Why Cherish Byers Should Be Forgiven

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It’s totally understandable that people are outraged with the footage of Cherish Byers that has gone viral. The staff sergeant currently in Spokane, Washington can be seen tongue kissing the symbol that represents military members who are missing in action or are prisoners of war. Critics are saying she should be kicked out of the Air Force — and worse. But I believe we should forgive her.

(Check below for 9 pictures of Cherish Byers, who is actually quite attractive when she’s not obscenely kissing objects that represent the MIA and POW.)

First of all, she’s currently in the military — a civilian doing that would have been much worse. Secondly, perhaps this was her way of dealing with stress and anxiety of military life. Third of all, the footage is from three years ago and she has undoubtedly grown since then. And finally, a portion of the hate is race based. A blonde, white woman wouldn’t get the same level of vitriol — which is an undeniable fact in today’s society.

So, while we shouldn’t forget what she did, let’s forgive her and move on. Hate doesn’t accomplish anything in this circumstance.

Here are the images mentioned above — hit the right arrow to view the entirety of the gallery:

Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers

Cherish Byers


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  • Rickman

    I don’t understand why are you considering this “race based”? The explanation you give “a blonde, white wouldn’t get the same level of vitriol” comment is stereotyping in my opinion. You may want to rethink that comment. Anyone – male, female, gay/transgender, white, black, yellow or green doing this would be equally offensive to me in my book. Especially since I have served 28 years and am 100% disabled from combat-related injuries.

    Read more: http://www.everyjoe.com/2014/02/15/work/cherish-byers-photos-tongue-kissing-mia-symbol/#ixzz2tTAsOAaJ

  • Tom

    Playing the race card? You are garbage.

  • Scott Snoopy

    what does her being attractive have to do with the price of tea in China? She is a NCO, it is rumored she is a Security Forces member–cops are and should be held to a higher standard, her lapse in judgement no matter “how cute” shows she should at the very least have an Article 15 and reduced in rank; she has no business being a NCO.

  • pissed off sf female

    Sounds like she wrote this herself….stop pulling race card! Don’t give a damn who you are! You wear a uniform so you should be representing yourself likewise!

    • Sarah White

      I completely agree! Worst PR move she could take. This should follow her until she legitimately apologizes because I haven’t seen a real one yet.

  • A fellow veteran

    She commented on one of the postings before it really went viral and showed no remorse for all of the people she offended. She should NOT be forgiven, a military member doing this is far worse than a civilian, ESPECIALLY since she is in uniform. She discredits herself and the Air Force. Also, this has nothing to do with race, so you completely lost any credibility trying to make that a factor. Byers should be kicked out, lots of people are fighting to stay in the Air Force right now as it goes through intense force reductions. She does not deserve to stay in over those people.

  • Rick Oelkers

    What a dumb B***H. A civilian doing it wouldn’t have been half as bad. As a member of the military she should be more sensitive to the MIA cause. When she apologizes to every MIA family face to face, and after she is punched in the face by every MIA family. Maybe we will choose not to remember her. Forgive. …..never. As a retired USAF Security Policeman, you have disgraced the badge. Now add on pulling the race card…..you need your butt beat. You are a disgrace to the USAF. Oh and being attractive is a matter of opinion hooch.

  • Guest

    Forgive her??? Nope.

  • Desk Pilot

    “First of all, she’s currently in the military — a civilian doing that would have been much worse.”

    WRONG! I could almost forgive a civilian for being stupid and not realizing the disgraceful behavior. But the face she is military is all the more reason to not forgive her. We all do stupid things, but disgraceful and disrespectful behavior is never forgivable.

    “Secondly, perhaps this was her way of dealing with stress and anxiety of military life.”

    If so, then she needs to seek professional help immediately. More likely, you are WRONG, and she was clowning around like Airmen tend to do from time to time and thought this was cute.

    “Third of all, the footage is from three years ago and she has undoubtedly grown since then.”

    So what? Paula Deans had undoubtedly “grown” for 20 years since her stupid comments, and she was completely thrown under the bus.

