Who’s Going to Buy the Clippers?

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Now that NBA commissioner Adam Silver has banned owner Donald Sterling for life and is urging the other league owners to force Sterling to sell the team, the next question is… Who is going to buy the Clippers?

Everyone is talking about Magic Johnson’s interest in buying the team. (And of course there are conspiracy theories that Magic set up this whole scandal.) But there will be several others that will want to throw their hats in the ring.

First of all, boxing star Oscar De La Hoya said that he’s interested in owning a part of the Clippers franchise. But he’s not the only boxer who wants a piece of the pie. Floyd Mayweather Jr., who is a regular at both Clippers and Lakers games, says he has serious interest in the team as well.

Floyd Mayweather
Source: WENN

Mayweather has reportedly already talked to his adviser (Al Haymon) about teaming up with Mayweather Promotions chief executive Leonard Ellerbe, De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions chief executive Richard Schaefer and possibly others to make a bid for the Clippers.

“I called Al today about that to see if me, Leonard and Al, and hopefully Richard and a couple of other guys, a couple other of my billionaire guys, we can come together and see what we can come up with,” Mayweather said. “Hopefully, we can do it, and it’s not just talk.

“With me, I can’t come in talking about Mayweather only gonna get 3 percent, 4 percent. I got to get a solid percentage. Do we want to buy the Clippers? Yes, we do. We are very, very interested in buying the Clippers. We’ll keep the Clippers right where they’re at.

“When I’m not boxing, I’m at the games all the time. We do want to buy the Clippers. Me and my team do want to buy the Clippers and we can afford the Clippers.”

Mayweather definitely has some money. His $73.5 million in minimum purses for his two fights in 2013 made him the world’s highest-paid athlete.

It’s not just boxers who are interested in the NBA franchise. Media mogul David Geffen wants to buy the team too. Plus, billionaire developer Rick Caruso would also love to owner the Clippers. Also, you can’t count out investors that have tried (and failed) to buy other sports franchises in the past, such as Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. It will be interesting to see who else emerges as true contenders to buy the team.

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