The Sad Story of this Marine’s Demise

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Earlier this week, Daniel Rey Wolfe committed suicide live on Facebook. The former Marine posted bloody footage and was on the social networking site until moments before his death. Shockingly, Facebook still hasn’t fully removed the content.

Look below for 9 pictures of Daniel Rey Wolfe that are uncensored. This tragedy has been made even worse due to the billion dollar company that refuses to delete the content off of its servers.

Everything went down in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The exact reason he killed himself isn’t known, but it appears as if his time in the military played a role. Let us hope that his loved ones find peace.

Here are the images — click the right arrow in order to view the whole gallery:

Daniel Rey Wolfe

Daniel Rey Wolfe

Daniel Rey Wolfe

Daniel Rey Wolfe

Daniel Rey Wolfe

Daniel Rey Wolfe

Daniel Rey Wolfe

Daniel Rey Wolfe

Daniel Rey Wolfe



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  • Shannon Alexander

    How can you criticize FB for leaving up the pictures when you have turned around and posted them? How can you say “This tragedy has been made even worse due to the billion dollar company that refuses to delete the content off of its servers.” You think putting his photos out there for the world to see will help his lived ones, his brothers find peace?!?!

  • grammar nazi

    leakinging….rip grammar

    • Sweet butterfly poon


    • youisajoke

      Well, he was dying. I don’t think anyone’s grammar would be that great while they’re dying.

    • Kellie

      Agreed. grammar nazi is an insensitive troll.

    • Kmack

      Yeah seriously I knew him so shut up and have some compassion. You’re sick.

    • yea ok

      naw its cool he had everything and gave it up, ill feel sorry for those that never had a chance, like he people in the countries marines go kill.

    • Kyle Rodgers

      Hey fucktard! Marines are just a weapon that you fucking civilians decide who to point at. Without you, that weapon does nothing. If there’s blood on anyone, it’s you, not me! If you didn’t want us there, then you bastards need to stand up and do something to stop it. But you didn’t. You watched TV, went shopping, and allowed the slaughter to continue. You waved your stupid flags right after 9/11 and cried for revenge, so we got it for you. Be careful what you ask for, right? It is you who is a murderer. Every person I ever fired upon was firing at me, and I had great respect for them even when taking their life. They had the balls to stand up against the baddest motherfuckers on the planet to defend their home without any pay or relief from the battlefield. You civilians that sent us there, however, who now project your own guilt and shame onto us for what you demanded, are the true murderers and war criminals who I have zero respect for. That is why combat veterans don’t give a shit about integrating into your bullshit society.

    • 333

      ‘Civilians’ didn’t send you there – the government did. I am one of those people who protested in the streets, wrote to congress-people & the ‘chief executive’ – there were a lot of us who tried to do something to say no to sending you there. We were ridiculed, blood thirsty idiots insulted our patriotism – even your commander-in-chief encouraged the assault upon us by making references like ‘you’re either with us, or you’re with the terrorists.’ ‘Civilians’ were spat upon, beaten and kicked – once I witnessed this happen while a couple of your ‘brethren’ in uniform simply looked on. So don’t put your own ‘guilt’ and ‘shame’ upon someone else you obviously know nothing about.

      No one forced you to kill anyone. No one forced you to go anywhere. No one even forced you to join the ‘baddest motherfuckers on the planet.’ YOU chose to do all of those things. If you feel there were murders and ‘war crimes’ YOU should do something about it now – bring them to light and get those who ARE guilty of those things to face justice. If you are guilty of those things, admit it to yourself and stop trying to put the guilt on others. After WWII the International Court of Justice determined that German soldiers who claimed that they were ‘only following orders’ were not absolved of guilt. During the Viet Nam war there were many young men who refused to serve in a war they knew was wrong and immoral – THEY had balls to say no to a megalith like the U.S. government. And they took the responsibility upon themselves and put the blame where it belonged – on the shoulders of the U.S. government.