    “And finally, a portion of the hate is race based. A blonde, white wouldn’t get the same level of vitriol — which is an undeniable fact in today’s society.”

    WRONG! Anyone doing the same act would get the same treatment… period! I love how people of color can’t be criticized for doing something stupid without it being “racist”. Get over it. This was a stupid, disgraceful, disrespectful act.

    • Joe Squid

      Race based? Wow, race-bait much??? Remember this WHITE woman, and how *love* she received for her act of disrespect??? Disrespect is disrespect, REGARDLESS of the color of one’s skin!

    • Desk Pilot

      Joe, you obviously misread my comments. I’m in violent agreement with you. The blogger called it racist, not me. I was just responding to his misgivings.

  • gt

    This white girl (not blonde but…) in the article below received huge negative national media. The Monday after the release of the photo she gave a formal apology. Since then the country has forgot and forgave the actions of high school teenager. So far the only apology we have received from SSgt Beyers, representing the Air Force as Honor Guard, is the photo was taken three years ago, and since then she has won several awards.

    Unfortunately Noah Gulliver (author of this article) is not very knowledgeable of the UCMJ and the Air Force Instruction on social media. Although SrA Beyers (at the time) was just fooling around, she knew very well how the repercussions of her actions would impact her career if the photo ever leaked out.

    No sympathy from me.


  • Ivan

    Race has nothing to do with it. As a member of the United State Air Force you are held to a high standard of conduct. Even more if your Security Forces. And this my friend is not good conduct. I have seen black,white, brown, green doesn’t matter your color thrown out for less. We have an obligation to carry on the conduct that our fore fathers have established for our military and civilians and we have traveled far from them roots. And the men and women that are asking for her to be held responsible are just honoring those obligations. And you my friend that thinks the race card is the way to go about this needs to go and recheck your morals to this country because once you put that uniform on you have no color and thats coming from someone that has stood with colored folks when I was in tech school and they were called out of formation by a full bird and the whole flight in gerneral stood proud against that treatment we are all AIRMEN and will always be just Airmen and women…lol sorry ladies. I’m done with my speach have a great day.

  • Ryan

    I don’t care if she was white, brown, yellow, blue, or green she needs to to be punished for this. The fact that she is in the Military makes what she did even worse. To say she did the act to deal with stress and anxiety of the military…give me a break!!! Stop trying to make this into a sap story so people will feel bad for her, because no one will. She crossed a line that no military or Civilian should ever cross and expect to come up on top. She deserves what ever she has coming to her.

  • Upset retired AF

    You said that a “blond white wouldn’t get the same level as this. Well you had better pull your head out. You forgot Jane Fonda, the Dixie Chick and there are other. An one of them happen over 40 years ago and people in the military still hate her.

  • Patriot

    Seriously?? Did she not go through Basic Military Training? At least we can forgive a civilian because their actions are out of ignorance; Ms. Byers knows better. As for those who say a crime has not been committed, Article 134 of the UCMJ – Conduct prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the Armed Forces, says differently.

  • foto69man

    What the hell is the point of this article??? I didn’t see gender, race, or rank when I looked at that picture. I saw a uniformed military member paying MASSIVE disrespect to the symbol for POW/MIA. Does the author of this article not know what that symbol stands for? This person basically crapped on all the missing service members and their families.

    As far as it being from 3 yrs ago, she is still dumb. Do not EVER take pictures in uniform of doing disrespectful things like that. Don’t do them in civilian clothes either.

    I lose respect for you as an author and journalist after reading these two lines…
    “who is actually quite attractive when she’s not obscenely kissing objects that represent the MIA and POW.”
    “Secondly, perhaps this was her way of dealing with stress and anxiety of military life.”

  • VJ,,,

    Playing the race card. That shit never expires! Duck personal responsibility. I’ll just used my race card get out of jail free card.

  • Marine NCO

    It wouldn’t be worse if it was a civilian. It is disgraceful that a service member is doing it because service members know what that emblem symbolizes! Dealing with stress and anxiety of military life? I do that all the time but I don’t walk around throwing American flags on the ground! And grown in the last three years? The rank she is in that picture should have more maturity and military bearing than someone disrespectful enough to do that! And race? Get real!

