These 14 Celebrities Have Astonishing Historical Lookalikes

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    They say everyone has a lookalike or a doppelganger living somewhere in the world right now, but how about in the past? So many people have lived since the beginning of time that odds are that there have been some doubles, right? We have compiled a list of 14 celebrities and their historical lookalikes from decades gone by. Some of them are hilarious and others are simply uncanny.

    Guy in Harlem in 1939 - Jay-Z

    Did Jay-Z travel back in time? He's a dead ringer for this guy in Harlem in 1939.

    Source: New York Public Library; WENN

    Henry David Thoreau - Ellen DeGeneres

    There's something about her eyes that makes Ellen DeGeneres look like kin to Henry David Thoreau.

    Source: Wikimedia Commons; People

    Civil War Criminal - Justin Timberlake

    This unknown Civil War criminal bears an uncanny resemblance to Justin Timberlake.

    Source: Mighty Lists; WENN

    Andrew Johnson - Tommy Lee Jones

    Andrew Johnson certainly looks a lot like Tommy Lee Jones.

    Source: Wikipedia; Mirror

    Rose Wilder Lane - Maggie Gyllenhaal

    The resemblance between Maggie Gyllenhaal and Rose Wilder Lane is remarkable.

    Source: WikiTree; Imgur

    George Washington - Glenn Close

    I can't be the only one who thinks Glenn Close is the spitting image of our first president.

    Source: Public Domain; Mans-Womans

    Henry Ford - Steve Martin

    Henry Ford looks like he could be the great-great-grandfather of Steve Martin.

    Source: Biography; Visionary Artistry Mag

    Millard Fillmore - Alec Baldwin

    This picture of Millard Fillmore actually looks like it's Alec Baldwin playing Millard Fillmore.

    Source: Wikimedia Commons; WENN

    Man from the Civil War Era - Nicolas Cage

    This man from the Civil War era has to be one of Nic Cage's ancestors. Am I right?

    Source: Mighty Lists; WENN

    Oscar Wilde - Hugh Grant

    Hugh Grant's lookalike is none other than poet and playwright Oscar Wilde.

    Source: The Famous People; Bao Moi

    King Philip IV - Mark Zuckerberg

    King Philip IV wishes he had Mark Zuckerberg's cash.

    Source: Nueva York; Salon

    Edgar Allen Poe - Bill Murray

    Bill Murray's lookalike is definitely Edgar Allen Poe.

    Source:; Imgur

    Stalin - Borat

    A young Stalin is a dead ringer for a young Borat.

    Source: Russianpedia; stuntbrain

    Zubaida Tharwat - Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence's lookalike is an Egyptian actress from the 1960s named Zubaida Tharwat.

    Source: EveryJoe
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        That Alec Baldwin one is crazy

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