Cartoon X Pop = Pure Awesomeness

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Everything is about collaborations and crossovers these days. So, what would happen if some of our favorite cartoon characters were mixed with today’s top performing artists? Well fortunately, extremely creative graphic designer Zhi-Yun Zhang shows us.

In his Cartoon X Pop collab, we see the likes of Miley Cyrus as Minnie Mouse and Kanye West as Porky Pig. But I’ll admit, my favorite is definitely Rick Ross as Patrick Star.

Check out the gallery below to take a look at some of today’s pop culture icons re-imagined as cartoon characters. And be sure to follow Zhi-Yun Zhang on Instagram/Twitter @iamzhiyun and on

Rick Ross as Patrick Star

Miley Cyrus as Minnie Mouse

Kanye West as Porky Pig

DJ Khaled as Cartman

2 Chainz as Goofy

Bruno Mars as SpongeBob

Frank Ocean as Mike (Monsters Inc.)

Pharrell Williams as Bart Simpson

Tyler The Creator as Moe

Drake as Milhouse

Source: Zhi-Yun Zhang – Behance

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  • Philip

    OMG the Kanye one is gold!

  • Marshall

    This is hilarious. I wish i could give the guy a list of others I’d like to see.

  • Timothy

    The Miley is perfect! But my fav is 2Chainz

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