  • KC

    Hey dipsit haven’t you heard of that chick who got fired for flipping off the sign at Arlington? She was a white woman – and she got fired AND got death threats. This has NOTHING to do with race at all.

  • John Doo

    Everybody has the right to act as an idiot, but some people abuse that right, you can expect that some one of her pay grade (O-4) has some brains. She is a disgrace for the uniform she is wearing, and at that moment she is representing the face of the US Air Force. And don’t play out the race card, this goes for Everybody who is in the Armed Forces, and does a immoral act like this.

    • Lynn Landers

      She’s enlisted, not an officer. She was a Senior Airman when the photo was taken.

  • Chris

    Thats what I do when I have anxiety…. I tongue kiss a POW sign….makes sense. The race thing? Thats all they have to fall back on…hey….FYI…. its been over a hundred years! A lot of white families ancestors fought and died to make them free….so all that shit talk is offensive…. the author of this deserves what the Ssgt. gets.

    • Angie

      Not sure who “they” is, but I’m black and I reject being painted with your broad brush. It’s ironic how you refute claims of prejudice, while being prejudiced.

      As for Byers, I hope she gets everything that’s coming to her. Not only did she demonstrate a serious lack of judgement, she went on to tell everyone to STFU about it. The Air Force doesn’t OWE her a job. Somewhere along the way she lost sight of this fact. She needs to go.

  • Tim

    As a air Force Vet I think this is a bone head move on her and the idiot who uploaded the pic but pulling the race card is even more bullshit.

  • Sara Bonafiglia

    What about the “white” woman who had her picture taken while she was screaming and holding up a middle finger at Arlington cemetery a year or two ago? She was hung out to dry. People were pissed, I being one of them. Just because somebody had a lapse in judgement three years ago it doesn’t exempt her from backlash today. If that’s the case lets open all the jails and prisons because you know after three years the slate gets cleaned. This was disrespectful to people like Bob and Jani Bergdahl who are both still waiting for Bowe to come home. How does she think they’ll feel when they see this? It’s a free country, but you’re not free from consequences. Stop inciting race at every turn, and judge based on character. By the looks of it her character is seriously lacking all due respect.

  • John

    Sorry I am throwing down the B/S card on this. I commented on it on Stars and Strips and what I said was this. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. A letter of reprimand is called for and a good talking to by the First Shirt. As for your assumption she has grown up buy now, In the photo she is a senior airman so she has at least three years in uniform. By that point in time she should be all grown up I mean really give me a break. As for a civilian catching more flack for this, you can’t be serious! She is in military uniform and as such is a representative of her country, branch, and unit. Now admittedly It has been a long time since I was in the military but I would think they still teach that in Boot Camp. And as for the white blond thing yours is the only comment I have seen dealing with her race, Me thinks tho protests to much. I cannot comment on her stresses dealing with military life because I have no idea whats going on but Spokane is not Afghanistan now is it??

  • Kimber Kelley

    Race my ass! Always, always, always throwing that bullshit out there. I ADMIT I AM PREJUDICED!!! AGAINST STUPIDITY!!

  • John Brandon Severio

    Why is the race card the go to defense for anyone doing something stupid? That IMO mens hat one has no real defense so the are trying to guilt people into excusing an action instead of looking at the action itself by forcing them to take notice of the color of the subjects skin when it has no real bearing, and that is in itself blatant racisms.

    Secondly as I stated elsewhere, we have no indications that she learnt her lesson and has grown up. You would of thought that a SrA who was an active part of a base honor guard would already be intelligent enough to understand the ramifications of her action and at least intelligent enough to not take photographic evidence of her transgressions. So even then, even if the act itself is not looked at, she simply isn’t cognitively equipped to lead and mentor airman at all.

    And that is if she had even grown up, something which her statements in response to this story strongly suggest otherwise. Not only that, but those of her supervisor are also suspect. When a TSgt suggest that those who have issues with his troop kill themselves in traffic, well one really has to question his ability to lead as well considering the issues with suicide the military now has. Seems she is as much a victim of piss poor leadership as she is the one supplying it, and what we are seeing here is a obvious backdown in overall core leadership at Fairchild.

