Most Hilarious, Crazy and Heartwarming Dog and Cat Videos

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As much as I hate to admit it, I enjoy a good dog or cat video every once in a while. I might lose my man card for admitting it, but I know I’m not the only one. I’m owning my weakness.

Just for fun, I found 10 of the best videos featuring dogs and cats and put them in one place. You’re welcome.

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

This dog and cat video is further proof of something we all know: cats can be giant assholes. Enjoy three funny minutes of innocent dogs who just want to walk past cats being harassed and intimidated.


Dogs annoying Cats With Friendship

Some dogs just want friends — in fact, they’re so goodhearted, they’ll even try to forge friendships with cats. This mash-up video of dogs trying to befriend disinterested felines kind of wins.


Guilty Dogs!

Cats can get away with murder, but dogs aren’t always the best at hiding their guilty consciences. Whether they were busted for eating the table or destroying kids’ books, these guilty dogs caught on video are equal parts sad and amusing.


Cats in the Bath

If there’s anything cats hate more than dogs, it’s water. Which is why it’s funny to watch a video of a bunch of cats losing their damn minds over getting wet.


The Dog, er, Fox

It’s not a dog, but it certainly acts like one. Don’t worry — the fox in this video was bred in captivity, so I guess it’s a pet. It’s cool, and also weird.


Cats that Steal Dogs’ Beds

Cats can be belligerent thieves. The cats in this video stole the dogs’ beds and they have no intention of giving them back.


Rule-Breaking Home Alone Dog

Lots of dogs aren’t allowed on the furniture. The dog in this video isn’t supposed to climb up on the bed, but her owner suspected she might not be following the rules, so she set up a camera. I think the best part is the cat who’s watching the dog go crazy on the bed with a “You are an idiot” look on his face. Because cats are judgmental.


Cats Giving Dogs Massages

I guess not all cats are selfish assholes. Sometimes, they give massages to their canine friends.


Dogs Who Love Their Owners So Much

This guy was deployed for six months. While I’m sure a lot of people were happy to see him, I’m confident his dog was the most thrilled of all. His sweet pet just sits on his lap and cries.


Demon Cats

Sometimes (most of the time), cats can easily be mistaken for demons. Case in point, the crazy ass cats in this video making noises that only possessed animals would make. Although, to be fair, I think I resemble many of these when I wake up hung over on a Saturday morning.

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  • craig

    LOL I love a good dog video. Cats.. eh!

  • Yassine Labouch

    Thousand video to laugh try to read it now man

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