Dana Snay Loses $80,000 with “SUCK IT” Facebook Message

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Thu, Feb 27 - 6:30 pm EST | 4 years ago by
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    Sometimes, it’s impossible to stop yourself from bragging on Facebook. That’s exactly what happened to Dana Snay. After learning her father had agreed to a $80,000 settlement with Gulliver Preparatory, a Florida school that previously employed him as headmaster but allegedly let him go due to his age, she went on Facebook to tell the school to “SUCK IT.”

    Unfortunately, the settlement had a confidentiality clause and that message broke the agreement. As a result, the school didn’t have to pay out the $80,000 to her father, Patrick Snay, even though she also attended the school and claims to have been mistreated there.

    This story actually has a happy ending. Dana Snay is flourishing at Boston College, while her father has landed a similar job at another school. That said, we can safely assume this family will closely read all settlements in the future.

    Here are 9 pictures of this young woman — hit the right arrow to see the entire image gallery:

    Dana Snay

    Dana Snay

    Dana Snay

    Dana Snay

    Dana Snay

    Dana Snay

    Dana Snay

    Dana Snay

    Dana Snay


    (source: facebook.com)

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      • poe pimpin

        Summer vacation to Europe? how about summer vacation to Jenny Craig. #fatty, #dumbass

        • yea buddy

          I think she’s an idiot…but no idea what your stupid a$$ looks like behind that keyboard bi@tch

        • that guy

          yo dude, like seriously? you’re hash tags are generic and your insults are that of a degenerate. you are not amusing or funny you are an atypical nimrod. a nobody, a goof. Get some perspective and check your self and check your life.

        • http://quantum-cosmos.com/blog Daniel Garcia

          Hashtags are supposed to be generic, otherwise they wouldn’t serve their purpose. #education

        • haha

          I bet you, poe pimpin, smell like butt dick

        • omg

          You just offended shamu!

        • Cody Williams

          you sir, are an idiot.

        • Derrick Rose

          if she is fat to you then it seems like anorexic girls are just right for you :)

      • lol

        Hey Dana- be sure you sent us plenty of selfies of you NOT ON VACATION! Suck IT!

        • lmfao

          i mean that’s what like those 9 pictures are… you stoopid

        • alwaysright21

          sheboon babble with a head bob, mhmm

        • dlf93dj
        • What?

          This made me laugh so hard.

        • rose maryawn

          My Uncle Zachary
          recently got a 9 month old Mercedes-Benz CL-Class CL63 AMG only from working
          off a home pc… go now B­u­z­z­3­4­.­ℂ­o­m

        • Sweet Briar College

          Ha Ha Ha.

          Love the fact the entitled brat has to SUCK IT now! I feel sorry for her father. Obviously stuck with a head case of a stupid daughter.

      • Right Wired

        Just one look at her facebook page and you can see that a huge POS liberal. Which is typical.

        • Nottheusual1

          I’ll bet you’ve got perfect Gaydar, too, and are proud of it. Most knuckle-draggers are.

        • Right Wired

          Liberals created our state of perpetual victim-hood and litigation.

          it’s funny when they get shafted by it. Their idiocy makes me smile.

          I don’t care that you’re gay. I care when you steal my money and enslave people with it, in order to stay in office.

        • stfu

          woooooow look at you go…what the hell are you talking about guy? Throwing these lines out there when they have nothing to do with the story, because you looked her up and she looks like a liberal?? Waaaay to reach on this one…

        • Nottheusual1

          That’s the problem for all you red wires — no ground so you don’t work well.

        • http://quantum-cosmos.com/blog Daniel Garcia

          Do you realize that people read you and laugh AT you right?

        • http://shaftmedia.net/ Mike

          My gaydar is EXCELLENT and it’s going off right now.

        • stfu

          haha that’s what came to mind when you looked her up?? dumbass…

        • anonymousbro

          I hope you know that for everything you hate about Congress or the government, Republicans and conservatives also had a part in them. It’s common sense.