    As to her accolades since this action, too be fair and I am sure a few others here will concur, but far too many idiot NCO’s and Airman are handed awards and such when they are in reality total pieces of crap but never get called out on it for whatever reasons. Based on what I have seen from her own comments as well as her immediate supervisor’s comment, they both seem like total pieces of garbage who suddenly had their idyllic little charade rip aside.

  • Andy John

    Race based????!!!!?????

    You got to be freaking kidding me!!!! So next I should excuse Ted Klosinski because he
    Only blew up white people or wait…Excuse Idi Amin because he massacred his own people?

    Give me a break! I’m about as black as the midnight sun and I will tell you she needs to leave the Armed Services and resign her commission as a NCO. You may not understand the gravity of what she did. I’m not sure if your civilian or not but please!!! Don’t embarrass me, my family or my brothers and sisters of color who have served this great nation with using the excuse of race. Yes racism does exist, in the military? Not to the degree you think and this has nothing to do with race. I served with some outstanding brothers and sisters, black, white, Asian, Latino and more. We are a family. This clown happened to serve with someone I know and I tell you, I ain’t impressed and although angry and betrayed, not surprised.

    Find another platform this has absolutely NOTHING to do with race. It deals with the conduct of a Airmen, A service member who should no better. And don’t give me that crap that she was young and it happened 3 years ago. She was a Air Force Cop and we are held to higher standards from day one and if she forgot that then she needs to go back to McDonald’s or Burger King and take off my badge and beret.

  • Military Spouse

    You and your article are both ignorant & ridiculous. No one cares about her race (shocker for the African Americans that keep pulling the poor me race card I know). Also no this would NOT be much worse if it were a civilian! Did you hit your head? She represents the military and should have higher standards than a civilian. Oh and her looks hahahaha! All I can do is laugh at that ridiculous comment. She deserves to be dishonorably discharged and worse! It’s called taking responsibility for your for ignorant actions.Something you obviously know nothing about.

  • Brett Gregory

    I don’t understand why this is even an issue. None of you are innocent of doing insensitive things in the past. Not one of you. And here she is giving herself to her country, what more should she really be doing to appease you?

    • Hollymarie0326

      Giving herself to her country?!!! If I disgraced POW/MIA at ANY point in time, especially while active duty, I’d expect severe out lash from everyone!!! This is absurd. She needs to put her big girl pants on, take responsibility of her ignorant actions and stop trying to sprinkle sugar on dog shit… The military as a whole is making cuts… She needs to be one!

    • Christopher Dion

      Brett, have you ever served in the military? Have you ever met our wounded warriors or survivors of POW camps? How about this; have you ever sat down with the family of a service member who never made it back? If the answer is no then stop talking because you have no clue!
      This young lady was a SrA when the photo was taken which means she had graduated basic. She is wearing a cord on her arm that signifies she was entrusted to perform duties of honor guard. Those in this position are educated on the symbol she is defiling and the POW/MIA table that is part of it. She has apparently been promoted since this event which means she is an NCO and fully aware of the gravity of her infraction.
      However, there is complete silence from her. The only response she has uttered is an excuse not an apology.
      Please google UCMJ Article 134 to better understand

  • Christopher Dion

    Not one point in your argument is valid. You sound like you are a 12 year old with no concept of life past high school. I agree that forgiveness should be considered. However, the individual at the center of this controversy has yet to apologize for any of this.
    You tell everyone to forgive her because she is attractive and because of her color. Would you be so quick to the defense of an unattractive female, a Scandinavian female? What if this were a fat white guy? Would your argument be the same?
    You then argue that her being in the military lessens her culpability and that if she were a civilian it would be worse. My dear uneducated individual let me inform you that it is actually worse for her to have done this as a military member. She was a Senior Airman and in the honor guard when she did this vile act. So she was far from ignorant as to what the symbol meant and for whom it stood for. She might as well have gone out to the tomb of the unknown and had sex there in public on top of it.
    Now what I will say in her defense is that she alone is not guilty. Whomever took the photo or was in the vicinity and allowed this should be standing right beside her as she stripped of her rank at the very least.
    Finally the photos you post in her defense show nothing of her being an outstanding Airman. It shows a kid who like taking selfies which reinforces the selfish narcissistic nature of the photo that sparked all the outrage to begin with.
    You are now dismissed Noah

  • P2daawg

    The author of this crap article has no idea what he’s talking about. Why interject race into this? I’ll tell you why, because he’s intellectually lazy and has never served anything other than himself. She’s a PS not for her race, but because of what she did period.

