21 Hilarious Autocorrects That Could Ruin Your Relationship

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I have a serious love-hate relationship with the autocorrect feature on my phone. But when an autocorrect ruins your chances with a girl (or guy), it’s hate — definitely hate. Check out these hilarious dating texts from Damn You Auto Correct!.

What's that itch?

Grade school love

Not a honey badger, a high badger

Stroganoff or strokin' off

Those Mexicans are hungry

Keepin' it in the family

Any size is fuck size

Eating out with friends

Potato, potahto. Carrots, cock rings.

I hate State Farm myself

Everybody needs slutty friends

What's that stench in Jersey?

What a muggerfugger!

Necrophilia might be better than Nickelback

I painted my girl's tonsils creamy white

Casual murder confession

She's got anal availability


If you have cable, he might be willing to move in

She likes 'em young

This relationship is about to explode

Source: Damn You Auto Correct!

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