Video: Chinese Student Commits Suicide By Jumping Out of Window

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Thu, Mar 20 - 6:25 am EST | 4 years ago by
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    This will go down as the most disturbing video you watch today. At the beginning, you see a Chinese student with his head in his book studying intently. However, after a few seconds, he sits up, stands, takes a few steps and then jumps out of a window. The rest of the students start screaming after witnessing the suicide.

    Here’s the video that’s definitely not safe for those with a weak stomach:

    The saddest aspect is you can tell the Chinese student was really trying hard to study. But then he had an “F THIS” moment and decided to end it.

    It’s definitely sad but unfortunately it has become quite common in China for students to kill themselves due to academic pressure.

    R.I.P., kid.

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      • Creighton

        What a horrible tragedy!

      • Melvin

        Crazy kids killing themselves over nothing these days

      • Claude


      • Chesca

        Don’t be so stupid. It blatantly wasn’t over nothing, the pressure must have been so bad.

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