  • jack

    Only a matter of time before this would become “race” based

  • 277Volt

    “A blonde, white wouldn’t get the same level of vitriol — which is an undeniable fact in today’s society”

    Google Lindsay Stone you idiot.

  • Amy

    She should have apologized and it may not have been as big of a deal as it has become, yet in her response she came across as a self entitled idiot. Also let’s not make this a race issue, would have been the same regardless of race.

  • Defender


    Before making any more blogs concerning the military, I suggest you do your homework and read up on the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). Maybe then you would understand that the military has no tolerance for this kind of behavior and SSgt Byer’s race, gender or her looks as you described has nothing to do with the actions taken by military leadership. You as a civilian probably can’t comprehend that we as military members are bound to maintain Air Force Standards, and when we fail to uphold these standards, corrective measures must be distributed accordingly. With this incident…there is no statue of limitations, there is no forgiveness. Any member of the Armed Forces disgracing other soldiers, sailors, Airmen and Marines who gave their lives and/or are still captured in the act of defending this country and constitution deserves to be stripped of the right to wear the uniform and should be subject to the full punishment of the UCMJ. UCMJ…Google it Mr. Gulliver

  • rmkdbq

    Total BS!! She dishonored herself, the uniform she wears, and the Air Force by acting like a fkng hood rat. Reduction in rank to E 1 and an Other Than Honorable discharge. Make an example of the pos loser.

  • akboss

    Because she is in the military is why she has received all this attention.
    Your supposed to respect the uniform, respect tour branch of the military and above all maintain yourself above that of a lowly civilian.
    She was a disgrace to the uniform, a disgrace to the Air Force and a disgrace to her career field (Cop no less) and she was a disgrace to the Base Honor Guard she was a part of.
    Then she disgraced herself by NOT apologizing for the picture and then arrogantly laid out that because she had won so many honors she must be given a free ride.

    This wouldnt have been a story except a ca couple of Face Book pages if she had apologized for the behavior.

  • Nicki
  • Rick Dufay

    Not since a 2001 article from a Cincinnati sportswriter who was trying to tell us that we were all obligated to root for the Yankees because of 9/11 have I seen such such a poor case made to support an argument. This article displays an almost complete lack of understanding of military life, history, tradition and sacrifice.

    First, Mr. Gulliver, a civilian doing this would NOT have been worse. Anyone who thinks otherwise has obviously never served, doesn’t know enough to write articles like this and shouldn’t be doing it.

    Second, “PERHAPS this was her way of dealing with stress and anxiety of military life?” You’re on your second point and you’re already resorting to “perhaps?” Based on her rank in the picture she had been in the service for at least three years, and your case is that after all that time with at least one active duty assignment under her belt, in an scholastic environment of less stress than her previous assignment (as all military schools are) this was her big way of coping? It’s only your second point and you’re already treading water like this?

    Third, she has not “undoubtedly” grown since then. You don’t know her personally, you obviously haven’t interviewed her, and you definitely missed her unrepentant Facebook post where her big defense was that there were more important things to focus on. Great stance for a defense attorney: “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, we’re a country at war, many are without health care, there’s sickness and suffering everywhere, so just find my client innocent and let’s forget all about it.”

    Lastly, predictably, you played the race card and didn’t even come close to getting it right. No “blonde, white” (nice writing skills, BTW, that sentence was more awkward than Andy Dick at a senior prom) would have gotten “less vitriol” for doing that in a military uniform, so your “fact” is anything but “undeniable in today’s society.” Your article was a big point of discussion in a large Facebook group of military vets / active duty that I’m a member of, and not a single person in it (male, female, black, white, Asian) DOESN’T deny it. It’s VERY deniable.