      Whether you want to accept it or not, you ARE part of society. You may not want to ‘integrate’ into it, but that doesn’t erase the fact that you are participating in it. As a matter of fact, there are people who might say that you are more a part of this society than they are – you CHOSE to serve ‘the man’ and follow his orders to the point of killing folks who never did anything to you. Real outsiders in this ‘society’ would never think of doing shit like that.

      Stop blaming folks for what you did. And if you have to blame someone else to assuage your guilt, blame the ones who put you there – the lying bastards in the U.S. government who fabricated a story out of whole cloth to the dumbed down ‘civilians’ who put their trust in government instead of folks like myself and others who knew things weren’t what we were being told…AND TRIED TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

    • Kyle Rodgers

      I applaud you for standing up, but only wish more did as well. I was in before it was announced that we were going to Iraq, and at that point I was conflicted with violating my contract and putting someone else in my place, or just staying. As I said above, my conscience is clean as I never personally committed or witnessed any war crimes, other than the broad crime of the war itself. No one had to fight in my place because I stuck to my duty. Although you were out there protesting, there haven’t been enough of you to make any difference. So the unjust war continues…

    • Simeon van der Graaf

      it’s not a grammar mistake, it’s a spelling mistake. also fuck off.

  • disqus_v47z82CTqv

    what a little bitch, please kill your self

  • Pointing out your bullshit….

    Dear Author,
    Do you not see the hypocrisy of writing a story about how “shocking” and insensitive to this man’s loved ones it is that FB hadn’t removed the pics, and then you include them in your own bullshit synopsis of the situation?????

  • Jason Fowler

    Suicide is a cowards death. Cowards don’t get Viking funerals…

    • Dudeperson

      He wasn’t a coward. He had issues with PTSD, and he wasn’t thinking rationally. If you fail to see this, or acknowledge it, then YOU’RE the coward for lying to yourself. You calling him a coward, is along the same lines as calling someone who’s had multiple brain injuries that urinates themselves a ‘fool’ or a ‘clown’ for something that have no control over. I notice in your AVI that you’re holding a little boy. Are you fondling him? See how ignorant that sounds? That’s how you sound. Grow up.

    • Twinboys_inblue13

      When someone has PTSD they have no way of controlling it, believe it or not, military gives them pills and says everything will be fine, no one offered this young man therapy or offered to talk, he just bottles everything up. I’m a victim of losing a loved one to this monster known as PTSD.

    • ArrrB

      LOL coming from some weak little bald man who has probably never served his FAMILY much less his country a day in his life. While some give their comfort, safety, health, and even their lives for their country, you’re an unpaid internet troll. Bet your family’s real proud!

  • Mario Palestro

    grammar nazi, stupid remark! That guy is dying … and you look at the grammar? I am Italian, I speak and write bad English, but do not watch “my grammar,” seeks to understand the “CONCEPT”!

    • ghahah

      um a bunch of children just got blown to fuck, where is your sympathy for them. Go to syria and help out if you’re so compassionate, armchair helper. Fuck a suicide.

    • glamsoldier

      Please step on a land mine uncompassionate fuck! See what ppl say when you die. Asshole. No Damn respect. You’re disgusting

  • Twinboys_inblue13

    To those that think this is funny, I have lost several friends who have served in the military to PTSD. It is very serious and his PTSD was bigger than him, he was in soooooo much pain this was his only way out. When my friend died he called me and told me his demons were bigger than him and he loved me, that was the last time I heard from him. I found out a week later he blew his head off after he talked to me. So those who have left nasty remarks and laughed, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!

  • glamsoldier

    Why would any site post this shit!? Have some God Damn respect for our soldiers. You want the family to have peace then don’t have them relive everything by parading these photos still. As a military dependent and a person whose ENTIRE family and alot of friends are military, if you aren’t in the service or have a loved one in it, just shut the fuck up! People don’t know how hard it is to adapt to civilian life after being programmed and trained essentially to fight and defend dick heads like @grammar nazi or @ jason fowler. Useless fucks. I don’t see most of these ignorant ass fuckers being any use in civilian life let alone your own personal life so if you’re not going to be a solution, don’t add any more problems with your Bullshit comments. Let ppl mourn in peace. We don’t know what he was going thru and it’s no one’s business to speculate.

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