Ukraine Soccer Player Saves Opponent’s Life

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In the Ukrainian Premier League today, something astonishing happened. Dynamo Kiev midfielder Oleh Husyev collided with the goalkeeper’s knee and was knocked out cold. Not only was he unconscious, but apparently his tongue was blocking his airway and he was struggling to breathe.

But a quick-thinking player on the other team — Dnipro’s Jaba Kankava — leaped into action and apparently knew what to do.

Watch the video to see how this unfolded during the soccer match…

There’s no word on Husyev’s current condition, but it’s obvious that Kankava’s reaction without hesistancy saved his opponent’s life.

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  • trenton

    Crazy video. Good thing he was so swift

  • Malcolm

    Anyword on the injured players health?

  • Clint

    Did you notice the goalkeeper was just ready to play on?

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