    I’ve seen a few articles as bad as this in over a half century on the planet, but none worse. The level of unfamiliarity with / ignorance of the subject matter is astonishing. I couldn’t have done worse if I had tried to write an acupuncture instructional manual in Chinese.

    If this article is representative of your work as a whole, Mr. Gulliver, I strongly advise you to have another trade to fall back on. I almost admire your attempt to stand up for a servicemember, misguided though it was, but you really don’t know what you’re talking about and an article like yours is the sort that would do SSgt (then SrA) Byers more harm than good. Using an incident like this to engage in race baiting helps nobody except the race baiters. In fact, coupled with so many other quick and incorrect uses of the race card, race baiting like yours serves only to make the public so tired of race politics that they’re more inclined to turn a blind eye to real incidents of racism.

    Your final grade: D- for effort (poor writing, poor defense of your point, obviously no research done to back it up), F for content.


    A former United States Air Force cryptologic linguist

    • 123WhattaWeFightinFor


    • Rick Dufay


  • Michael maynard

    This is the single stupidest article I’ve read for quite some time. She should be forgiven why? She blatantly disrespected a symbol of our POW/MIAs and therefore the men it represents. Maybe she did so due to the stress and anxiety of military life? Bull. There are many ways to distress if needed. Her actions were completely inappropriate. Anyone serving in our armed forces knows and understands that symbol and what it represents. A civilian could be offered forgiveness quicker, but not someone serving who knows better. The picture is, according to her, about three years old. I believe she’s lying. Charity is a Staff Sergeant now. She was a Senior Airman when her stupidity occurred. I doubt it was three years in between promotions, especially if she’s as high speed as she claims. besides, as was pointed out by others, Paula Dean was taken to task by things she had done twenty years previously. I wondered when the race card would be thrown out. I doubt the author can point to a single instance of racism in connection to this incident. Nice try, but the race baiters have used that canard so often that it’s lost any value it may have had. Finally, forgiveness is given when forgiveness is asked for. This dimwitted broad has done nothing but make excuses for her inexcusable action. She’s basically blamed everyone else for her error and made herself the victim. If she had been forthright about her mistake and offered a contrite and heartfelt apology none of this would be happening now. Does she deserve forgiveness? No, not until she shows that she is contrite and offers her apology rather than continue with her immature, bratty attitude. if she doesn’t, let the Air Force throw the book at her. She’s showing that she isn’t a good NCO and doesn’t deserve to wear the uniform of our armed forces.

  • Chapelle’s Show

    “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.”

  • AFvet2003

    @noah culliver There is now race in this issue at all. The fact that she did while in uniform is extremely disrespectful to veterans like myself but also any person who is in the armed forces member. They brief you non stop on the fact that you are a Airman 24 hours a day 7 days a week no exceptions. This is a case of an Airman not caring about her uniform nor what it represents. No race card BS here. Also if there was an issue of race EVERY Airman regardless of rank is briefed on the procedures to get help. Not to mention that the chain of command has a open door policy.

  • retired

    Your photos certainly didn’t help her case any.

  • Anthony Guthrie

    So she should be forgiven because she is “attractive” you say? That’s what I’M reading from this article. KINDA SEXIST, DON’T YA THINK? Now, all of a sudden because the writer of this article is “sexist” everyone else is all of a sudden “racist” about the issue? WHATEVER. Bullsheet to THAT assumption. She acted unprofessionally. Period. If it had been any other sex and/or race, the true veteran response would have been the SAME.

  • Jim

    Are you retarded? The fact that she is in the military makes this 100 times worse than a civilian doing it. She should have a better appreciation for what this flag represents. Not to mention she is located at Fairchild Air Force Base, home of AF SERE School. And why the hell are you bringing how attractive she is into the equation? What does that have to do with her character? You think people wouldn’t get upset if she were white and blonde? That is one of the most hair-brained moronic arguments I have seen yet. Remember the chick who took a completely disrespectful picture at Arlington National Cemetary? You really need to think about what you’re saying before you put it out for everyone to see, and at least have a general understanding of the subject.