          This ain’t the ’50s anymore, so don’t try to replace the Red Scare with Liberal Scare. It doesn’t help anyone nor is it productive. If you’re going to rant, at least do so in a productive manner that aims to spread true, unbiased knowledge.

        • alwaysright21

          F&ck you n!99er boy, you can have the dirty coalburner…chimput.

        • anonymousbro

          not black, sorry. try harder conservatard redneck. :) are you mad cuz your sister won’t let you get her pregnant anymore?

        • writenow

          The most hateful people online, are so called “Christians” from the South. Not surprising, also the most ignorant.

        • APB

          I thought it was a liberal idea to be open minded to other points of view…oh well.

        • writenow

          “Other points of view” does not include the ignorant. Mainly because that’s not a “point of view” but simply ingrained hate. KKK and all that. Get real. Oh wait. That would take brains. Nevermind.

        • kyrunner

          because black panthers and la-raza are so peaceful… get a life dude, your a pathetic spin artist

        • writenow

          Too funny. Normally, I would ask, “Which came first” the Black Panthers were like 50 years after the KKK. But I never argue with losers. No thought process or brain power is ever evident.

          Enjoy your Mom’s basement.

        • alwaysright21

          The kkk took my baby away, they took her away, away from me…s&ck it f@&&o# pajama boy…chimpout.

        • alwaysright21


        • Mike

          Typical of the average Conservative, you cannot effectively communicate in your native language.

      • writenow

        So Dana, I take it you’re not a scholarship student…

      • Moby Dick

        What an idiot.

      • Codewizard

        I find it funny that the article says she was “bragging.” What nonsense. She was just being a c^nt. You have to have done something, in order to brag.

        • Steve

          ow, I got second-hand burn from reading this post ^^^^

      • rob

        how about using the money for a nose job and lipo

      • kyrunner

        just goes to show women will do anything for attention, drink their own piss… make out with a rabid dog with tape worm… get a judge to do a reverse decision that her daddy just won and now has to pay back… good going dana… good going!

      • kyrunner

        oh yeah, go to her face book page which is still up… check out her “likes” typical libtard and big hillary clinton fan… wow what a “non” surprise!

        • http://quantum-cosmos.com/blog Daniel Garcia

          I literally yawned when I read your comment

        • kyrunner

          thats nothing, I jacked off to your grandmothers picture w00t! =0

        • clnblk

          “republicunt” > insult than “libtard. Libtard doesn’t even have the same syllables. It’s a true testament to lack the of imagination, or sense of humor in the right-wing that their most popular insult for people of the opposing political party is simply mushing together the words Liberal and Retard.

        • kyrunner

          so in other words, you hang out at alot of coffee shops huh big boy

        • clnblk

          Big boy? Coffee shops? What’s the implication here? You’re hitting on me and you think only left wing people drink coffee? There’s that lack of imagination I was talking about.

      • J M Chaves

        Love the picture with Busch Light, such a classy girl. Hope she is of drinking age too otherwise might cost daddy more money.


        This is old news. This happened a couple of years ago already it
        just finally settled this week. You should all be ashamed of yourselves for
        opening wounds that a family had to work to heal when this first happened a
        couple of years ago. Also just because a school is a private school notorious
        for having rich students, obviously one of their educators is not going to be
        in the same financial situation which is why this is especially devastating
        for the family because they needed that money. You are all awful and are
        making assumptions about something of which you know nothing about, take a
        look at yourselves and realize what you are doing here.
        I don’t understand why tens of thousands
        of people have felt the need to comment on this, write articles about it, or
        put it in their blogs, especially misrepresenting the information and without
        having all of the facts. May I add that if you
        think this girl is a rich spoiled brat you are far off base. Dana has student
        loans up the ass and besides being a full time student she also works about 30
        hours a week at Starbucks opening the store at 4am.
        Now Dana is getting hate mail, some people are even sending
        her death threats, and taking all of her photos and information out of context
        and put out on the internet for everyone to see, as if she did something
        unforgiveable. Who has time to hack this girl’s facebook and other accounts,
        this is ridiculous. Most
        of all this is NOBODY’S BUSINESS! How sad are you people to take time out of
        your lives to harass this young woman, people make mistakes get over it!

