Competitive Eater Annihilates Cinnamon Challenge

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Sat, Mar 29 - 4:38 pm EST | 4 years ago by
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    I’m sure you have seen all those viral videos in recent years of the “Cinnamon Challenge.” Basically someone films themselves swallowing a spoonful of ground cinnamon, uploads it to YouTube, and thinks of himself as a badass.

    Well certainly there are some dangers of swallowing cinnamon — breathing difficulty, throat irritation — maybe even a collapsed lung (or is that just a rumor?) Anyway, this guy — Furious Pete — just buried all of those cinnamon swallowers in one video.

    Furious Pete (whose real name is Peter Czerwinski) is a competitive eater and bodybuilder. And he wipes out the competition with this video.

    Pete doesn’t just swallow a spoon of cinnamon; he swallows the whole damn bottle.


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      • Dalia

        That’s some serious stuff. I can’t even eat a small spoon

      • freddie


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