Shocking! These Porn Stars Look Hideous Without Makeup

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While I knew that porn stars aren’t as real or as sexy as they appear on camera, I never knew that so many of them were hideous without makeup. The 75 porn stars with no makeup pictures below are truly shocking!

Each side-by-side comparison shows the porn star without makeup and the same woman with makeup. The transformation is mind-boggling in some of the cases. A few of the chicks literally go from looking homeless to looking like perfection. I bet you’ll be just as flabbergasted as I am as you flip through the pictures.

These pictures were released by Melissa Murphy, a porn star makeup artist. I gotta wonder if all of these porn stars are happy with these pics being released. For many of these chicks, their fans can never look at her the same after viewing these images. It’s just impossible. Personally, I’m upset because a couple of my favorite porn stars look like grandmothers without makeup. I feel like I need to bleach my eyes

Be prepared for your mind to be blown! Here are the 75 porn stars with no makeup pictures. Be sure to click the right arrow to see all the shocking pics:

Bree Olson

Aubrey Star

Brittany Amber

Rilee Marks

Rilee Marks Porn Star No Makeup

Puma Swede

Puma Swede Porn Star No Makeup


Jessica Porn Star No Makeup

Holly Michaels

Holly Michaels Porn Star No Makeup

Tatiyana Foxx

Tatiyana Fox Porn Star No Makeup

Alana Croft

Alana Croft Porn Star No Makeup

Ava Adams

Ava Adams Porn Star No Makeup

Samantha Saint

Samantha Saint Porn Star No Makeup

Layla Sin

Layla Sin Porn Star No Makeup

Mariah Mars

Mariah Mars Porn Star No Makeup

August Ames

August Ames Porn Star No Makeup

Allie Haze

Allie Haze Porn Star No Makeup

Anikka Albrite

Anikka Albrite Porn Star No Makeup

Anissa Kate

Anissa Kate Porn Star No Makeup

Alaina Fox

Aria Amor

Aria Amor Porn Star No Makeup

Aidra Fox

Bailey Blue

Bailey Blue Porn Star No Makeup

Bridgette B

Bridgette B Porn Star No Makeup

Brooklyn Lee

Brooklyn Lee Porn Star No Makeup

Mariah Mars

Chanel Elle

Cassandra Nix

Cassandra Nix Porn Star No Makeup

Chanel Preston

Chanel Preston Porn Star No Makeup

Kimberly Gates

Kimberly Gates Porn Star No Makeup

Kendall Kayden

Courtney Shea

Courtney Shea Porn Star No Makeup

Mia Malkova

Dani Daniels

Dani Daniels Porn Star No Makeup

Misty Stone

Misty Stone Porn Star No Makeup

Draven Star

Draven Star Porn Star No Makeup


Eidyia Porn Star No Makeup

Courtney Shea

Elle Alexandra

Elle Alexandra Porn Star No Makeup

Eva Notty

Eva Notty Porn Star No Makeup

Audrey Aleen Allen

Jada Stevens

Jada Stevens Porn Star No Makeup

Ellena Woods

Jennifer White

Jennifer White Porn Star No Makeup

Karlie Montana

Kat Dior

Kat Dior Porn Star No Makeup

Katja Kassin

Katja Kassin Porn Star No Makeup

Keira King

Keira King Porn Star No Makeup

Kelly Klass

Kelly Klass Porn Star No Makeup

Krysta Kaos

Krysta Kaos Porn Star No Makeup

Tori Lux

Tori Lux Porn Star No Makeup

Lola Foxx

Lola Foxx Porn Star No Makeup

Mackenzie Pierce

Mackenzie Pierce Porn Star No Makeup

Aayla Secura

Aayla Secura Porn Star No Makeup

Madison Ivy

Madison Ivy Porn Star No Makeup

Melissa Hill

Melissa Hill Porn Star No Makeup

Molly Bennett

Molly Bennett Porn Star No Makeup

Bonnie Rotten

Niki Lee Young

Niki Lee Young Porn Star No Makeup

Nikki Delano

Nikki Delano Porn Star No Makeup

Nikki Seven

Nikki Seven Porn Star No Makeup

Nina Dove

Nina Dove Porn Star No Makeup

Odette Delacroix

Odette Delacroix Porn Star No Makeup

Penny Pax

Penny Pax Porn Star No Makeup

Proxy Page

Proxy Page Porn Star No Makeup

Rizzo Ford

Rizzo Ford Porn Star No Makeup

Sally Sparrow

Sally Sparrow Porn Star No Makeup

Sarah Vandella

Sarah Vandella Porn Star No Makeup

Sierra Sanders

Sierra Sanders Porn Star No Makeup

Tori Black

Tori Black Porn Star No Makeup

Veronica Avluv

Veronica Avluv Porn Star No Makeup

Jana Rochelle

Veruca James

Veruca James Porn Star No Makeup

Vicki Chase

Vicki Chase Porn Star No Makeup

Yasmine DeLeon

Yasmine DeLeon Porn Star No Makeup

Zarina Summer

Zarina Summer Porn Star No Makeup

Zarrah Angel

Zarrah Angel Porn Star No Makeup


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  • Harhar

    The makeup artist gives everyone the same ugly tranny eyebrows.

  • Vella

    I’m just going to put this out there that this is WHY girls put on their makeup in the morning. There’s only a few of these pictures that I actually have done a double take on.

  • chalk

    stepehn kershey…your introduction is pretty vile!
    no wonder people feel selfconcious and have complexes when you put things like “shocking” and “hideous” in there. ofcourse they look better on camera. otherwise there would be no make up artists or industry of th eliek to speak of

    • Bitter Stephen

      Yea agreed. They definitely don’t all look ‘hideous’. Samantha Saint for one looks phenomenal. And sadly a lot of them look like little girls, as opposed to porn stars. Sounds like someone who doesn’t get laid and holding some serious resentment.

    • Tyler McCracken

      Yeah. I hate to pull out this old chestnut, but a lot of the authors on this site really show some genuine misogyny. It’s pretty sad.

    • shonat

      You look like a tranny.

    • Tyler McCracken

      Pretty sure male to female trannies don’t keep their beards. But, if you think I’d make a decent woman, I’ll take it as a compliment.

    • whitneymr

      You’re right she looks immensely better before they start on her. You have to wonder if she wants her make up to be so over the top so she can walk down the street without people bothering her?

    • shonat

      it’s called the truth, sorry ugly women. Now you know how fat and ugly men feel. If you’re ugly boohoo welcome to reality.

    • Graeme Evans

      you are under the delusion that anyone gives a crap what you think. the only ugly people here are stephen kersey and you

  • chalke

    and the small caption pic at the top deforms it even more than it actually is.

  • TTMann

    I’d do unmadeup Samantha Saint long before the makeup one. She looks sweet.

    • Bitter Stephen

      Ha I was thinking the same thing- she actually looks better without (and younger). She’s naturally hot. Contrary to what this dick wrote.

  • Reese

    My GOD what has society done to our values? Aside from the hurtful, heartbreaking repercussions of porn on couples and the negative influences on society it has, porn has caused women everywhere to hold themselves to unrealistic standards; the end result? Low self esteem and insecurity. Many of these insecure women look for approval- some end up becoming porn stars. It’s heartbreaking to see the “with/without makeup” pictures of porn stars, because so many of them are gorgeous without makeup and surprisingly have innocent-looking faces. Its a shame they had to resort to becoming porn stars.

    • Allah the Creator

      Porn isn’t hurtful to couples or society. It’s only hurtful on people and the relationships of people who take it for more than it is, become addicted or use it as a “guide” to real sex. How many people are like that?
      Porn does give unrealistic standards of beauty but that’s fairly obvious and anyone, man or woman, who holds them-self to these standards has other insecurities that have caused it.
      Porn is merely a form of entertainment, people who treat it as such have no problems in their lives, society or relationships.

      Why is it a shame that some women “resort” to porn? You make it sound like women who go into porn have some defect, have you interviewed every porn “star” to find out?
      No. You probably haven’t. So it’s fair to assume that many porn actresses do so because they enjoy it. They chose porn for a reason. Perhaps they just really like sex? Perhaps there are other reasons and perhaps there are some with questionable motives but it would be fair to assume that most of them are happy individuals.
      In fact, there was a study someone did somewhere who found that porn actresses are typically happier with their sex lives and physical appearances than most “regular” women.

      You sound uptight and bitter for some reason. Perhaps you need to get laid?

    • Chuck

      So is sex toys….lets see women response to that?

    • Alliyah Brown

      Sorry, but you have got some nerve posting your pro porn views with the user name ‘Allah the Creator’. Do you not think that having a user name like that you had best be careful what you say and how you say it? If you truly believed in the user name you have chosen, you would never have posted such a reply. Porn is haram. Adultery is haram. Fornication is haram. Seeing porn is haram! Are you actually a Muslim or a hater posing as one to bring disrespect upon Islam? Someone actually gave me the link to this article just because of your user name giving that reply!

    • Allah the Creator

      First of all: learn to read. None of my views are “pro porn”. I do not advocate porn as a profession or as a form of entertainment. Please point out any statement where I have done this as it appears to me as though my statements imply that those who do use porn as, and only as, entertainment have no problems in their relationships, society or lives and that women who choose porn as a profession should not be judged so harshly based only on that by others.
      Tell me, who does have the right to judge people? It is to my understanding that only Allah can do that.

      Secondly: don’t you have better things to do with your time? You came here because of my name, such a minor thing has bothered you so much?
      How do you know I’m not Allah? It’s just as likely as any other nonsense you’ve been indoctrinated with.

      If you really believe that some comment on some site somewhere brings disrespect then you need to get off the computer and start living in the real world. Muslims are discriminated against in various countries because of the actions of small extremist and radical groups. Perhaps you should spend more time combating the negative impact they have on your people rather than arguing with your Lord and Master over the internet.
      And while you’re at it; learn to think for yourself. Not everything you read in these fairy tale religious scriptures is true. You are going to be sorely disappointed when the afterlife rolls around. There will be no paradise or virgins for you.


    • Alliyah Brown

      LoL, you’re just annoyed that I caught you out and exposed the fact that you are posing as a Muslim and posting as such to fool people. See, Islam on its own isn’t bad, so you people have to try hard to make it seem so. And, yes as humans we are able to judge according to what we see and what is evident. Only Allah can judge a person’s true intention. And yes, let’s wait until the next life. May Allah forgive you for trying to mislead people and guide you to what is true.

    • Slim Pickens

      Shut up, you useless nigger cunt….

    • Alliyah Brown

      May Allah guide you to what is true. By your comment I assume that you need it more than most. I am neither ignorant nor a part of a female. By the grace of Allah I know what I am talking about in respect to my comment and I am a full woman, not a part of one.

    • Slim Pickens

      Whatever, nigger cunt….

    • Alliyah Brown

      I didn’t realise that the ‘N’ word was used to also insult white people. I find it strange that in this day and age people are still using that word. Racism is forbidden in Islam. What makes people think they are better than another because of the colour of their skin? Allah judges according to faith and adherence to the way of life he has given to us not skin colour, beauty or the lack of.

    • Alliyah Brown

      I didn’t realise that the ‘N’ word was used to also insult white people. I find it strange that in this day and age people are still using that word. Racism is forbidden in Islam. What makes people think they are better than another because of the colour of their skin? Allah judges according to faith and adherence to the way of life he has given to us not skin colour, beauty or the lack of.

    • Toast

      Hey you ignorant twat, the word “Nigger” is a stupid or silly person or an unproductive member of society. A word cannot be racist nor malicious, only the intent and interpretation of people can be. You for instance, relating the word nigger to the color of someone’s skin is racist. You should hang yourself you ignorant fool. After reading several of your posts, and doing little to no research on the Muslim beliefs because I couldn’t give to shits about your batshit crazy religion. You are first and foremost the worst form of female that could exist and should therefore kill yourself. You should not have an opinion, You should not say what is on your mind, and You above all else SHOULD NOT question what a man has said.

      Now take your ignorant racist sinful self off a cliff, the world would be a better place without people like you.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Umm, I don’t get how what I said is racist. I am in no way racist. In fact racism is forbidden in Islam although some Muslims are racist. Also, you are another person who obviously knows nothing about Islam in regards to what you said; ‘I’m not allowed an opinion, can’t say what’s on my mind and can’t question what a man says?!’ That is a typically male view of Islam and has nothing whatsoever to do with it. So its not ok to be racist, but it is ok to discriminate against someone because of their belief? What do you call that? Just because I make a statement about the ‘N’ word I’m racist? So, if someone calls a black person a nigger or a white person a nigger it will get the same reaction? Because I don’t hang around with the part of society that insults each other, I may have lost touch with it. I didn’t know that white people were called or called each other the ‘N’ word. Be careful who you call a racist. My daughter didn’t even know there was such a thing as racism until she grew up. I didn’t want her to look at people with different skin colour and think anything different about them other than that their skin was a different colour. But again, who is throwing insults here. And you call me the worst form of femaie? How is anything that I have said warranted being called that? Wow, society really is upside down, when you don’t insult you get called the worst. In fact, black men who accept Islam are some of the most beautiful when the light of faith shines from their faces.

