

  • Emilianne Hackett

    Totally agree with this article. Focus your righteous indignation on abused children, homeless veterans, or the scads of people who are going hungry. A giraffe? Not worth the tears or the effort.

    • Groovellaa

      Isn’t it possible to be indignant over multiple issues at once?

  • concerned and ignorant

    They could have just neutered him

    • Jack

      Too easy, plus have you ever tried feeding 6 lions 2 testicles?

  • Pedro Sanchez

    Honestly, it’s fucked up that this giraffe was killed. But if it had to be killed, which apparently it ‘had’to. Then they should have given the Lions some practice and lured the giraffe into the lions den. Definitely would have gotten a million view or something on YouTube, everyone will say I’m a heartless bastard, but everyone knows they’d like to see that.

  • Abra Jones

    Hey idiot,
    Who are you to tell the world how they should feel. Maybe everyone is up in arms about this because it was unnecessary as per the head of the zoo. It wasn’t culling. When the story broke the truth was told and it is nothing like to cover story being perpetrated now. It is a SHAME that PERFECTLY healthy animals are slaughtered at all. That is part of the uproar. Get your facts straight before you think you can tell the people who read your rants how they should feel. Pray someone doesn’t cull you someday. They probably shouldn’t have fed the remains to the carnivores in front of kids anyway.

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