Jacky Chamoun Dealing with Snowy Scandal

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A Lebanese alpine skier named Jacky Chamoun is having to do damage control after a scandal has come out of nowhere to rock her world. As she prepares to compete in the Winter Olypmics in both the slalom and the giant slalom for her home country, nude footage has leaked onto the internet from a calendar she shot three years ago.

Look below for 13 pictures of Jacky Chamoun from that footage. At the end of the gallery, we have embedded the video of her uncensored shoot in the snow.

This ordeal is even more distracting than it would be for the average Olympian due to the fact that Lebanon is such a conservative country. In fact, they could very well punish her or kick her off of the team completely. We’ll keep you updated on what happens to her.

In the meantime, check out the images. To see everything, click on the right arrow:

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun

Jacky Chamoun


(source: youtube.com)

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  • JR

    Beautiful young woman ! Thanks for sharing!

  • Meifumado

    Nice rack!

  • Johnny Goode

    Nice moguls.

  • Weenis

    That didn’t even cause a stir in me choonies…

  • Betosworld

    Probably some fat chics complaining about the photos.. She has a beautiful body why not share? :)

    • sycamore

      You’re disgusting :)

    • Anon

      Why? for showing off her body?

  • IcemanCometh

    Keep those tips up!!!

  • SteveInCali

    I feel like having global relations right now.

  • LeftRightLef

    I’m going to have to take up skiing. Check out all the slopes. Thanks for the enjoyable pictures…topless without the ‘slutty’ look.

  • JT

    She has really light areolas.

  • Bert

    nothing to appologyze. the photos are in good taste, I see it more like the art of a human body. So people do hate and love the arts. This is the 21st century. Grow up World.

  • ChrisIsYourDad

    Wow. An Olympian like this > a super model any day. That’s a body that’s seen hard work and she should be proud of it. Beautiful.

  • Cleareye

    She has a great bod. It would be criminal to not share her gift.

  • opaleyes

    These pictures are pretty awfully done. Are they photos of the photo shoot or the actual product of the photo shoot itself?

  • johnnystorm

    If they kick her off the team, she can come be on my team. I have a pole she can use.

    • richard Hertz

      Why did your mom finally move out?

    • johnnystorm

      No, I finally paid yours so she would leave me alone and she could finally get her dentures. Didn’t want to spend the $5 she charged, but desperate times called for desperate measures. Tell her I said hello.


    I thought they were tasteful. I know I am a guy. She is beautiful.

  • Bear

    love to ski down her slope.

  • Mark Mark

    The sole purpose of female breasts are to supply milk to children. Why do some adults feel that showing breasts to adults is harmful or offensive to society when it doesn’t harm a child which not only constantly sees them but sucks on them? I find that strange especially since in about all of human existence women lived their lives topless. My guess is that it is other women who are jealous or feel they are being upstaged. One thing I have noticed about women is that they can be very passive and not cruel compared to most men except when it comes to female competition, then they are much more vicious than men, worse than a snake.

  • jbtvt

    Oh my God, she has no nipples! Poor thing!

  • seamonster

    Lebanon is not a conservative country you ignorant moron

  • John Zoucha

    now we know why it so hot in sochi

  • J.R. Taylor

    She needs to seek asylum in another country now until they calm down. Now she will be a target. The pictures are in good taste. I understand that it is taboo is a lot of countries. I just hope she does well in Sochi.

  • Jeff

    Ridiculous! All this talk about and I can’t find any good pictures of her boobs ANYWHERE!

  • Sebastian Lee

    Ahhh what’s the fuss about it? Tell me you’ve seen many.

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