    • rashad

      Woo! Preach Sister!

    • XcandiCaneX

      Please stop with the bs. You know damn well the n-word was used to insult black people. Have you lived under a rock for so long to not know that?

    • Jay Compton

      What’s wrong with you, man? That was uncalled for and it maks you look bad.

      If not for the viciousness that the “N-word” carries, you might be correct. But, within our cultural context and how it was used in the past, there is no justification for trying to force it to mean anything less than the evil marginalization and subjugation of an entire race of people just because of their skin pigment.
      You sound very angry and hateful, so I question your motives, whether you mean that justification sincerely or you’re just covering up for your racism. And I’ll be goddamn if I’m not going t question your pathetically small peabrain, and so will anyone woman who wants to do so. Deal with it,

    • kidicarus79

      “Racism is forbidden in Islam.”

      The middle east is one of the most racist places on the planet and the BIRTHPLACE of Islam. You think black people in the US have it bad? Go to Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, Iran… people there, if they are not lucky enough to be lowly servants, are actually considered sub-human by most of the “good loving Muslim” people in those countries.

    • rashad

      Well then they must not be “good loving muslims” now if they pick and choose what to follow right??? Just because someone looks muslim doesn’t mean they are. Hitler was christian, Christians are Evil people. I used your “logic.

      Logic, Use it or just kill yourself for the betterment of humanity.

    • Jay Compton

      So, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor who fought against and died fighting the Nazi’s, was just like Hitler? That’s your logic? Wow.
      Religion has its share of things to be ashamed about, but atheism is no better. The two men who, far and away, killed the most people with genocide in the history of the world were atheists. They make Hitler look like child’s play. I am talking, of course, about Josef Stalin and Chairman Mao Zedong. See here:

      So, if we’re going to make hasty generalizations (a logical fallacy, mind you) and blame the ontology of the respected mass murderers, atheism is the most evil ideology in the history of the world.

      OR you might just say that it is doubtful that their faith, or lack thereof, had much to do with those f’n nutjobs.

    • Jay Compton

      And in case you’re wondering that, if it isn’t about their ideological faith or absence of faith in a higher power, then what causes people to commit such atrocities? Power, my friend. It’s all about power. Who said, and I paraphrase, “Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Was that Lord Acton? I don’t remember. At any rate, it’s all about power even when they cite their faith, or patriotic nationalism, or cultural revolution, or the war on terrorism, what they really mean is power. Sad, isn’t it, that humans get so drunk on, and will do anything for, power??

    • Alliyah Brown

      Sadly, that is true, but it is not a part of Islam, in fact it is a sin in Islam and those who commit will be accountable for it. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said in his last sermon that ‘All mankind is from Adam and Eve. An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab, nor does a non-Arab have any superiority over an Arab; white has no superiority over black, nor does a black have any superiority over white; [none have superiority over another] except by piety and good action.’

    • kidicarus79


      I’m sorry, but ALL religion is for weak minded people.

    • Jay Compton

      Yes, weakminded, like Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, the HH Dalai Lama, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Dietrich Bonhoeffer, Simone Weil, Rev. Dr. Cornel West, Mother Teresa, Sister Helen Prejean, Jesus of Nazareth, Albert Einstein, Immanual Kant, Baruch Spinoza, Alfred North Whitehead, Rosemary Radford-Reuther, Elisabeth Schussler-Fiorenza, Marjorie Suchocki, Rev. Dr. Thandeka (a black female who preaches and teaches at a major university), Rev. Naomi King (Stephen’s daughter and Thandeka’s wife), John Dominic Crossan, Isaac Newton, Thich Nhat Hanh, Malcolm X, Rev. Peter Gomes, Paul Davies, Antony Flew, C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Soren Kierkegaard, Frederick Douglass, well, you get the point.

      These people were all “[weak minded]” as you say. If you want, I have so many more names of these weak-minded cowards.

    • kidicarus79

      Albert Einstein???? He was an agnostic and didn’t care for common organized religion BECAUSE IT IS FOR WEAK MINDED INDIVIDUALS. You do understand that religion was created to CONTROL the masses, right? Sorry, but you don’t know what you are talking about.

      a 1950 Quote from Al :

      “My position concerning God is that of an agnostic. I am convinced that a vivid consciousness of the primary importance of moral principles for the betterment and ennoblement of life does not need the idea of a law-giver, especially a law-giver who works on the basis of reward and punishment.”

      MLK was a womanizer, not just a civil rights activist, so stop putting him on a pedestal like he’s Jesus.

      Nearly half of the people you mentioned were/are part of a religious institution- is that supposed to be impressive? Many of them also lived before Science and Tech became what it is today.

      Just because you put 30 names of people that believe in their respective religions, does not mean that the other 6 billion people on this planet are nothing more than sheeple that will believe anything they hear in the pulpit.

      Your argument is a FAIL. Try again.

    • Jay Compton

      I’m completely aware of Einstein’s agnosticism. I’m agnostic,too. But, that was an epistemological position. He often said he believed in “Spinoza’s God,” too. Here you go:

      I’m not trying to impress anyone. WTF? Why would I be? Sillly accusation. I’m just pointing out who are being called “weakminded.” People can judge for themselves.

      Religion has been used for both freedom and subjugation, used to justify slavery and to emancipate slaves. MLK’s infidelity to his wife has nothing to do with what he did for civil rights in the USA.

      Calling everyone stupid says more about you than it does them. I’ll leave it to others to make their own judgements. If you want to believe that you are right, and have special knowledge about ontological matters, and everyone else is wrong and “sheeple,” while you are the arbiter of truth, then that is your prerogative. Good luck with that.

    • kidicarus79

      Meh, Dont care.

    • Jay Compton

      If you don’t feel like watching the video, here’s a pretty decent outline of Einstein’s beliefs, via Wikipedia:
      Still, I strongly recommend Isaacson’s biography it is wonderful.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Religion does control the masses; but it was put in place by the Creator to give us a system, not one created by man. When men put in systems to control people it is usually with their best interests, not the masses. The masses need control. What kind of society would we have if we didn’t have any control? We have governments for control, police for control, laws for control; to control the masses. As I said, the only difference being is that the laws of man are not always at the best interests of the masses but of the minority ruling class whereas the laws of the Creator are in the best interests of all.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Funny you should say that, I used to think the same thing. I used to think that people were weak minded who needed religion to get through their daily lives, in fact my religion, Islam, teaches us how to be mentally stronger. I can’t speak for other religions as I don’t know enough about them, but Islam certainly does. I have never felt so strong.

    • Alliyah Brown

      That is so funny, I used to think exactly the same thing. I used to think you had to be weak minded if you needed religion to get through your daily life. I wasn’t looking for religion, nor liked it but when someone provided me with evidence that the Qur’an was from something other than a human I couldn’t deny that so started to look more deeply into Islam. That was almost 20 yrs ago. Since then my belief that we have a Creator and Islam is the way of life He wants us to follow has been strengthened by how complex and sensible the lifestyle it. No way could an illiterate man living in the desert over 1400 yrs ago known all the diverse scientific facts that are in the Qur’an nor could he have creates such excellent systems of living. Most scholars only concentrate on one field, Islam has many systems; medicinal, social, economic, social, health, defence, education etc. Please show me any man in history that has done that?

    • Allah pouahahahahahahaehehhHa

      How are they gonna be acountable for their rascim? In their “afterlife”? The same one that exists only in human imagination? That NEVER been even close to being proven?

      Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… I bet you beleive in karma too

      Fucking insects scared shitless of our INEXISTENCE is what we are

      Ps… The porn stars that arent ugly with makeup.. Are fine without makeup.. But many of them are just plain ugly.. Even with makeup

    • Alliyah Brown

      The only evidence you have that there is not Creator is that you can’t see Him, but there is a huge amount of evidence to suggest He does exist. Out of nothing comes nothing, so the theory that we came from nothing isn’t even based on valid evidence. You would say there is no way a robot just came out of nothing; the metals, wires and plastics all came together by chance. You would say I was crazy or having hallucinations if I told you a robot just appeared, yet a being as complex as the human and all other creations come from nothing by chance? You have to get out of this media programmed idea of evolution. Why do you all put up so much resistance to an eternal life for one that is finite and could end at any time? I used to think you had to be weak minded if you needed religion to get through your daily life. I wasn’t looking for religion, nor liked it but when someone provided me with evidence that the Qur’an was from something other than a human I couldn’t deny that so started to look more deeply into Islam. That was almost 20 yrs ago. Since then my belief that we have a Creator and Islam is the way of life He wants us to follow has been strengthened by how complex and sensible the lifestyle it. No way could an illiterate man living in the desert over 1400 yrs ago known all the diverse scientific facts that are in the Qur’an nor could he have created such excellent systems of living. Most scholars only concentrate on one field, Islam has many systems; medicinal, social, economic, social, health, defence, education etc. Please show me any man in history that has done that?

    • Jay Compton

      Assuming you live in the USA, I don’t think we have much right to be pointing that finger, there, pardner. Racism is alive and well in America, and our past is rife with racial subjugation and violence. Done by God-fearing Christians and secular humanists, of course. Want names and examples?

    • rashad


    • Jay Compton

      Ignore him. He’s a disgrace to the name he uses, the great Slim Pickens. I do not think that, of the three great monotheistic faiths (Judaism, Christianity, Islam), sex is a bad thing. I think people make too big a deal about it and more important things go by the wayside, like fighting poverty and discrimination. The reason why I think those three faiths oppose fornication is because it objectifies people. Namely, the pornstars, seeing them as objects for my pleasure rather than a fellow humans in solidarity with me (or you, or people), who deserve respect and empathy, and that is impossible to do when you objectify someone.. That’s my take, for whatever it is or isn’t worth.

      I have to get back to work now. Will check in later! Namaste!.

    • Alliyah Brown

      You’ve made some excellent points in all of your comments on this post. We may not agree with each other completely but at least we do it with consideration and civility. People seem to be so angry and aggressive now a days, it’s animalistic; insult and hurt etc anyone you don’t agree with. I don’t agree with that way of doing things, it is not what my religion teaches me. Why have people become so hateful on the Internet? We can be such a disgrace to our species.

    • Jay Compton

      Thank you. I wouldn’t have called him a “pathetically small peabrain” had he not gone chauvinist at the end.

    • Alliyah Brown

      You are very welcome.

    • kk

      you are intelligent, obvious;y well educated and gracious. basically, you are wonderful.

    • Jay Compton

      I don’t deserve such a generous, kind compliment, but I really do appreciate it. Thank you!

    • jess

      Um…If Islamists were ANYTHING like this guy, he’d be making Islam look good. Instead they’re stupid and they can’t read or understand basic content…like you.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Um, there is no such thing as an Islamist, we are called Muslims. Also, you do realise how you have made yourself look don’t you? Considering my responses to people it does prove at least that I can read and understand. And lastly, Allah/God tells us in the Qur’an to ‘Read’ so we are not being very good Muslims if we don’t learn how to read if we have the resources to do so.

    • Rashad

      We’re stupid? Science and math come from muslims. Stop
      educating yourself! What you’re learning comes from Muslims!

      OMG don’t do it! Jess don’t! Locical much?

    • Alliyah Brown

      It’s amazing isn’t it? How people even insult logic and manners now a days? It’s like, try to respond in a respectful informative way and you still get trolled and abused!

    • Jay Compton

      True. ever noticed that the word for algebra starts out with an “al,” the definite article in the Arabic language?

    • Alliyah Brown

      Hi Jess, I’m actually a female. The problem is that most Muslims don’t practise Islam or don’t know how to. They don’t understand or know that one of the most important messages taught to us is to have good character and treat people well and to have patience and tolerance when others don’t do the same. :)

    • whoever

      Lol. If you’re going to try and be an offensive troll, at least don’t end your trolling with some BS “Muslim are discriminated against because of a vocal small minority” like you actually care. Makes you sound like someone who tries not to be too offensive so that when the shit backfires, he’ll say “I said I was only critisizing a minority”. Fucking coward.

    • kidicarus79

      Wow, long drawn out response. You mad bro?

    • Jay Compton

      I don’t know if he is, but you certainly are. Why you mad, bro? We’re just talkin.

    • Rashad

      We wont be disappointed if there’s no afterlife…we’ll be dead. So much for your logic.