        • mike

          You reap what you sow. Quit covering for someone who is a sack of sh*t.

        • Mitch

          This just goes to show that constantly updating every single event in your life on social media is not a good idea.
          As has been said before, she reaped what she sowed. Social media commentary flows both ways, and if you don’t want people telling you their opinion of your statements, then you shouldn’t post them on the WORLD-WIDE web.

        • JHM

          No sympathy here.

          You claim “they needed that money”. For what, the aforementioned European vacation!?!??! Well hell, I “need” money for a trip to Disney World then….

          I for one didn’t make the assumption that she’s a “rich spoiled brat”. She is a brainless twit however for making such an obtuse post.

          Then you claim “NOBODY’S BUSINESS”. You’re right, but the minute she made that moronic post, she in fact made it “everyone’s business”.

        • TheLoneDissenter

          A child making an $80k mistake is possibly a bit too much to forgive, in my book. It’s obvious that she is not going to achieve very much in life – just another dumb, spoiled party brat with more boobs than brains.

        • Mike

          The court said it was none of anyone else’s business. That idiot made it the rest of the World’s business.

        • Max

          Suck it! I’m going to Europe!

        • ServoCrow

          TL; DR

        • http://twitter.com/bonemane Bonemane

          You’re the one making assumptions on their behalf. Did they tell you all these things personally? If receiving 80k in a supposed state of “need” results in the daughter going on a European vacation, chances are they didn’t “NEED” the money, especially if they’re planning vacations you sympathetic moron. People who are broke tend to be broke because they’re LIVING OUTSIDE THEIR MEANS, if you can’t afford a European vacation or luxury yacht, then DON’T BUY ONE AND DON’T WHINE THAT YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT OR BLAME OTHERS. That’s your fault and yours alone, not anyone else. If you can’t control your life then you don’t deserve to be called human, you’re an insect. The girl is obviously an idiot with no class. Who tells a company who just settled on a bs lawsuit to suck it? A classless idiot that’s who.

      • Stack Mack

        That’s the problem nowdays…too many people talking too damn much..nobody really cares about your business that doesn’t involve or effect them so keep the sh*t to yourself and enjoy it.

        • Pun71

          Says the person who say people talk too damn much. HAHAHA!

        • Pun71

          P.S. It’s AFFECT. Geesh.

      • 1MegaBeast2

        A dumb bitch but very nicely titted.

      • Mitch

        This just goes to show that constantly updating every single event in your life on social media is not a good idea.
        As has been said before she reaped what she sowed. Social media commentary flows both ways, and if you don’t want people telling you their opinion of your statements, then you shouldn’t post them on the WORLD-WIDE web.

      • TheLoneDissenter

        I’ll bet she has … quite a few times. She looks like one of those frat boy party favors that get passed around from pledge to pledge.

      • Party-pooper

        Um… Aren’t those pictures copyrighted?

      • sm

        Smug loudmouth shnook. The smarmy grin says it all. Worthless.

      • Rusty Hill
        • Potato Thug

          Oh god…

      • FsmPastapharian

        Wow, the Sylvia Plath’s Oven costume is really in poor taste.

      • Pun71

        How about some charges for underage drinking while we are at it? I doubt she would have the balls to tell cops to SUCK IT!

      • Kain Alvarez

        What a stupid bitch! The parents should slap her at least

      • Christoph Hässen

        Never go full on retard

        • alwaysright21

          Check out the shnoz on that whiney j&w coalburner.

      • Today

        Did the editors pick the worst possible pictures of her on purpose? lol

      • ljk

        hahah what a dumb ass, she will need to suck it if she wants to go on vacation

      • alwaysright21

        The underage sl&# is boozing it up, it’ll look ook 40 in 5 years. Great candidate for coalburning, and sweet herpes sores. Chimpout.

      • Maria Johansson

        Must be one of the most stupid persons in history.

      • Svenghooli

        she better learn to “suck it”

      • Svenghooli

        and she has the ugliest friends…….

      • gretchen

        sylvia plath thing offended me.

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