  • SF Vet

    This article is a fuckin joke, seriously, but I can’t believe Byers would stoop this low. SMDH! They need to rip that badge off and take her beret! Fuckin disgrace on all levels!

  • GMan 57

    Forgive and forget… There are more important things to focus than this. She’s learnt her lesson and will be the better for it. Veteran, 27 years Army

    • Andy Swink

      No, I actually do not think she has learned her lesson. She will learn it once the Air Force has her ass for dinner. Her childish and petulant response to this incident proves it. You tell me if this “response” of hers shows any contrition and/or sorrow for her actions. Veteran 24 years Army….5 combat tours.

  • TTT


  • destroyerofignorance

    Who let this idiot post? Shes black and attractive so we should just let it go. You know, these days the undeniable truth is the is just as much racism from blacks as whites. But back to the point on hand, because shes in the military shes held to a higher standard. Shes not home on welfare, or working for walmart, shes doing something that is supposed to represent our entire country. And actions like this make us all look like we have no respect, pride, or dignity. Thats not how I want to be portrayed.

  • Sharim

    I’m outraged, but RACE doesn’t have anything to do with this. BUT I would like to say that if it was a MAN doing it, it wouldn’t have made quite as sexy a story to the media. Though I have to wonder, a woman who is in the military knows how much CRAP there is in that culture of treating women as something other than a sexual object, and yet, here she french kissing a very sombre image. Wow…lots of brain power at work with that one.

    • 123WhattaWeFightinFor

      If it were a man doing this, it would probably be applauded as a sign for the growing diversity in the military and the death of DADT.

  • Cpl Pun

    So because she’s active duty that means she gets a pass? You are eff’n high! No pass! As for the race card, really? You sound like a 12 year old. Grow up.

  • Cpl Pun

    Let me also add that she is NOT attractive and the fact that you are posting photos of her butt which were taken of her shows that she obviously has NOT grown up. Besides, as a SNCO, you are expected to be that “mature” to know better. What a disgusting piece of trash you are.

  • Vanessa

    I bet the stupid bitch wrote this blog because it makes no sense at all. This has nothing to do with race. I am an African American and I am ashamed. Why would you even post pics of her and say she’s quite attractive. What does that have to do with anything NOTHING. And most civilians do not even know what the fuss is about. So to argue that it would have been worse if a civilian did it is just plain stupid. The world has too many stupid people we should kill them off starting with her and the idiot that wrote this blog.

  • 123WhattaWeFightinFor

    To be young, gifted and black
    Is where it’s at!

    • Tarred One

      Too bad she only qualifies for young and black…

  • cstack

    I’m a vet and I’m not offended , hell its only a picture at least it wasn’t a guy kissing it . I’m more offended by my government . thank goodness cameras weren’t invented when I served

  • cstack

    so that’s what a Staff Sergeant looks like these days , hot damn

  • Keith Webb

    Are you freaking serious? I want to know exactly what bearing her other “Quite Attractive” photos have on this situation? I don’t care if she looks like Miss Universe or a damn troll living under a bridge! Her looks mean absolutely nothing. You other remark that she is in the military and a civilian doing it would be much worse means nothing as well. It doesn’t matter if you are military or civilian, wrong is wrong. In fact she OWES it to her fellow military members that are/were POW/MIA’s their due respect. The fact that she is in the law enforcement field puts her in a position where she is even more responsible to do the right things as is expected of any law enforcement personnel, military or civilian. Another fact that makes her transgression even worse is where she is stationed at. This is the very base that trains our Air Force personnel survival and escape and evasion. The very thing needed to avoid becoming a POW/MIA. Your attitude tells me you have no respect for the symbol she made a mockery of and you also know nothing about the responsibility of wearing the uniform entails or you don’t care. She deserves NO forgiveness as there is no evidence of apology or remorse. If you saw the post she put out after this all came to light, she was far from remorseful and said we should all get off Facebook and go take care of our kids so they didn’t turn into juvenile delinquents. And lastly, throwing the race card out there is ridiculous as well. Her race or gender have absolutely nothing to do with disrespect. She deserves to be punished and severely. The POW/MIAA’s paid a far greater price than she ever will. She needs to understand, respect, and never forget that!