      However, what if you’re wrong? You’re well written paragraphs filled with stupidity won you nothing.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Exactly brother. I pray for these people, they are all victims of the Godless propaganda machine. I mean, the biggest risk in your life and you take what you’re fed by the media instead of investigating yourself? Yeah, and not comprehending that there is a God that would send people to hell for eternity just for not believing doesn’t change the fact that it will happen. I can’t comprehend people who skin animals alive, but it don’t stop it from happening; and many other things. The point is to find out if the evidence is true, if so, you better prepare or you will end up suffering for eternity. But hey, who am I, just a crazy deluded
      religious person right?

    • Jay Compton

      Comparing religion to fairy tales misunderstands them both. How many fairy tales do you know of that people consider the grounding of Being itself? How many seek to address universal angst, collectively and individually, Fallacy of false equivalence.

      Well, that is, unless there are people who worship unicorns and a cosmic Santa.

    • Candy

      To be fair, the porn industry is highly sexist, as is blatantly evident by the marketing of these women – sluts, whores, fat bitches, dumb barely legal hoes. There have been reports that supposedly ethical porn companies were paying off the stars to pretend that they had a good time. Various pornographers have admitted to cranking out increasingly degrading material to whet and satisfy the demands of the viewer, which makes you wonder about the sort of people who view that sort of porn. There’s psychological evidence that men who watch violent porn are more likely to have rape apologetic and sexist attitudes (correlation, not necessarily causation, but that there’s a link is worrying). I absolutely wonder about the sort of women who would participate in some porn out there and I fail to see why questioning it is being judgmental, though there’s nothing wrong with not respecting the choice to go into porn. Tolerance is one thing, respect is another. I don’t give out my respect freely.

      Porn doesn’t have to be bad (and some of it isn’t, yes), but in its current form, it’s often a cesspool of sexism, negative racial stereotypes, and unnerving brutality.

    • jjj

      porn hasnt coused women to hold to standards, everyday media has done that, movies tv magazines are responsible of that, it is not like porn is a model every women is daily exposed to

    • Young Jizzy

      Why are you reading this kind of article then?

    • Alliyah Brown

      Reese, it is very sad that a user with the name ‘Allah the Creator’ has replied to you in this manner. Let me please clarify. No way is porn allowed in Islam. Allah the Creator has forbidden porn and everything to do with it. Thank you for your post. You are 100% correct. May Allah/God reward you for doing so.

    • commodus

      allah is no creator, just a sand nigger with a lust for a harem of dopes to suck his dick

    • commodus

      allah is no creator, just a sand nigger with a lust for a harem of dopes to suck his dick

    • Guest

      This is what Allah says about Himself in the Qur’an Chapter 112:

      Say “He is Allah the One.’

      The eternal, the absolute.

      He begot not, nor was he begotten.

      And there is not comparable to Him.”

      The proper terminology used, in Islam, for God is “Allah.” There are a number of reasons for having a special word for God. First of all, the term “Allah” means, in Arabic, the one and only universal God or Creator and Provider of the universe. Notice here I am emphasizing “the one and only.” So a Muslim would not simply say, “There is one God.” That would not be as accurate or as strong an expression as saying ‘the one and only God’.

    • Alliyah Brown

      This is what Allah says about Himself in the Qur’an Chapter 112:

      Say ‘He is Allah the One.

      The eternal, the absolute.

      He begot not, nor was he begotten.

      And there is none comparable to Him.

      The proper terminology used, in Islam, for God is “Allah.” There are a number of reasons for having a special word for God. First of all, the term “Allah” means, in Arabic, the one and only universal God or Creator and Provider of the universe. Notice here I am emphasizing “the one and only.” So a Muslim would not simply say, “There is one God.” That would not be as accurate or as strong an expression as saying ‘the one and only God’.

    • commodus

      rather self serving, “what allah says about himself”. Are you interested in what Hitler said about himself? How about what Charlie Manson said about himself. Try to use your head and stop blindly following a dead pervert.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Self serving? How is telling us that the Creator is not like the Created, that He wasn’t born nor did He give birth self serving? What does know what two humans say about themselves compare to what the Creator says? And how can Allah be a dead pervert? You talk as if He is a man who has died and He is neither. Don’t you realise you are a victim of the illuminati? You are the sheep my dear. I used to be a sheep just like you, then I started to use my head. The Qur’an is the evidence for me. I don’t blind follow. I’m not interested in that. In fact, I wasn’t religious or looking when I found out about the science in the Qur’an. Since then, almost 20 years ago my faith has only been confirmed. You obviously don’t know much about Islam other than what you read on hater sites etc. You tell me to use my head, but I feel that you are not using yours and are just being led along with the pack. If I believed in Allah with no proof, that would be blind following. Where is your proof?

    • Blind Fish

      You’re about as bad as the WBBC. I find it atrocious that “true” believers have to force their opinions on others or act better than others. Frankly, it’s annoying and attention whorish. Nobody ASKED for your opinion, so why input it? Oh wait, you’re just a bad troll. This talk of sheeps and illuminati can only be the work of bridge-dwellers.

    • Alliyah Brown

      @70de6934b84b6c2c882ac5775722b410:disqus I don’t know what a WBBC is. So if I wasn’t a ‘true’ believer all my comments would be ok right? Just because I am a believer, why does that discredit what I have to say? Why is it other people can comment and give their point of view but the minute I do, you say ‘Nobody ASKED for your opinion’. Kind of strange that. I’m not in the habit of trolling. If you actually read my first comment you would see why I commented. I said something to someone who was supposedly a Muslim. The state of the people online I’d be at it all day and to be honest I don’t have the time nor do I care to. But, am I to stay silent when someone insults me etc? And, you need to reread my comments. I never pushed any views down anyone’s throats, I just corrected whatever was untrue. And you who have no idea of the illuminati etc are living up to your name. A blind fish following the ‘school of fish’. Change your name, perhaps you will open up your mind to more things going on. For starters you really need to learn about the Rothschilds.

    • DREWSHBAG111

      Allah isn’t real, go fuck a goat.

    • rashad

      Are you slow, dumb, or both? She said ” user with the name ‘Allah the Creator’.

      A USER. USER. Get it?

    • commodus

      rather self serving, “what allah says about himself”. Are you interested in what Hitler said about himself? How about what Charlie Manson said about himself. Try to use your head and stop blindly following a dead pervert.

    • Jay Compton

      Arabic-speaking Christians also call God “Allah.” In Arabic “Allah” means, literally, “the God” [“Al” being the definite article in Arabic, whenever you see it you can translate it as “the.”

    • Alliyah Brown

      This is what Allah says about Himself in the Qur’an Chapter 112:

      Say ‘He is Allah the One.

      The eternal, the absolute.

      He begot not, nor was he begotten.

      And there is none comparable to Him.

      The proper terminology used, in Islam, for God is “Allah.” There are a number of reasons for having a special word for God. First of all, the term “Allah” means, in Arabic, the one and only universal God or Creator and Provider of the universe. Notice here I am emphasizing “the one and only.” So a Muslim would not simply say, “There is one God.” That would not be as accurate or as strong an expression as saying ‘the one and only God’.

    • patevann

      ofcourse…u r damn right….I totally put blame on them…I despise, pity, inhumaned with them….shame on them…

  • D

    This lady worked with about 55 of the most funky looking, no name porn actresses ever!

  • Dom

    Some how I don’t believe half of these pictures

  • Jo

    I actually think a lot of them look WAYYYY better without makeup then with it. The makeup makes them so obviously fake. True, a few of them are better off with makeup, but i believe its their lifestyle that makes them look so worn out, not their actual faces.

    • Ash

      Their lifestyle? All they do is exercise! Since when has sex been bad for you??

    • XcandiCaneX

      Porn is more than just sex. It’s not as easy peasy as it seems on screen. Lots of porn stars look rode hard, but it ain’t due to sex. Lots of drugs & alcohol is going on behind the scenes.

    • taking leek

      Preach it Brother/Sister! The Porn industry is not known for healthy lifestyles. You have to be a very naive SOB if u think yeah no drugs are involved sex industry. YES they are checked for the bad STDs but herpes is rapid in the business.Starlets are considered whores/scum but the stuntc_cks as studs , men to be envied?

    • calilife4me

      …and the women are paid a lot more than their male counterparts. I’d rather be paid more than known as a stud.

    • taking leek

      True 110% but imo double standards. A porn actress still considered a whore by society but who makes more $, >intelligence(have degrees, phd’s), business sense(directors, producers) when too old? Yet bring on one home as your wife , the social stigma , very tough on a relationship imo.

    • Idiot Detector


    • taking leek

      Interesting I didn’t know proof reading was required by the Grammar Nazis? Your comment was not 100 % accurate in terms of correct grammar also.
      Oh say hi to your mum for me , as I rolled off her after sex ,the manatee was shocked it wasn’t you?
      And that’s an insult to manatees.
      Fuck you very much…….

    • spacebo

      Dropping words, in favor of a stripped-down Time-speak, is a coping skill for those who web from their phones. Much as is writing in all caps, for those who are having a difficult time transitioning from their terrible twos.

    • lakawak

      Again…you are a complete idiot if you think they make a lot of money. Mist of these girls in these pictures…the ones who are not well known, would do better getting a job at Walmart and stripping at night.

    • lakawak

      Not as much as you think. I bet you are one of those naïve people who see a porn stars Facebook page saying they make $250,000 a year and believe it. They don’t come close to even $100,000..and most of what they get is from dancing in clubs with their name recognition.

    • calilife4me

      Please try to keep your reading comprehension in check. I said female porn stars make more money than male porn stars. Also, I’d rather be paid more than have a reputation of a stud. Nowhere in my original post did I say all porn stars make a lot of money.

    • David

      Yep, the majority of these women have issues, not all. At least they pay their taxes and aren’t on the street spreading STDs. The STDs are kept within their industry for the most part, not completely, just mostly.

      Many of these women just enjoy sex and have no inhibitions about it. The ones that turn to it for money and drugs, don’t last long.

      Most of the men in the industry care little to nothing about them. They have issues as bad as some of the women.

      But man, without porn, I’d be a lying dog, telling women what they want to hear just to sleep with them. Yeah, I got my own issues. I can’t find a woman that can match my libido.

      What am I suppose to do?

    • lakawak

      Oh please…they spread STDs just as much as a non-porn star outside the industry. Do you think they magically turn off their STDs when they have sex with someone not in the industry?

    • lakawak

      The ONLY thing that the porn industry ares about when it comes to STDs is HIV. They don’t test for anything else, and even if you are obviously showing signs of an outbreak of something else, they expect you to work. Pretty much EVERY porn actor/actress has at least one of the major STDs.

    • lakawak

      Who treats male porn stars as studs to be envied?

    • spacebo

      I knew such a man. It was a surreal scene, the day on which he returned from his vacation at the Bunny Ranch. Everybody in my department, man and woman, went home knowing far more than he or she ever had wished to know about the economics and practical challenges of that end of the sex industry. It was so obviously the highlight of this man’s life that no one disabused him of his strangely innocent prurience.

    • Ian Brett Cooper

      That’s not because of the porn industry itself – it’s usually because of the amount of abuse directed at them by people who have no respect for their choice of career.

    • willa

      get some education, please

    • Threcis Moose

      i agree

    • MaR

      I REALLY disagree.

    • me

      I think the make-up makes half of them look like Trannys.

    • Kyle Richards Is A Whore

      you are a faggot

    • stand up comedy

      yes i agree with you.. so different makanan khas singapura

    • Opem Moon

      No you just have horrible taste and has never seen a half-decent woman before. Sorry.

    • Kyle Richards Is A Whore

      You just like your women to look like men. Only one porn bitch looks okay the others look like shit.

    • Victoria

      It’s so clear how much watching porn has given you a completely distorted (and honestly quite sad) view of women:

      a) first of all, we are not all WHORES or BITCHES (even the ones that are porn stars) -> thank you for giving some more respect to women because without these “bitches” you wouldn’t be on this earth.
      b) a REAL woman looks like whatever she looks like naturally; if anything a REAL woman is one that doesn’t need to put 3 tons of make-up to please close-minded men like you whose vision is so crowded by the media and porn industry that you can’t appreciate natural beauty.
      c) I will clarify that I have no problem with anyone watching porn, only when it creates close-minded, disrespectful men like you that are unable to appreciate or respect beautiful, natural women for who they are.

    • Victoria

      d) I feel sorry for your girlfriend, mother, sister, and whatever other women in your life that you judge with the same irrealistic standards. How are we meant to feel beautiful and confident as we are when so many men like you expect us to change to fit your fantasies and desires?

    • Kellie

      Is irrealistic a new word?

    • Gauntlet

      Irrealistic seems to be from the french adjective “irréaliste” that means “unrealistic”. Victoria may be a french-canadian but I suspect her to be a native of France as in this country there are BAGS of hard-core-feminists (at a silly point the FEMEN’s leader has ended to be the national basic post stamp face for five years !) and fans of the gender theory which states that men and women are not a man nor a woman by nature but by nurture.

