How I Met Your Mother Finale Pisses Off Fans

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If you are a fan of How I Met Your Mother, you’ve been waiting nine seasons and 208 episodes to find out how it actually happens. The long-running show has finally come to an end and, well, not everyone is happy about it (stop reading now to avoid spoilers!).

Robin and Ted - HIMYM
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The episode predictably included some time-jumping which involved Ted meeting Tracy McConnell, aka the mother of his future children. They end up getting married, having a son and a daughter and living happily until, tragically, the Mother gets sick and dies.

This part was no shock, of course, since critics and fans have been theorizing the death of the Mother for a while now. It’s what happens after Ted’s loss that got some people pretty livid. Twitter was on fire with outraged tweets from people watching the finale.

After all kinds of time traveling, the show lands at Barney and Robin’s wedding. The gang say their emotional goodbyes and a weary Ted heads to the train platform in the pouring rain. He sees the Mother huddled under a yellow umbrella but we don’t know what happens until later in the episode. Despite the fact that he’s supposed to leave for Chicago the next day, Lily and Marshall spot him at MacLaren’s and he finally decides to call the Mother to ask her out on their first date.

In a scene that takes place in 2015, Mother comes in to call off their romantic wedding at a 17th century castle because she is pregnant. A year later, the gang reunite at Ted’s house where Marshall complains about his corporate law job and Robin and Barney’s marriage show signs of strain. In a flashback, it is shown that her work travel schedule led to their secret divorce.

At one last Halloween party in 2016, they are all together once again but Robin leaves early because it’s too hard to be around her ex-husband, the one who got away and the Mother of his child.

Two years later, Marshall gets a judgeship and Barney proves that he’s back to his old partying and womanizing ways. A year later, he discovers that the 31st woman he’s slept within 31 days is pregnant and he’s going to be a father. When his daughter is born, he realizes that there is one girl who can fully capture his heart.

Meanwhile, Ted proposes (again) to the Mother and they exchange vows in front of their friends, including Robin, at MacLaren’s (which, to be honest, is a little pathetic).

In another flashback to that moment on the train platform in 2014, Ted summons enough strength to talk to the Mother. They go back and forth over the fact that her umbrella bears the initials “TM” which Ted says could stand for Ted Mosby but she insists they stand for Tracy McConnell. In those moments, they realize that there is something serendipitous about their encounter.

Ahead in 2030, Ted concludes by saying ”and that, kids, is how I met your mother.”

The kids are quick to point out that, in actuality, this was the story of how their father fell in love with Aunt Robin. His daughter Penny says, ”Mom’s been gone for six years now. It’s time,” while encouraging him to call Robin.

Instead of calling, he heads over to her apartment, she looks down from her window and sees Ted standing below, holding the blue French horn he had in the pilot episode. And, presumably, Ted and Robin lived happily ever after…

What did you think? Was there something dreadfully disappointing about this finale or did you think it was good?

Check out some of the Twitter reactions below.

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  • charlie

    It was horrible! I can’t believe they divorced Barney/Robin after all that

  • No Ted Fan

    I knew the mother was dead, but to put Robin back with Ted – just UGH

  • Reg

    I thought it wrapped up just about how you should’ve expected it to

    • maximilien321

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  • darkcirclequeen

    WHO CARES!? We should be watching quality TV like THE BACHELOR instead!!!!

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