Top 10 How I Met Your Mother Episodes

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After nine seasons of listening to Ted tell his kids how their parents met, How I Met Your Mother is ending tonight with a much-anticipated one hour finale on CBS. This show has been nothing short of epic and fans are wondering if all their questions will be answered tonight.

Buzzfeed has put together of 51 questions we need answered in the HIMYM series finale. I’m sure we won’t get answers to them all, but hopefully many of them. Some fans of the show are speculating that it will be revealed that the mother is actually dead. That would be a sucky way to end it all.

We all have our favorite How I Met Your Mother episodes. With so many incredible ones, it was hard to pick just 10, but here are my choices…

“The Pineapple Incident”
This is a HIMYM classic as we all wonder where that pineapple by Ted’s beside came from.

HIMYM - The Pineapple Incident
Source: What Culture

“Slap Bet”
This is the first episode that the slap bet was introduced AND the first time we saw Robin Sparkles. Double-win.

HIMYM - SlapbetHIMYM - SlapbetHIMYM - SlapbetHIMYM - SlapbetHIMYM - SlapbetHIMYM - Slapbet

Source: Tumblr

“The Bracket”
We are the middle of March Madness right now. There’s no way we were leaving “The Bracket” off the list.

HIMYM "The Bracket"

“Girls vs. Suits”
This has to be a favorite on everyone’s list. NPH is singing about suits for goodness sake.

HIMYM "Girls vs. Suits"
Source: Tumblr

“The Playbook”
It’s a head-to-head battle between Lily and Barney. Of course, Barney is able to fool all his friends and come out on top.

HIMYM "The Playbook"
Source: How I Met Your Mother Wiki

“Bad News”
After getting good news about his fertility from Stangel, Marshall finds out from Lily that his dad died of a heart attack. Yes, we all cried too.

Barney meets his dad, who isn’t like Barney at all — but maybe that’s just what he needed.

“Symphony of Illumination”
This is probably the most gut-wrenching episode of HIMYM. When Robin discovers that she can’t have children, it’s crushing.

Symphony of Illumination
Source: Ms Dear Lady

“The Time Travelers”
If you have ever felt completely alone or hopeless, this episode will get to you when its revealed that Ted is just sitting by himself at the bar thinking. Here’s Ted’s famous speech from the episode.

“The Final Page”
In part two of this episode, Barney proposes to Robin in the most legend-wait for it-dary way possible. It’s Barney Stinson at his best.

The Final Page

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