      Oh my ! I’ve been previously told there were X and Y chromosomes… but it was “old fashion science” and the new trend is full of novelties !!!

    • Kellie

      I’ll stick with science and leave the theories to the unrealistic fembots LOL.

    • Yoyo

      you’ll stick with science, except your use of the term theory – as if a theory is mere speculation or a hypothesis – displays your utter ignorance of science.. seriously, day one of a HS chemistry class would prevent you from making such a faux pas.. so, it’s highly doubtful you have any real knowledge base in that discipline..

      the person you’re replying to is – albeit, irrelevantly and poorly – describing the semantic distinction gender [identity] and sex [chromosomes and physical traits] and foolishly referring to it as a trend.. one is psychological, the other is physiological.. there is no trend involved, but i’m sure the concept went over his head..

      i’m assuming you’re female with the name kellie.. “unrealistic fembots?” i won’t even touch that one..

      irrealistic is either a typo or someone needs to expand their vocab.. to act as though whatever attempting to be conveyed is rendered moot because of one incorrect word is so petty..

      i.e. if you’re going to be condescending, be knowledgeable too.. it’s never the intelligent commenters playing grammar police; we’re too busy forming pertinent thoughts..

    • Kellie

      Seriously, stfu.

    • Yoyo

      never! :D

    • Ringo7

      No there is no such word.

    • Disgusted

      Oh my god. I’d bet dollars to dildos that you are a unshaven, tree hugging, pig who doesn’t use deodorant. Trannys are not woman, they are an abomination, and yes all porno stars are whores. They are paid to have sex.

    • Ian Brett Cooper

      I don’t think the watching of porn turned these guys into misogynists – I think it probably has more to do with their upbringing. If a kid is brought up in a family which teaches that hatred of women is okay, they’ll grow up to hate women as adults. Sadly, too many families are dysfunctional in this way.

      I’m very aware of the issues involved in the porn industry, and I wish the industry could become better regulated and more respected for the pleasure it brings to millions of people so that we could stop the casual abuse that many in the industry face from both inside and outside of their jobs. But it seems that as a society, we have an inbuilt desire to demonize people who choose certain careers in entertainment, and that demonization seems to enable us to feel justified in ignoring the abuse that goes on, so when bad things happen to people in the industry, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy for the industry’s detractors.

    • wolfman

      95% of women were make up for other women, #facts

      you and your feminazis caused this.

    • Josh Janson

      Actually, the majority of the make-up industry has been historically ran by men. Originally, make-up was a fairly gender neutral thing, only used by the high and upper middle class. Later, in the early 20th century, as the industry became larger, and more accessible by the average person, a marketing shift geared toward woman took place, to convince them that wen would only want them if they looked young and perfect. Thats why in a lot of mid-century art and advertising, women wear very heavy make up, even by today’s standards. While the idea that make-up is necessary to look good is often perpetuated by women against women, there is no shortage of men doing the same thing. Case in point? This comments section where a bunch of men are talking about how ugly a bunch of reasonably pretty women look without their make-up.

    • Yoyo

      that’s how you credit feminists, citing your bogus statistics about makeup? you must not know shit about the actual contributions women have made to benefit their fellow woman in world dominated by men.. we didn’t even have the right to vote in AMERICA – the land of the free.. you think that just changed in time? hell no.. in other places, w/o so-called “feminazis,” women can’t even attend school or be in public without a male escort.. if we’re going to make blanket statements, everything a woman does is to appeal to a love interest.. unless we’re all lesbians, the makeup ain’t for other bitches…

    • Kinokyo

      nigger means black.. it comes from the greek niger and roman latin negro.. caucasian means cave dweller.. so why dont you grunt to me in your native language cave ape…

      you are not white, you are transparent, i can see your blood through your pigs tissue, your albino lab rat skin.. you are red like satan in the 80′s cartoons..

      im not black.. i am the same color as the earth.. which is brown to dark to very dark brown.. i am an earthling and you are a mute mutant cave beast… as i said.. grunt to me in your native language so i can try and decipher it…

      you need to go back to the holes (caves) in the giant rocks (mountains) you come from.. europe is not your home you stole it like you did american and australia..

      grunt for me… and make me laugh at your faggot race.. your the only race to allow same sex marriages in the history of history.. hahha.. filthy fucking faggot race..

      all races have black hair and dark eyes only you violent savage mute mutant cave beasts dont… what makes you think your human? you are an edomite as the bible calls you… Job 30 speaks of you devils…

    • willa

      offensive much? you just don’t know what real women look like

    • Kyle Richards Is A Whore

      I know real women don’t look like men without make up. 95% of these whores are shit without make up.

    • David

      Baby, relax. These women did nothing to you. Truth be told, 95% of all women look better with some make-up. These women are under heavy lights and are made-up for the camera, like newscasters.

      Sorry the man you gave your heart to is a whore. Plenty of men out there that would appreciate you more. You deserve better. Don’t allow him to make you bitter. He ain’t worth it.

    • Kyle Richards Is A Whore

      David, you get me and I take back anything bad I said.

    • Mikey Stephenson

      Simp much?

    • David

      Meaning what?

    • Toby1

      It must be very sad and lonely in that hateful little world of yours

    • Amanda

      and throwing around the word “tranny” isn’t offensive? i know a lot of trans women that are absolutely disgusted by that word. and thanks for implying that trans women aren’t ~*REEL WOMYN*~, asshole.

    • Mikey Stephenson

      LOL> They’re not real women. Damn liberals. They are men with replaced genitalia or with pricks. They new the job was dangerous when they chose it.

    • TheHookahMaster


    • viruzz

      Thats because they aren’t and should be hanged

    • SirCharles Norris

      Bwahahahaha they arent real f00king women you dumb ass b1tch. They have a dick or cut it off. They clearly are not real women, that is as solid as a fact can get.

    • Hvacjack

      I was a man trapped in a womans body. Then I was born:)

    • justtellingthetruth

      Amy Daly is trans and she’s prettier without makeup than half of these chicks. same with Bailey Jay and Hazel Tucker.

    • Randy

      I watch a loooooootttt of porn….and I only recognize about 6 or 7 of these broads.

    • insanity4all

      Please, I doubt there is a straight man alive that’s actually looking at the woman’s head during the porn video.

    • Ian Brett Cooper

      Then you’d be wrong. There’s a very popular form of pornography in which only the actor’s face is visible – look up “Beautiful Agony”.

    • Duante Amorculo

      sexy trannies will get the pencil too

    • maxgraphiks

      I agree with you on this one, some even look like tranny without make-up, cause they are all “botoxed”

    • grl187

      I agree! The before pictures are beautiful.

    • Kyle Richards Is A Whore

      You like ugly chicks then.

    • ricktheprick

      just went threw all your posts in all topics…wish I knew you in real life, your just as fucked as I am lmao!

    • ricktheprick

      just went threw all your posts in all topics…wish I knew you in real life, your just as fucked as I am lmao!

    • spacebo

      He doesn’t seem to be quite so happy about it, though.

    • Adam Nox

      I don’t know if they look better or not, but fake looking girls are a turn off, and most of the shots of the right aren’t improvements. Those that are improvements 90% looked good on the left already, life is unfair.

    • Ibicella Lutae

      Agreed! Some of them have had years of hard living etched on their faces. I wish them only peace and happiness.

    • Sara Parker

      Real porn stars body and face without make up!

  • Mena Stafford

    All of the porn in this world is disgusting. Someday these women will pay for the sin that they do.

  • chris

    I accept their beauty in all their ways =]

  • Bellicose

    Love the pictures for the purpose of compare and contrast. But, the “writer” is a complete tool.

    • shonat

      Crying about it won’t stop you from being ugly.

  • Joe

    Hmm how and in what world are these people considered stars?

    • Jay Compton

      “Stars” has more than one definition. Other suns not our own are stars. Meteorites falling to Earth are “shootings stars.” Famous film actors are “movie stars.” Reality show contestants are “reality tv stars.” People who make pornographic films are “porn stars.”

  • democraticdefecit

    Why, why have you done this to me? I’ve had perfectly good, albiet somewhat one handed, relationships with some of these girls for years. Now I have to reevaluate their worth to me. Damn you Stephen Kersey, my once very satisfying sex life will never be the same. Saturday night is ruined forever, I wish I could un-watch this vile display, but I was compulsively drawn in; next, next, next… it’s an involuntary muscle memory twitch I’ve developed over the years, You’ve exploited this weakness for your own gain. This is so much worse than porn, it’s real! You’re a cruel man Stephen Kersey.

  • heykyleinsf

    If you have had girlfriends, wives, sisters, female roommates etc etc…

    You know the drill here. But what really sets these girls apart is their

    naked bodies. People in America love to tear people down and make

    them less sensational.. but these women look great with their clothes

    off.. how many passing judgement can say the same?

    It’s simple. Don’t watch if it’s not your taste.

    The porn biz is huge and it is really what drove video technology

    on the internet as we know it today.

    This weak attempt at judgement and vilification, here and everywhere

    people judge.. is just pathetic compensation for people with weak
    self esteem.

    • hilz

      If I had that much money, Id have an amazing naked body too you dumbass

    • rashad

      Watching ONLY with their make up on thanks. They chose the profession of “beauty”. I see no issue with someone calling them ugly when how they appear changes. They’re getting paid to have sex, why are they buthurt for? Atleast have some dignity for the money you make.

    • Robin GRAVES

      One big whatever to you buddy. You strip makeup off ANY woman.. results are shocking. ANY woman. There is this hypocritical double standard.. and issues people have with their own lust and guilt.. projected on to these women. And of course.. other women are jealous as hell.. It’s easy to point fingers and call them whores.. but in reality??? The most religious right wing pious hypocritical douchebags.. pointing fingers in public… are the BIGGEST perverts. It’s bullshit. I call bullshit. For example.. the most pious state in the union.. UTAH.. has the largest per capita porn consumption.. and the sickest tastes too.. pedophilia, humiliating and degredating, rape fantasy.. etc. You’re not fooling anyone with your hypocrisy.

    • kk

      jealous of pornstars? jealous of pornstars? are you serious?!

  • Michael

    Shocking? Hideous??? We haven’t seen YOU without make-up yet! These women don’t look any worse than your best buddy from the accounts or logistics department next door in a before-after comparison. But aaahhh, they are involved in a trade that is questionable in your eyes. So that gives you a right to put them down?

    • christina thomas

      Yes, in shirt.

    • erika761

      my Aunty Aria got a superb Mercedes GLK-Class Diesel by working part time off of a macbook air. why not try this out w­w­w.J­A­M­20.c­o­m

    • Rashad

      It is shocking. They need the make up, otherwise who would buy the tapes? It’s sad that they need make up to make money. Where there’s woman out there who don’t need it. I bet there are some stars out there that do look good without make up. Just not these ones…

    • Robin GRAVES

      Buy the tapes?? Hello dude.. good morning. it’s 2013..
      peace be with you dipshit.

    • Jay Compton

      Sad that they need makeup to make money? Get one or two of your female friends with basically identical resumes to go apply for corporate jobs at the same places. See how many of them hire the friend who didn’t wear makeup versus the one who did. Or, turn on your television and watch just about anything. In fact, other than manual labor and a few grunt jobs, there is not much difference between the makeup practices and expectations of the porn industry and everyone else.

    • Alliyah Brown

      And that is why I love the fact that many of us Muslim women choose to cover ourselves. So that it isn’t about who is the most attractive but who is the most suited. You have two women applying for the job, one is just a little bit more suited than the other, but the other is more attractive; who will get the job?

    • Jay Compton

      You go for a job interview in the USA with your head covered and it doesn’t matter if the other female applicant resembles Michael Berryman with lipstick, you aren’t getting the job.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Interesting point, considering the USA is considered as the land of the free I guess free is not without conditions.

    • Jay Compton

      Unfortunately, freedom takes a backseat to profit. In the world of business they call it a “dress code.”

    • Joe Smith

      Jay, that same freedom is what allows a company to have a dress code, if you don’t like a companies policy, you are free to look elsewhere for a job.

    • Jay Compton

      I do, just as people unimpressed by “freedom” arguments that were used to justify Jim Crow laws chose to find employment elsewhere only a couple generations ago.

    • Aime Eerin

      Be sure to click the right arrow to see all the shocking pics

    • Joe Smith

      You’re free to look elsewhere for work if you don’t like a policy and the company should be free to set the conditions the like to hire someone, freedom goes both ways

    • Henry Chinaski

      Women can barely get ANY job in the middle east regardless of the bag on their head… I’d say a little makeup is a small price. And men have to groom themselves too — it’s not like we can get a corporate job with a lumberjack beard…

    • Bushmon

      Land of the free? Only sheeple believe that.