  • Keith Webb

    Here is her reply to the $h!t storm she herself stirred up. She doesn’t sound one bit sorry for anything other than being caught and her photo being leaked. There is no place for people like this in today’s military. PERIOD.

  • toohottohandle

    Throw this twit out of the service.

  • 10 years

    She disrespected Veterans, members who lost their lives; this is something that should NOT be forgiven and prosecuted under the UCMJ. Think of members of WW1, WW2,0 Vietnam up to current wars who were POWs, MIA or even KIA. She is supposed to be a mentor to younger Airmen and with her being a SSgt now who is to say she has grown up. Get rid of her.

  • prtyfdup

    Whoever you are that wrote this piece is an illiterate ingrate. And you too obviously don’t understand the price paid for freedom and those who are still unaccounted for believing they were serving our country including our allies, nor do you have even an inkling of the ultimate disrespect this pig showed dishonoring not only our MIA’s and their families, but the military in general. And let’s not forget the mothers and fathers and other loved ones who sent them off never to see them again. She needs to be court martialed and dishonorably discharged. I grew up in a military family and married a VN veteran who died after he came home. What she did even if it was three years ago is not forgivable so get off your racists high horse. I have known many troops of other races and this would have caused them to be booted without question.

  • USMC212

    Tell me again what the f*ck this scumbag should be forgiven??!! For every WWII,Korean,Viet Nam and the current conflict for which i served three long dam tours in, who has lost a brother they cant find?! Or the ones that are still inprisoned today? Holy f*ck this country is falling apart. Please US Citizens vote a republican so my permanent injuries and everone who suffers from the wars we have to take part in to defend our freedoms does not turn to shit!! I love my country, the Corp and all who serve. Oh George W Bush where are you please come back!!

  • USMC212

    SHE IS friggin disgrace, i served 3 tours and have lost friends who are considered MIA, and this is how this scumbag shows respect?? Cout Martial her disgusting ass

  • Shaun L Smith

    While I will say this has nothing to do with race, as a member of the U.S. Navy I will say this is not a good thing she did. However i would be able to let her move on in her career because she was young and immature. There are others that did not salute the flag and I would kick them out period. But i can see she was trying to be humurous and it was immature. The lady at the cemetery was flipping the bird while acting to yell thats totally different and flipping the bird is saying f@#k you in every culture. Ms. Beyers should be forgiven.

    • G

      Shaun, I see your point of view. In this picture she is a Senior Airman (E-4) and should know better. If she was doing this in front of younger/lower ranking troops it sends the wrong message that if she did it and does not get punished then they can as well. Would you be standing by your believe if she was a NCO in this picture? She needs to be punished for what she has done plain and simple.

    • Shaun L Smith

      I agree with you she should be punished. But I’ve read some comments on here and they are just out for blood. And she is pretending to kiss the MIA/POW silhouette, in my view that is not the hard core disrespectful airman that people paint her to be. She should be punished but she shouldn’t be defined by her whole career for one immature thing.

  • Angie Williams

    she need her ass whooped, this is straight disrespect for our fellow fallen brothers and sisters

  • Nicole Beasley-Herthel


  • sally jane 36

    She should be ashamed. She disrespected the families and chidren of MIAs and should be held accoutable and responsible for her actions. And maybe when we see an apology, it would be good, but she still needs to have a penalty. And it wouldn’t matter what color or race she was, it would still be disrespectful. but you did notice there is a lot of that going around so they who complain about our soldiers should volunteer to go in their place.

  • Sarah White

    She did not apologize! Instead, she schooled the world on their reaction to her bad behavior! No, we do NOT have to cut her any slack at all. ALL races that do stupid stuff should be held accountable. And that STUPID phrase “calling someone out of their name”. That is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard. RIDICULOUS assessment of a reaction to being called what she is. DISGRACEFUL!!!

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