Fairfax County Wants You to Cut Down Your Guest List

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Fairfax County in Virginia seeks to limit how many people can gather in private homes. Has the government forgotten about the right to assemble? Or how about the fact that private homes are… well, private.

County officials are having a series of public hearings this week about the ordinance which aims to limit gatherings in private homes to a maximum of 49 people and not more frequently than three times in any 40-day period.

Say what? I have more people at my viewing parties during the NBA playoffs.

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Fairfax officials think large gatherings cause too many parking issues, too much noise, a higher incidence of crime and other neighborhood issues.

“Although occasional, large gatherings – such as private parties, house concerts, religious meetings, and social clubs – are expected and permissible activities at a home, gatherings that occur on a regular basis involving numerous people can detract from the residential nature of a neighborhood because most residential structures and neighborhoods are not designed to accommodate such events,” they said on the county website.

People should be extremely upset by this. Broad sweeping legislation about private gatherings in your own home should not be even considered.

If this legislation passes, what’s next? I don’t even want to think about it.

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