    • Joe Smith

      The one without the burka would get the job

    • Alliyah Brown

      I wasn’t talking about the burka I was talking about the modest dress and head covering.

    • Joe Smith

      Ok, then the one without a head covering would get the job…better?

    • Alliyah Brown

      Yes. And that proves my point. No matter that the one wearing the hijab may be more qualified etc. If all women were presented in that way they would choose the most qualified not the prettiest.

    • Joe Smith

      LOL, yea the pretty ones rarely get the job over qualified people , you live in a cave?

    • Alliyah Brown
    • Joe Smith

      My statement was sarcasm, my point all along has been that the pretty ones will get the job over qualified hence the gals who don’t cover their face…unless of course the ones who are covering their face are doing so because they are ugly LOL

      “Women in the workplace have fought a long battle to prove their skills, experience and CV are the only keys to their success.

      But their efforts may have been in vain, as a study find good looks, a winning smile and a little gentle flirtation may be the key to securing a job after all.”

      Thank you

    • Jay Compton

      Agree, but it isn’t just women. Tall, dark, and handsome wins every time, too. LOL

    • Brenda Goodwin

      Well, gee, I guess Australia must be more advanced than the US considering I never wear makeup or flirt in an interview and get the job 80% of the time…
      Because I’m actually //qualified//.

    • Jay Compton

      Australia does have better gender equality practices than the U. S. , but why would you use that as a thing to mock other people with just because you were born there and others weren’t? Do you mock starving countries who have a higher rate of famine than Australia?

    • willa

      way easier for men than women. you’re not considered “hideous” without your makeup, and you don’t earn more money if your heals are higher :/

      sure, everyone is judged on attractiveness, but women are labeled as objects.

    • Ash

      Except not all women want to be presented that way. The real option: don’t feel we have to cover ourselves, be it in make up OR a hijab. Both are problematic for equality

    • willa


    • spacebo

      Everyone has their own Utopian vision. Always, though, matters practical intrude. Other people, too, have the right to act upon their own opinions. Good luck, though.

    • Henry Chinaski

      Yeah but your husband has to look at that ugly mug when you take off your paper bag…

    • Alliyah Brown

      Covering an ugly mug is just as beneficial as covering a beautiful one as one will not be judged according to their unattractiveness but their value to society etc.

    • spacebo

      Is that a fair trade for being group raped in the streets or on the buses, beaten by religious police or murdered for the “honor” of a man? Evil must be confronted, not appeased, lest its arrogance become overweening.

    • Alliyah Brown

      Group raped in the street or on buses is in India a Hindu country. Being beaten by religious police or murdered for honour are cultural and have nothing to do with Islam or my being a Muslim woman wanting to cover. Enough non Muslim women get raped by men they know as well as strangers and get beaten by their men. So this tit for tat is not leading anywhere.

    • Peter

      This is the stupidest thing I’ve read all day.

    • GizmoRyda

      Its porn, somebody will buy it

    • DragomirSA .

      I didn’t go through the entire list but I prefer all the ones I saw without makeup. You’re a freakin weirdo.

    • Aime Eerin

      Here are the 57 porn stars with no makeup pictures.

    • Edith Perez

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    • Lithlius

      The point of this is not to put them down. Its for you to stop Putting down everyday women because they are not ” Pornstar quality” or ” Superstar beauty” showing you these women are just like any other normal women. IF people look at this and cant figure that out then they are missing the point.

    • shonat

      Stop white knighting, they look like shit brooklyn lee and aria make me want to gag. I’ve only gotten through the first 20.

  • Darla

    None of these women look “homeless” without makeup. Most of these women look quite beautiful and much younger without the makeup. And then I noticed that “porn star makeup” apparently has a pretty strict definition. Note that all the “after” eyes are essentially identical. Hey guys, if you think women aren’t attractive without fake eyelashes glued on … then you don’t think women are attractive. Have fun with that.

    • mermaid

      are u implying people who like women with exaggerated eyes are gay?

    • Alliyah Brown

      Funny you should say that as recently I posted on my FB page, ‘Is it true that most women are unattractive and most men are attractive.’ The point being that society obviously says so as women feel they have to wear it to be attractive or beautiful; even those who don’t wear it all the time will do on a night out or a party etc. Why? Men don’t. Does that mean women are lower than men in physical beauty? I don’t think so, but that is what society is basically saying.

    • shonat

      None of these women look “homeless” without makeup.”

      Yes they do. You don’t want to admit it because you look worse than them.

  • nigelb1962

    I personally think that Alana Croft looks pretty stunning without her make up. I look at my wife in the morning and think that she looks beautiful without her slap on, why is it that modern society puts so much pressure on us all to look perfect all the time. A sad reflection on society me thinks…..

  • haha

    Wait Porn Stars have faces…lol

  • sim

    are they all on meth. look at their faces without make up

  • Chuck

    Hmm?? Why should we be shocked and flabbergasted Mr Author? Porn or not, women are women; just everyday humans wearing makeup no differently than any other women walking the earth.

  • Scafandra Leipsig

    They look waaaay better without the make-up. Waaay better

    • tonymost

      If you think they all look better without makeup, then you either didn’t look through all the pictures… or you’re an idiot.



    • Jay Compton

      I vote that anyone who considers others who have different subjective physical preferences than their own to be an idiot are the idiots.

    • Jay Compton

      That’s like saying, “If you don’t have the same tastes as mine, then you’re an idiot.”

  • Randy Baer

    While quite a few of these women do look pretty worn out without makeup, what is truly shocking is how many just look like attractive – oh, so young – kids before being tarted up and hypersexualized for the job at hand.

  • Jay Alexander

    What is shocking is how few of these girls are just cute. I mean, not hot or fine. just cute. I looked at them as regular girls who just woke up and got out of bed. i tried to see them through that prism and I still didnt find them attractive. and i like sporty girls with no make-up that are sweaty from working out or whatever and still the majority of these girls were not cute

  • Melbourne_Housewife

    Some of these girls are naturally beautiful. Some of the other ones look like they belong on faces of meth.

  • Anonymus

    Wow the saddest thing about this is that alot of these girls look like regular,innocent young women hell some even remind me of my lil cousins honestly i can never look at porn the sameway thinkin bout this.

  • Rainbow

    The author is a sexist dick.
    It’s one thing to say they look different – that’s fucking obvious.
    It’s another to say they’re hideous and look like grandmothers. Jesus Christ, have some human-to-human courtesy, regardless of their choice of profession.



    • Robert ANderson

      “I gave myself to Jesus, but now he never calls.”

  • Marx

    I think you have been living a very sheltered life if you call this “Shocking”..

  • Incognegro12

    oh god…i threw up in my mouth….ugly white meth heads

  • Flash1259

    what ID I OT thought they were naturally beautiful? as long as they master the art of pleasing makeup will always be a plus….

  • madmatthew56

    Oh, come on — “hideous”? Yeah, a little disheveled, some of ‘em. And some of ‘em look their age. But most of them just look like normal, attractive women. In fact, some of them look better WITHOUT heavy makeup. Bailey Blue looks like the cute girl next door, for instance… ;)

  • Sea Kitten

    I guess the author has never woken up alongside a real woman and seen her without her makeup.

  • philthy alfred

    Samantha Saint looks better without make up,a REAL beauty!

  • Dan

    Never heard of most of them. But makeup or no makeup, Jennifer White has the best set going!!

  • gaybutt

    Wow.. this website is f*cking stupid. Why not put the pictures as a gallery instead of having them all on their own page. Looks at picture, presses next, waits for next page to load, looks, repeat. So tedious just to see all 57 images…

  • Chuck

    I bet many of them have called other people unattractive! Women will sit behind make-up and call other people ugly…now fact!

  • jenjen11

    The writer of this article is such a tool!!!!!!!

  • TUNG

    Cassandra Nix, you look BETTER WITHOUT MAKEUP

  • Chancery Stone

    Oh no, porn stars lookin glike ordinary women, which are, apparently “hideous”. No pressure there then, girls….

  • gostor

    ugh… grosss
    ill never watch porn again!!!
    just kiddin

  • Judith Ganghole

    Most of the time their faces are buried between someone’s legs or they’re buns up kneeling anyway.

  • Luke

    On the left they look ugly and on the right they look ugly but with just lots of chemicals on their face.

  • JudgeNotLestYeBeJudged

    Most of them look softer and gentler without all the warpaint. I don’t actually know these people, and I don’t believe that their chosen profession is good for their hearts and souls, but I am an advocate of a natural look to a woman. Most of these woman are quite pretty. Just because they are in this profession is no license to criticize their beauty. They likely have enough issues to contend with in life with maltreatment.

  • Toesukr

    I actually only saw, maybe, 2 who didn’t look quite attractive without makeup. In fact, most of them I prefer au naturelle. To say they look hideous? Are you blind???

  • JS Photo

    The author also obviously knows nothing about photography or modelling. Look at the girls on the right- they have an attitude- that makes them look sexier. Also, the bad skin is caused by wearing so much make-up all the time. As a photographer- I’ve worked with models and most models have bad skin because of the makeup. The the make up artist was working on her portfolio so of course she told the models to give an attitude after the makeup.

  • JC Lynn

    What is this writer talking about….. Most of these girls
    Look More Beautiful without the makeup!!!!

  • AussieGuy

    With the Exception of Tori Black.. who the hell are these other women. Wheres the big names in porn? the other 56 of these “women” look like swamp trolls even with their make-up on.

  • Shawn Jackson

    At least 80% of them look just fine without makeup. They look like that girl you met at the store, introduced yourself, chatted a bit, and got her number. The other picture is her when you pick her up for your date. The makeup enhances, but even without, most of them still look good. Hideous and shocking are pretty intense words.

  • Ray

    I would take any of them make up or not,

  • Ray

    My cousin did make up for porn movies. A friend of his pestered him to get a screen test. He finally got him one. Well he did a hot scene with a beautiful girl. Most of the scene windup in peep shows. After the session he approached the girl he had just had
    sex with on the set and asked her out. He taught they had clicked during the session’
    But to hid dismay she refused she said she was particular who she went out with..

  • Ray

    All these women would head turners if the walked down the street without make up.

  • HeckYeah

    Not such a great makeup artist. A lot of these gals have real girl-next-door charm before the makeup and end up looking like porn stars afterward. The OP really needs his/her head examined, however, if he/she thinks the before shots are ugly.

  • Lolz

    Better faping with make up.

  • True

    Alot of them are drug adicts. ;l

  • BigDogJunction

    This isn’t like the other article, claiming “9 shocking pics”, then shows 3 pics and 6 Twitter screen caps, is it?

    So far, this blog is pure fail. Let’s hope this is better.

  • Sikratua

    I actually counted, to judge my reaction.

    I counted 24 that look as good or better without make-up. (My favorite being Veruca James. She’s simply gorgeous.) I counted another 15 that I wouldn’t be interested in, either way. And, the remaining ones really looked bad.

  • Hotdogger

    Agreed with everyone that says a lot of them look better without make-up. I wish they’d stop overdoing the make-up, fake boobs, etc. in the industry and go back to the natural look of the 80s.

  • anony-mouse

    Many of them are so beautiful and real without makeup :)

  • chris

    Few of these women are pretty either before or after. Feel sorry for them, it’s their choice but skanks are a dime a dozen. Get some self respect girls and become ladies.

  • Daimler Altschuh

    Except for a few, actually many of them are not bad in their natural state.

  • gav

    what a shock, women look better with make up on, who would of thought it!!

  • random guest

    this title should be named “57 porn stars you’ve never heard of without makeup”

  • Klaus Vlasov

    They all end up with their faces painted anyway.

  • Klaus Vlasov

    They all end up with their faces painted anyway.

  • melanie

    They look more beautiful without make up. With make up, the look so fake, gold diggers and too commercial. Without make up, they actually look more human, capable of empathy and so down to earth.

  • Anon

    Jesus Christ, they’re hideous and some of them have gross marks and pimples on their face, must be all the jizz theyir face takes.

  • Anon

    Jesus Christ, they’re hideous and some of them have gross marks and pimples on their face, must be all the J theyir face takes.

  • Anon

    Jesus Christ, they’re hideous and some of them have gross marks and pimples on their face, must be all the J theyir face takes.

  • AcaciaJules

    Hideous? Most of them are quite pretty even without makeup. I think you need glasses.

  • XcandiCaneX

    Hate that there are no thumbnails or the fact that every page reloads to look at pics.

  • hadley

    Alana croft doesn’t look bad without makeup

  • lolguidos

    I don’t care to flip through 57 no talent whores. I have more respect for the bag lady that sleeps in my local ATM.

  • OldPoorRichard

    Agreed, plenty of them look better without makeup. Naturally attractive.

