Ariana Grande is Dealing with a Twitter Scandal

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Tue, Apr 1 - 4:43 am EDT | 4 years ago by
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If you’ve been on Twitter in the last 24 hours, you have noticed a trending topic that hints that there is nude footage of Ariana Grande in circulation. We have placed the leaked pictures from the rumor in the gallery below so you can judge for yourself.

Are those shots really Ariana Grande? Most of her fans say the uncensored footage is fake. They claim that these images are a result of either photoshop or lookalikes.

However, other insist this content is legit. Are they fooling themselves? Scroll through the album to decide. Hit the right arrow to begin:

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande



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  • maximilien321

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    by working off of a computer. try this C­a­s­h­D­u­t­i­e­s­.­ℂ­o­m

  • Brittany

    Her boobs keep changing size…

    • darkcirclequeen

      they’re photoshopped!

    • Rafael Fontez

      ye its fake she said 21 hours ago on facebook xd

  • darkcirclequeen

    look at her pushing her boobs up…. trying too hard.

  • mememe

    fakes iive seen them before

  • guest

    these are sooooo fake its obvious they’re photoshopped… -.- and i ain’t even a fan or hers.

  • n

    I think the 1st one is real. Just sayin

    • 5min

      It’s real, but it’s not her.

  • fabmaker101

    it is so fake

  • dontwatchme

    You idiots. None of them are her. And its all photoshoped. You people are soo gulable. Believing everything media puts out. Sheep.

  • Kennedy

    The last one is obviously real. Just look how those arms match her body ;)

  • pauline jacoey

    That is not her whoever made those should be ashame of their self people of america do not beleive this fraud

  • Will Schmitt

    Her boobs change size, her skin tone changes as well, the last photo, those freckles on her arm are random, plus if you look at other photos of her she’s never had a single freckle on her body, and freckles, if you have them, you have them from your childhood. AND the fist picture is OBVIOUSLY fake, her face really doesn’t even look like her, anyone who thinks it does, no offense, is stupid.

    • yourmomma

      Those other pictures could have been photo shopped aswell to make her look even more prettier.

  • Will Schmitt

    OH and Rafael Fontez, no offense but because someone says something, it doesnt mean shit. I like Ariana Grande as much as the next guy, but anyone can lie any time, and this would be worth lying about.

  • arianator4ever

    Faaaaake suckers!

  • Jeanette

    The one of her and Victoria is pretty real looking, but Ariana isn’t an idiot to do these things.

  • victor

    cant be real 9 she doesnt hav frekles all over her arm

  • hank

    She has a small birth mark on her left arm that these don’t have

  • Garrett

    This is a pathetic try at photoshop it’s obvious as f*** that who ever made these have only watched YouTube tutorials, or just think that they’re good. Fail level over 9000

  • kike rosas

    She is really hot

  • kike

    She make me horny I tink their real enny one can make mistakes Ariana gust admit u tuk them and dun if u want take more no ones judging

  • pablo

    oh good fothos ariana

  • KushBoy

    People can’t photoshop i’ve never seen pictures wich looks this bad

  • gabby

    They r fake

  • gabby

    Not real

  • kyal

    Why blur out the titties how are we supposed to figure it out

  • anonymous

    1st is real, rest are fake

  • marbl

    Looks real enough to me.

  • katlover

    There are real ones, but these aren’t them

  • ROllerBIN

    these are so fake

  • john

    She is hot

  • MACK

    These are fake, Ariana has no freckles on her arms and on the last one it shows freckles on her arms.

  • Evan

    Who cares about her arms? I would rather see what is between her legs.

  • Liam

    Those are all fake.

  • Arianne

    totally photo shopped

  • Sana SV

    i agree with brittany, its all just an editing which everyone can do

  • Jake Hawes

    I want to have sex with her

  • Jake Hawes

    There so fake

  • Debra L Shumate

    F that american hating bitch

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