Update on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370

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Flight MH370 has gone missing. This Malaysia Airlines flight was headed to Beijing, China but has lost all contact. However, internet rumors indicate that it may have landed in Nanning. Other rumors suggested it landed in Namning. While even other rumblings indicate it may be safe in Ninjing.

Are any of these rumors true?

Unfortunately, no. All these rumors have been debunked. The source seems to have simply been Twitter hearsay.

Let us hope that there is a miracle and Malaysia Airlines MH370 is found safe — anywhere on Earth.


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  • Nalliah Thayabharan

    Flight MH 370 was a midnight flight, crew fatigue was probably present, resulting in delayed reactions to any on board emergency. There could have possibly been a cockpit fire that simply burned the plane in the air and also cut off radar and all other communications. The Boeing 777, registration 9M-MRO, was delivered new to Malaysia Airlines on May 31, 2002. The tip of the wing of the same aircraft broke off Aug. 9, 2012, as it was taxiing at Pudong International Airport outside Shanghai. The wingtip collided with the tail of a China Eastern Airlines A340 plane. The aircraft was powered by two Rolls-Royce Trent 892 engines. Almost 12 years old air craft had accumulated 20,243 hours and 3,023 cycles in service. Whatever happened, this is a truly sad day in aviation..

    This incident marks the fourth hull loss of a Boeing 777, the previous being Asiana Airlines Flight 214 with three fatalities. In 2005, during a flight from Perth to Kuala Lumpur the crew received a “stall warning” forcing the pilot to turn back. On Jul 29, 2011 an Egyptair flight MS-667 – Boeing 777-200, registration SU-GBP was preparing for departure from Cairo (Egypt) to Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) at gate F7 with 291 passengers already boarded waiting for a delayed last passenger until doors could be closed .when a fire erupted in the cockpit causing smoke to also enter the cabin. Emergency exits were not opened, all passengers vacated the aircraft through the smoke and the main doors.What a lucky set of crew and passengers. Imagine the horror had they been airborne.The aircraft was subsequently written off as beyond economical repair.

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