  • Gumfriend

    They’re not hideous. I’ve banged girls with make-up who looked worse than these without. Have you ever seen some of Hollywood’s supposedly-hottest chicks without make-up? Many of them aren’t that appealing either. Alicia Silverstone and Reese Witherspoon without their make-up look like meth-heads coming out of detox. Cameron Diaz has a crater face from all her acne scars.

  • sec

    most look exactly the same, so what thick fake eye lashes change eyes minorly. you are all fools.

  • TonyEdwards2

    Pornstars? Don’t recognize one of them with or without their makeup.

  • kingj0n

    Wow, the author is a dumb ass…
    All of the women looked better without the makeup, except for the ones who plucked their brows in a disgusting way. Most of them had to just leave their brows alone, and it would look much better. One of the makeups that are okay are the ones with the eyes. You know, to darken the surroundings.

  • George Jefferson

    This writer is a homo!

  • Pride

    TIL there are a LOT of ugly women doing porn.

  • Michael Higginbotham

    Talk about over exaggerating to get us to read this dumb article geez

  • JohnnyC

    Like jo said, most of them look great without putting the clay face on. If makeup would have never started a thousand years ago, men wouldn’t know any difference…

  • James

    ha! ..and women complain that they have it harder than men. If you are a woman you can be haggard as f**k and become ten times more attractive just by applying make up. If are an ugly man there is NOTHING you can do. This is a perfect example.

  • Vero

    You wouldn´t recognize them without make up! but who the hell is watching their faces anyway! LOL

  • MacKapone

    Make up is a lie… Refuse to date women who cake fake it

  • D.B. Cooper

    I didn’t recognize any of these names except one. My face porn &itches look good without makeup and tattoos.

  • Brian Lockett

    Half of these women, if you saw them before seeing them in makeup, you’d probably still bang them. Besides, most of the guys who wank off to porn anyways? Not exactly the lot of guys who can afford to be choosy.

  • The MUSEman

    So, women look better with make up than without?

    or, stated another way: Nothing looks as good, performs as well, or lasts as long as iit’s advertising would lead you to believe.

  • Threcis Moose are all beautiful without makup, like they’re already hotties without the dolled up faces wtf?! lol

    • Threcis Moose

      by any chance does anyone know the order list of who they are?

  • Kathryn

    You actually called them “chicks”? Classy.

  • NYGirl

    I think hideous is a little cruel. They look pretty without makeup

  • Duncan

    Honestly, these “ladies” don’t exactly look attractive before or after makeup. I guess I’m not into porn stars…

  • Riplink

    I think a majority of these girls look better without makeup.
    Then again the other girls need a makeup demolition ball to the face

  • Ed

    Shocking? Almost ALL girls wear makeup. If this shocks any man, you better start being real with yourself. Personally, I’d like to see more girls go for the natural look more often. Something about the realness is extremely attractive to me. With that being said, women are extremely lucky…us men, we don’t get make up. As a guy, if you’re ugly, you’re screwed.

  • Sam

    These girls aren’t even pretty enough for Bukkake.

  • Juan Miguel Sepulveda

    Very dissapointed…

  • Abono

    I think it’s interesting that the makeup free pictures humanize them. I bet there’s something to the idea that some of their audience wants them so done up as to disassociate them a little bit from sisters, moms, people around them. I also bet that many of the women themselves prefer to be so done up so that when they’re out in public they can have some privacy.

  • Beardicus

    Make up, The Original Photoshop.

  • noHateInMyBlood

    -”I never knew they were so hideous without makeup.”

    You hateful bitch. Most women wear makeup. And I’m pretty sure whoever posted this hateful crap wears plenty of it too. Most of the girls look the same or better without the makeup. Just a few skin blemishes but who gives a fuck? Post picture of yourself with and without makeup and see what people hiding behind a keyboard have to say about it.

    • k

      The author is a man, dumbass.

  • Chuck

    Dumb article. Same thing can be said of most non porn stars. Who really thinks these women look the same in everyday life. Make-up magic. Pamela Anderson was and is not very good looking. You pay for the fantasy

  • DickCheney

    The girls who are pretty look good with or without makeup.

    And vice versa.

  • listo

    Crack whores is what they look like with out makeup and fake w/makeuplnquintana

  • Lame

    NONE of these women are hot WITH make up. With make up they look like clowns, without make up they look like drug addicts. And probably are… But this says very little about what a REAL woman looks like with and without make up.

  • sleekar

    now i feel like busting a nut

  • Julia

    Tori Black, just marry me already.

  • colin

    They all looked better before. The makeup is like a cliched porn uniform they put on.

  • Goober

    Most of these girls will make 15 or 20 “films” make a good deal of cash then move on. The problem is 20 years from now, they will be mothers, or executives and they will be found out for their past. A couple who have already had this happen to them are now negative celebrities because of their actions. It’s a shame when an option for a college or even a girl just out of high school can make a boatload of money having anal sex with mutuated black guys with enormous penises.

  • Exo

    picture n 46 jesus christ

  • Gigi

    Looking at these photos, they’re no different than any woman without make-up simply because cosmetics were made to enhance and make the face more attractive . The photos shows a striking comparison though, and that’s why cosmetics is is a billion-dollar industry. Kudos to the writer for putting up a good compilation.

  • Zero1

    A lot of skin stars these days are good enough to be models , but they have short lived careers , some of them don’t even make a film a month , that’s why so many do escorting in the background. The industry has always been full of drug use and depression.

  • Wesleypipes

    Big shocker!! Most girls don’t look nearly as good without makeup. If I wake up in the morning next to a girl with no makeup and she’s still gorgeous, I call that passing the no makeup test lol. If a woman is naturally beautiful I prefer a look with little to no makeup.

  • Mitch

    I mean, call me crazy, but after reading these comments, am I the only guy that still prefers women in makeup????? Yes, some of these girls do look hot even without it, but I didn’t really see one that I preferred sans makeup. And I see hot women every day in makeup. If the majority of men preferred women without makeup, women wouldn’t be wearing makeup.

    • David

      Problem is the makeup has to come off at some point. That’s when you want to gouge your eyes out.

  • Tom

    OMFG, the people you jack off to really look like REAL PEOPLE???!?!?!? Kill yourself, author of this “article”.

  • davidmdb33

    Why do you think that there is a billion dollar business in the US alone for cosmetics for both males and females? Why is cosmetic surgery so prevalent? Because, we all want to look our best for the opportunities that a good appearance offers.

  • Xtalline

    It’s not just porn actresses; it’s everybody in the world. Most of
    these “celebrities” that people worship simply because they play “make
    believe” in front of a camera where they, ironically, pretend to be the
    very people that worship them, are just average looking, and most,
    typically the most famous ones, are surprisingly quite ugly without all
    the photoshop, airbrushing, different camera lenses, angles and
    professional makeup that hides every flaw they have; this goes for actresses AND actors.
    People nowadays are image obsessed, and the simple illusion of beauty,
    talent, intelligence, or any other positive superlative is more
    important than the actual traits themselves. It’s why the best typically
    go unnoticed in this world; they don’t feel the need to prove something
    like those that are less adequate.

  • James Justsun Jr.

    ones that stood out and looked better without makeup, to me..
    annisa kate #11
    kimberly gates #18
    madison ivy #37
    molly bennett #39
    rizzo ford #47
    zarrah angel #57

  • Fnordian72

    Just look like women without makeup to me. What’s so “SHOCKING” about it?

  • Bo Dacious

    When you are knee deep in the V who cares.

  • Jess Smith

    Erm, more like pretty girls made prettier with makeup. Shocking! Way to sound like an asshole.

  • damn!!!!!!!;!;;;;;;

    Yuck!!! Those are some ugly as whores.

  • Shit nerd

    Hideous? How? What? What the fuck? The fuck. The fuck? The fuck….This is fucked up

  • Jaryd

    The best part was the un-removable pop-ups that appeared every 5 seconds… A lot of reloads = a lot of hits?

  • deaudrey011

    Some of them look 15. 0.o

  • Count von Count

    Samantha Saints looked better without makeup.

  • Thaddeus Buttmunch

    Those Meth heads lookd BAD either way! Except for Lola Fox I’d rather date a transexual, and I don’t even consider myself Gay

  • Lexi Jayne

    a lot of them look younger without their make up on! they’re all attractive women

  • Big3Kansas

    This doesn’t really have anything to do with porn. All women look a little different with or without make up on. I don’t really like porn. Especially when you can tell it’s a girl that who is despite smiling, you can tell they’re not enjoying certain aspects of porn shoots. Like money shots, or having to blow three different guys just standing around them.

  • Bob

    If you are shocked by how different some women look without make up it suggests you haven’t woken up next to one.

    If it was so “shocking”, why did you have to photoshop Rilee’s picture to make her look ugly in the promo for this article? She’s still plenty cute without makeup and most of those that aren’t look pretty bad with it too.

  • rashad

    I like how everyone is trying to be a hero. They’re ugly without their make up. Simple. I know woman who don’t wear make up who looks so much better than these woman. Make up takes a tole on your natural beauty. That’s the cost of your society and your ever changing morals.

    Again, shocking and hideous. Put the makeup back on.

    Truth is Truth.

  • Justsayinnohate

    I think that a lot of them look like Barbie dolls who had their heads stepped on. Tons have HUGE foreheads and look not so good. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are gorgeous with and without makeup, but some. . . dear god, it ain’t pretty, even WITH makeup

  • Jay Compton

    “Hideous?” “Truly shocking?” When you go to the grocery do you find all the women who don’t cake five inches of makeup on their face “hideous” and “truly shocking?” Please.

    With only a couple exceptions, these women don’t look bad at all. In fact, I think that most of them look BETTER without the makeup, because they looked like people rather than pornstars,

    So what the hell is the point of this article? To prove pornstars look normal and still pretty attractive for the most part without the gobs of makeup they put on?

    Hey, if you’re that into the makeup look, I heard there’s a clown in Northhampton, England you might dig.

  • you are a moron

    you really think most of these women look “hideous” without makeup? i think most people would agree you have some insanely high standards

  • oneblue

    Firstly i am now dumber for reading some of these comments. Secondly some look better, without makeup some look worse, some look like different people completely. But none look as good without makeup as that samantha saint chick. She’s the only one that doesn’t need any makeup at all.

  • mickrussom

    The makeup is great, it actually can cover up the meth symptoms.

  • Scarlett

    Some, like Alana Croft, are pretty with or without makeup. Others, like Ava Adams, are disgusting either way… Beauty is subjective.

  • labellejolie

    Numbers 49, 50, 51, and 52 are more beautiful without makeup.

  • Youbet

    Numbers 49, 50, 51, and 52 are more beautiful without makeup.

  • Vicente Santos

    Most of them look good without make up, just natural faces.

  • pecador

    jada stevens is still pretty even without makeup

  • tarlcabot

    Skanks…the lot of them. Amateur, and I’m talking none of this “pro-am” stuff, but real women – look much better than these biatches.

  • jonquimbly

    Well, the header icon for this article was CLEARLY Photoshopped. Made the woman look as though she had facial deformities and bad acne. But in her actual no-makeup photo she looks just fine… What a dishonest article.

  • Fay Roberts

    And some of them look worse *with* makeup, IMO. :-/

  • Jon Shepherd

    Makeup is a many splendored thing.

  • ben dover

    even without makeup by just looking at them, I still got a boner

  • Peter

    What’s shocking is that without the make-up they look way too cute and charming to be doing porn.

    • Peter

      Just going to add, after looking at some more of them, that I’m really happy to see that nobody walks around looking like a porn actress on an everyday basis, and that the look really is part of the act.

  • Eric T

    What’s shocking is that someone paid this guy to come up with this tripe.

  • CFGodwell

    Hate to say it, but the Black girls actually look fine without makeup (thank you melanin), and Kat Dior, Tori Black. Veronica AvLuv and Sarah Vandella actually look like normal human beings.

  • Ash

    Number 52 looks older with makeup on! lol

  • Ravi32

    Duh, they are in pr0n because most are dogs in the first place

  • Abdul “Ali Cat” Danawala

    Who looks at a pron star’s make-up anyway? Give me one of those hot Muslim woman with a berka thrown up over her had so there’s no danger of me seeing how ugly she is. Come on, baby. Let’s to the camel.

  • taking leek

    Wow why the shock? Of Course they look attractive in porn as that’s their selling point?So if they were fugly you would not watch/buy the product because of their face? Hypocrisy! Your staring at their face in porn? LOL Katy Perry’s unexpected picture by Douche, Russell Brand? Some look simply normal. A little trick those acne infomercials make, picture of a person not smiling versus one with same person smiling and hair style. BIG difference. Peace

  • Kitteh

    Some of them look better without makeup, some do look better with it, but most of them looks like shit anyway they try.

  • keepit100percenttruth

    What a bunch of ugly mutt whores. And the fact that they sell pussy for money makes them filthy dogs.

  • monster

    You can stop at pic #3 and realize that these are photoshopped!!!!

    • monster

      Also shame on you for photoshopping these women to make them look bad and create a story. What is wrong with you? You are terrible disgusting people! AND even if they do use makeup to sell movies, don’t normal movie stars(male and female) use makeup?

  • dark playboy

    tori black looks like leighton meester
    1,10,19,30,32 are the bests

  • Guido van Spellen

    I actually think they all look a lot better without the make-up. And if I’m not attracted to her without make-up, I’m not attracted to her with make-up either.. Mascara and lippstuff can look nice, but who needs a doll when you can have a real woman?!

  • Thazright


  • matt headley

    From worse to bad

  • volumedealer

    Eva Notty wins

  • grad

    On what planet are these porn “stars”? Never heard of 99% of them, and I KNOW porn, believe me.

  • laforge1701

    I guess I Don’t watch enough porn. I don’t recognize any of them..

  • James Synkgar

    most still look better than average

    • Austin Miller


  • Mi Pen

    `Well Odette Delacroix looks the same almost with makeup off…not a bad looker

  • david

    they’re all ugly

  • ChloeDebonair

    Hey, I went to school with Aria Amor! I’m shocked, I never thought she would be a pornstar.

  • I Win

    Male models and porn stars: 1
    Female counterparts: 0

  • puffing420247 .

    Wow 56 out of 57 of the Girls look like average or below looking gals, only Tori Black looks cute without makeup.

  • Adam Schwartz


  • Creolechiick

    I am so lucky that I am naturally beautiful. I have REAL eyelashes, REAL long hair, REAL eyebrows. I frown upon makeup because obviously “one” can look dramatically different. Thank you to my mother and father for creating me with a genetic pattern of excellence lmao. :) I love being multicultural and exotic. Thanks again Mom and Dad.

    • JCS

      Thank your mom and dad for making you conceited and narcissistic as well.

    • Austin Miller

      Going by your pic you are far from excellent looking

    • Austin Miller

      r those fake breasts?

  • dustin

    Im glad I don’t wear make-up. Totally glad. All I see are whores anyway. Its hard, not impossible, to see a lady when there is only a tramp.

    • lindsayanng

      hmm… dustin? lol

  • disqus_YA0vVgp2fR

    Am willing to bet that you could take 57 actresses from mainstream movies and television and if you did a before and after make up session, am sure you would be shocked as well.

  • Joe Smith

    Serious false advertisement

  • matt

    these pictures are so fake

  • yeah

    Most of em look better without the make up

  • Robert ANderson

    Some really need the makeup, such as 2, 12 38, 46. Others are rather plain and it helps a lot, such as 17,18,21,25,26,30,36,43.

  • tyler

    So 57 porn stars agreed to modeling themselves without make-up in nearly the exactly same setting or attire, nice try retard.

  • DragonFartOutLoud

    after seeing how they look without makeup now im having a panic attack if my gf is also a porn star :P

  • lindsayanng

    HOLY SHIT ASSHOLES.. a lot of these girls are HARDLY HIDEOUS!!! They look like normal girls without makeup. Some are downright pretty.

  • Mike

    This makeup artist is in deep s#$t with these girls. Obviously he told them they werew before and after pictures for his makeup picture portfolio and they agreed to do it. Then he threw them all under the bus. I think many of the girls look amazing before and after makeup. This article basically just showed me some new girls to check out. This is a good publicity for a lot of them 3/4 of which are gorgeous.

  • Ka’ Kim
  • HKS666

    Puma Swede needs to retire.Now.

  • jimmy

    90% of these girls are ugly with makeup, why should it be any different without makeup?

  • jungledog

    Most of these women look equally unappealing with makeup as without. The way most of them are using it makes them look…well, like a porn star. Or a country music singer. Effin tacky. Many actually look more revolting with the makeup on. The ones I find attractive mostly look better to me without the makeup.

  • GotoHell

    Porn stars are paid prostitutes, no difference. Sex for money they are paid from a third party and not the sex partner. Disgusting Industry, — perverted middle aged men taking advantage of gullible women.

  • david

    OMG…so shocking, they look like women without make up……..idiots

  • All naturale

    Damn no wonder guys hate alot of make up. They’re duped into what they’re getting.

  • calciferboheme

    Most of them look just as good, and a few better. There were also a couple that were scary either way. I’m pretty sure they went crazy on collagen.

  • Aime Eerin

    Be prepared for your mind to be blown! .

  • Henry Chinaski

    God DAMN those before pics look like ‘Faces of Meth’… maybe 5 of them are cute without makeup… kinda make me happy knowing they aren’t very good looking without a ton of makeup

  • extremely sarcastic

    Oh no, how will you ever watch porn again now you realize that there are actual people in there? How can you bring yourself to look at another hot girl with the knowledge that she’s actually a human being?

  • James

    35 Is the ugliest fucking thing I’ve ever seen.

  • Brandon Golway

    Some of these women are fugly even with tons of makeup, others are just ugly without makeup and some look just fine without makeup.

  • Jing

    it’d be nice if there are names tagged in each pics, if you know what I mean…

  • Kyle Richards Is A Whore

    These women look like donkey meat with no makeup

  • Jesse

    the make up artist needs a raise

  • Ladeeda

    Wow. Most of them look a LOT younger without a thick layer of face paint. They look like any girl off the street…one’s daughter, sister, mother, the girl sitting next to you in the uni lecture….. It humanises the individual….makes me wonder why they chose to be porn actors. And some DO look like drag queens(!)

  • Sam

    Most of them r hot either way

  • Chien

    woild bone only the gones looking good with and or without makeup
    . i think some of these gals should stick with having makeup on heir faces

  • BallzDeep

    Number 6 is cuter before makeup, #24 is cute before beautiful after.

    • goleta83

      You have horrible taste

  • alex


  • ♻UMadBro♻

    all the makeup in the world cant hide the fact they suck cock for cash.

  • Tootrue4you

    #2 is a man, baby!

  • Real man

    Amazing, they all look much better without makeup, some even quite good without it. Not one looks good with the makeup.

  • Henry Ponciano

    Penny Pax videos starts out with make up, and always ends up without. Maskara running and lipstick smeared.

  • Dylan Fairbairn

    Some of them aren’t hideous..

  • Musikonica

    Wow. The writer is quite the shallow d-bag. “” As in the average joe? Please never post about women again. You embarrass me as a man.

  • Slim Pickens


  • Romeo Cisneros

    Some of them still look beautiful, others, broke down. Wow, this must suck for those who look broke down LOL.

  • willa

    it’s pretty fucked up to say they look hideous without makeup. you will forever be without a girlfriend, because real women don’t look like this fakeass shit, and as certainly don’t need men telling us we look terrible without makeup.:)

  • Abc

    I`m quit jerking off

  • Shizzles

    If you took 57 random women off the street with makeup on you would probably get the same results.

  • hassan james

    The Zarrah Angel girl has the most dramatic change. But really a lot of them look alright without makeup. The funny thing about this article is some of these names these women pick for each other. Thats what had me laughing lol

  • Killyoself Asap

    Whoever does the make-up for these broads could get a job with spielberg! Night n day the way these hoes look without all that shit.I would’nt give these bitches the time o’ day except Elle alexandra. She could get it with or without all that.

  • Steve

    The one with the big tattoo around her neck… wonder how long during the procedure it took for her to realize what she was doing was a life-changing mistake?

  • KKKawKayzhun7

    Cocaine is a helluva drug…

  • Allstat

    I can’t tell without jizz all over their faces.

  • whitneymr

    I’m a photographer who shoots fine art nudes, so I can tell you most of these pics are by just a couple of MA’s (make up artist) or more likely just one. They have some very well used tricks to make these before and afters look like this.
    If you go through and look, the ones with the most change/improvement are the girls with long hair and high foreheads. What they do (the MA) is make certain that their hair is a mess and if they do have a high forehead they position them and or the lights in such a manner that their head looks like a lighthouse. Then by fixing this and and touching up blotchy skin and hiding zits on the young girls it looks like they just performed a miracle.
    Basically what this whole post is, is some MA’s book that they show when trying to get a job so they have gone through all of their jobs and picked out the ones that make them look like a genius.

  • bobpomeroy

    each of them look far better sans makeup. probably same thing in before and after plastic surgery shots. too bad their sense of self and being attractive got so myopic

  • Derek K. Wilson

    Oh, look, every woman without makeup. How obvious…

  • Holly

    They all look gross either way

  • Parmjit Singh

    they are all professional but looking very simple in real life. I am very much shocking by seeing this post. I have a post like this on my blog :-

  • Philip210

    Eva Notty still looks good without makeup, one of my new favs

  • Tyler

    Allie hAze is still bomb asf xD

  • Ben Caesar

    In this, Alana Croft, amongst others, look better without makeup. I think i am not the only who has noticed this.

  • paddy

    id say sarah vandella is the best looking without makeup

  • Sam Wright

    So much meth….such little time…..

  • rick

    Yikes!!!! and where do they go for those names? Alley Oop, Penny Prick, Vivian Vag,

  • rick

    Do they realize that continuous bones in their a** will lead to adult diapers by age 40?

  • med.

    jada is hotter without make up

    • CrowdCoin.BIZ


  • Mehh

    Most of theses ladies look much older without their makeup. Porn makes you age faster I guess. . .

  • Amber

    Wow, the author of this article is pathetic! 99% of these girls look gorgeous either way, nowhere near the “hideous” he claims them to be. I think the author’s just depressed over the fact that he’ll never get to sleep with any of these women in real life, so he takes it out on them in his own insecure bitter way.

    • Kristian Colasacco

      No, no they do not. Many of them are hideous before and after. Some are ugly as sin (meth useres) before but look fine after and a few of them are cute or pretty in both shots.

      I’ve never heard of any of these girls though. And God, what is up with the fake lips?

  • m

    Most of them look like one of Bruce Lee’s sisters Ug or Home, and some with the makeup.

  • NoGuff


  • lakawak

    So one of the requirements to be in porn is you have the have the skin of a 13 year old boy? Do they give out free Oxy-10 by the Gallon at porn shoots?


    eh, some of ‘em ARE pretty bad (Madison Ivy. . . .god. . )

    quite a few of them aren’t though.
    Veruca James and Sally Sparrow and Sarah Vandella and Sierra Sanders(they don’t put that much on her in the first place, do they?) are pretty cute without

    Tori Black must just be trying to look older.
    . . . .and Elle Alexandra seems to just be hiding freckles (which WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?)

    but then, porn isn’t supposed to be like reality. . .like at all.

  • shin_natsume_101

    who ever wrote the description must be blind because the majority of these girls look great with out make up esspecially the last girl i think she looks waaaaaay better before the makeup

    • CrowdCoin.BIZ


    • Jack Adams

      You are FULL of BS!!!!

    • shin_natsume_101

      and youre an idiot if you think some of these girls are not good looking with out makeup

  • Vini Rodrigues

    Sarah Vandella, way better without make up *-* damn cute

  • Iceman

    Gotta step up my porn game. I only recognized, like, two chicks.

  • Yi Sun Kim

    fucking disgusting. i don’t want to fap to porn no more. it’s like that ad said “maybe she’s born with it…maybe it’s maybeline!” fuck makeup magic, tricking poor lost souls into sticking their dick into junkie crevices. filth. fucking filth.

  • AnnaVaan

    “Hideous”? I’d LOVE to see how you look like. Somehow I doubt that you would be anything above average…
    Also: People look different without makeup. NEWSFLASH!
    That shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who lives with a woman or women (your wife, your mother, your sisters, your daughters, your co-habit girlfriend). Nobody e
    wears make-up all the time, 24 hours a day.

  • survivalist9

    Women look better with makeup. In other breaking news, water is wet.

  • ken

    the author needs to have his eyes checked. plenty of these ladies are good-looking without the makeup.

  • Drboondigga

    I like to think I whatcha a lot of porn but I only recognised 7 names and only 3 of those with any familiarity. Also dam you can tell which ones smoke meth.

  • Drboondigga

    The mods a knob jockey!

  • Ann

    I’m not shure all of these women are porn-stars

  • X-Man

    So much for the theory of sperm being an anti-aging solution.

    • TruNYC


    • Jack Adams


  • Jason

    What is the name of the lady in the seventeenth picture?

  • Bushmon

    What a bunch of fugly slampigs. They need makeup, desperately, so their “studs” can get hard.

  • Anonymous

    This just helps me to avoid porn with white women ;)

    • jeffhanson1

      Hmm perhaps you chose to ignore #3 who is black. Lets not make it racial.

  • Indignant

    “While I knew that porn stars aren’t as real or as sexy as they appear on camera, I never knew they were so hideous without makeup”

    WTF? None of them are hideous. The only hideous person here is you, the writer, as you can only see beauty when it fits your ideal.

  • I end up here watching porn

    I just got a boner with Tori Black without make up.. That fast.. Damn!!!

  • DoctorFeelgoodMD

    I’d have a hard time getting it up with some of these whores if they didn’t have make-up on and wouldn’t be able to shoot with the other half.

  • William Congreve

    Many of these women are “nude models” , not “porn stars.”

  • Jack Adams

    Never mind their *Ugly Looks*…. What about ALL the STD’s and other crap these “skanks” have contacted over the years!!!

  • Ahr ahr ahr

    Oh-oh, what a surprise. The ones who are truly beautiful with make-up are also beautiful without make-up, and the ones who are ugly without make-up stay ugly with make up…

  • Bridie Foster

    how horrid to say these women look ‘hideous’ without makeup! most of the ladies here are some of the most gorgeous women i have ever seen without makeup on! i kept scrolling to see which ones were being referred to but came back to start before finding a single ‘grandma’ How old is your grandma? In my opinion all of these women look 10 years older WITH the makeup, they look younger natural.

  • Matt L Parks

    Yeah, this woman should be fired. One of my favorites, Sarah Vandella, just looks horrible in most of her scenes because she has so much makeup caked on.

  • zzlangerhans

    I don’t think those are their real names either.

  • ljpljpljp

    Much hotter without the makeup.

  • vice86

    #15 scared me…with and without makeup

  • vice86

    What’s with all their eyebrows?

  • jorge anguiano

    samantha saint, baily blue, dani daniels, elle alexandra, jada stevens, jennifer white, lola fox, niki lee young, nikki delano, nikki seven, sierra sanders, tori black, veronica avluv, veruca james, look way better with out make up… damn that was just like 12 of them out of 60… ok I guess make up totally helps :)

  • Roger The Alien

    A lot of them need make-up to cover up the herpes.

  • Zach

    Less sexy or glamorous? Maybe but these women are hardly hideous. Just natural looking & most of them are still pretty. Some women actually look better w/out makeup. However there are some that really do benefit from it. I dated a girl once who it was like night & day difference. Without it, very plain looking. With it, she could’ve been a model. So it just depends.

  • partypants

    Jeez……….that’s so effin scary !

  • dee4u2nv

    Is it just me, or does number 7 sort of look like Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi when she’s wearing makeup?

  • DieInAHole

    I think most of them are really cute without makeup. As for you morons thinking they ain’t real women, you are the reason for mass murder. The world needs more Travis Bickles and Bill Williamsons.

  • DieInAHole

    And politics doesn’t have anything to do with accepting others. I Guarantee that I have many more conservative viewpoints as opposed to the rest of you and it pisses me off to no end to hear pieces of trash like most of you people implying that because you’re conservative, you have to be a close minded pile of toxic fungi on the earth. Just die already.

  • Person


  • Jose Patt

    look good to me

    • Billy the Kid

      manywhores – What do you like better white dick or black dick? Of do you like all dick including donkeys, horses, and various other farm animals?

  • Dany

    Even those women look ugly … we don’t care wether they are fake with makeup !

  • Woody

    Through each one that I looked at I found that either they looked ugly with and without makeup or hot with or without. There was only a couple that I thought actually looked better with makeup. So I think that it’s pointless to bother with makeup if you’re ugly or not, just go with what ever fits.

  • Hannah the French Montana

    Many women are objects until they can prove otherwise

  • Breaking bones

    Fuck her right in the pussy

  • Blbby

    I don’t recognise any of them, guess i need to watch more porn ,.

  • Graeme Evans

    hideous break? really? stephen kersey, you officially made the list of people who are vile wastes of skin

  • Breaking bones

    Fuck her right in the pussy

  • Drako Marley

    leave it to the white knights to come in here and say these disgusting whores look better without makeup either gays or women. no man with half a brain would even look twice and their ugly blemished faces.

  • monstermoviefan

    I think the majority look better before. Never liked the heavy made-up look. A lot of exotic face types.

  • Sandro Santos

    KKkkk a 75 é a única q ficou mais feia depois de transformada kkkk

  • Sandro Santos

    E elas ainda perguntam pq o cara não liga depois do dia seguinte, tu vai pra cama com a da direita e acorda com a da esquerda,kkk, e depois o homem é q é enganador.

  • Carcass Cryptopsy

    They have sex for money ON FILM their hideous no matter if they have make up on or not.

  • Bob

    The very first picture isn’t the same girl… How stupid

  • anono

    None of these women are hideous you dumfuq.

  • Duante Amorculo

    women look better without makeup

  • Ian Brett Cooper

    I think most of them look better without the makeup. Makeup tends to cover up skin imperfections, but if it’s overdone, as it is in many cases here because it needs to be for the film lighting and cameras, it looks ridiculous, just as it does when we see newscasters in normal lighting with their stage makeup on.

    I think the assertion that these women look hideous without makeup must come from some feelings of hatred for what these women do, because most of these women have very attractive natural faces. I wouldn’t say that any of them look “hideous”, other than the woman who’s pulling a hideous face on purpose.

  • TheHookahMaster

    Damn, haters gohn hate. Lol.

  • Cincinnatus

    I wonder if the blotchy look on most of their faces in the before pictures is because all the makeup they typically wear is not good for their skin?

  • Getsa

    if their pussies are wet and warmth, there’s no problem

  • Nick Szabo

    Wow, maybe I watched too much porn myself, but to me almost every make up pic is a vast improvement.

  • Sah

    Yes, some are kind of horrifying without makeup, but I actually think a lot of them look much better without it.

  • Paul Brown

    Wow, proofs that makeup does miracles for most chicks. Too bad their name ain’t on the picture. Makes googling easier :D. To be honest, they’re not that ugly without makeup. I’ve seen collections like these before on and their ‘puke factor’ was way big­ger. Did these girls do this for free, btw? I doubt any girl would want herself online like this, unless there’s money involved.

    I won­der how my favorite porn­star Sunny Leone looks ‘pure’ now.

    The makeup artist is like a magician. What’s her address for my GF (joking) :D



  • Anonymous

    now i see why chicks take soo many damn selfies .. shit id be amazed too if i went from lookin like hell to an angel! makeup does wonders, i also see why they do porn bc without porn or makeup it doesnt look like any of these chicks get dick easily lol

  • Alphonso de Barbo

    You shouldn’t bag these women alone… all women are fake, period!

  • KleinSAO

    with or without i find them all fuckables XD
    PORN industry is an art.Women abuse is fucked up
    and to know some girls have fucked up faces because of meth and cocaine

  • Pixie

    THIS is better than any of those “celebrities without make up” series, every photo is uniform, it’s not just bad angles or different years, or secretly wearing make up and still like perfect or photoshopped or whatever excuses you normally read.. This is all real women, who are really not wearing any make up. Leave it to porn, once again, to show that real women are really beautiful, even without all the extras (make up, photoshop, pro photogs, etc) this is a really good series and I hope more women see this and realize that what we see in magazines isn’t real. THIS is real, these women are men’s ideal of beauty, not anorexic fashion models, and this is what they really look like..
    Most men I know would choose Bree Olsen (made up or not) over Kate Moss or Giselle Bundchen ANY day of the week; Because porn chicks actually cater to their interests, it’s a much more logical assumption to make that in turn, these women, will actually represent their ideals of beauty.. I find it fascinating to see how real these women are in comparison to the female ideals of beauty, I mean who actually has the irrational standards? if any woman ever says it’s because of men that we are ‘forced’ to torture our selves to look ‘perfect’, just show her this series lol.. I am glad it’s out there, and thanks to my fellow make up artist, and porn stars for making this happen!

  • Konnor Cook

    Veruca James looks so adorable without her make-up.

  • fromanotherplanet

    Who wrote this? Is he 12? Are you just now realizing that women look different without make-up????

  • Daniel TheDutchOwner

    Alaina Fox looks way cuter without. Calling her hideous is retarded.

  • Michael James Halonen

    writer of this is a fucking shallow piece of dog shit that should never be allowed to do any more writing you can tell its just troll

  • Wolfman

    I think this should just becalled make up transforms women, because I don’t know any of these women, and im a member of BANGBROS!

  • Josh Janson

    While some look pretty bad (Probably because all of the make up has trashed their skin) very few of these women are “hideous”. I feel like we need to stop conditioning people to think that women without make up look really bad. While there is nothing wrong with make-up, I feel like we’ve created a world where it’s hard to see the woman behind it.

  • GHOST_420

    OH…MY…GOD…oh well, time to restock my spank bank…THANKS OBAMA!

  • Vash The Stampede

    annika albrite Q_Q i’d still fuck i dont care that ass is heaven

  • looiedl

    I hate when people say how ugly they are without makeup. How about the fact that any woman can look sexy with a little effort. These stars are doing society a favor by helping to entertain so many. Show some respect.

  • Marilyn Cooney

    Wow a lot of these girls could use some Hush & Dotti healing balm for their acne. Jesus! Come on girls. Cleaner skin less makeup!

  • CabezaQueso

    You can say this about all broads without make up.

  • bt

    If you think these women are ugly, then go fuck yourself, because no one will ever be live up to your expectations

  • Alan

    Jo is right. Many do look better without the makeup. All those who buy into the false look that makeup provides obviously don’t know many women. Get out there and actually meet some. Stop fapping in your momma’s basement and go investigate the world.

  • Wes

    Here is a shocker. Virtually all women look better (or differently unattractive) with make up.

  • Abra

    This is why I’d rather date ‘cute’ girls rather than ‘hot’ girls. Just my opinion, but cute girls tend to have more natural beauty and will more often than not wake up next to you looking like the same gal you went to bed with. Hot girls are hot when they are all dolled up, but sometimes you wake up next to them going “…really?”

  • Bender

    Wait till robot wives become cheap and affordable.

  • qwe

    Those are porn ACTRESSES, not porn STARS. Come on.

  • John Love

    Why do we have to label women who inspires and make men happy with ugly names like ‘whore’ ‘slut’ or ‘bitch’?

  • Randy Morris

    It takes a serious asshole to post that these women are hideous. Each one of them is beautiful without makeup. Just because they don’t live up to the mass media standards of a perfect mannequin, does not make them any less beautiful, in a sane person’s eyes. Pieces of shit like you denigrate women to the point they commit suicide, and for that, you’re the scum of the earth, Stephen Kersey.

  • Mentalcase

    At least one of them is a dude.

  • Jon

    These are the ugliest of the ugly women in the world. That’s why they are doing porn. They’re too fucking ugly to get a job at McDonalds. They look more like the dumpster, err, cum-dumpster behind McDonalds. If a guy can get off to these ugly bitches it’s because you are ugly as fuck too. If you could have a real life, you would be tapping real life pussy instead of jerking your lotion soaked 3 inch dick to these parasite infested sluts.

  • evil llama

    I have a funny feeling that men don’t care either way. I really don’t think it is the face that they are looking at anyways when watching a porn ;-)

  • Wild_Bill_vintage_1948

    Most of them look better with the makeup but a few do look worse. Some are too unpleasant looking to sleep with either way, but a few are good enough either way.

  • William Cochran

    Many of these girls are beautiful with or without makeup. You could do the same thing with super models or any other category of females. Some of the before shots are just bad photos. Give these girls a break!

  • socoloco

    Most are hideous with makeup. People pay for this? Apparently people have to be paid to screw them.

  • Kyle S.

    much less approachable with that charcoal dust around the eyes, false advertising on another level, a relationship with women caked in makeup like that is based on a lie from the very beginning, such a weird world we live in

  • Anonymous

    a lot of these girls look cute with out make like numbers (2,3,6,7,11,13,15,18,19,20,21,25,26,27,29,32,35,37,40,42,44,47,50,51,55,57,62,66,67,68,69,72,74,)

  • ratspt

    These chicks are so worn from being used and abused, sexually and all the hard core partying they do…it’s not surprising.
    Gives a new meaning to Rode Hard and Put away Wet..

  • ratspt
  • Andrew Kinamore

    Who the fuck are you? MOST of these women look better without makeup!

  • Bella

    Christ, these women aren’t hideous without makeup– they look like women! Real women with goals and values and grudges and everything else. They look human.

    Not “hideous.”

  • Alexandrovič Marosow

    Dani Daniels such a wife material

  • Greg McKing

    As a man I had no idea what makeup did, real talent in makeup…. I use to be librarian about porn, but read about the industry and people in it. I hate it. It’s evil shit and ruins lives… Porn actor life expediency is low, in this nasty industry that uses damaged people… very few come out healthy or even alive. I bet all these ladies have close loving relationships with their Father…. err… kidding. Sad… Hate porn.

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