9 Crucial Tips for Navigating Craigslist Unscathed

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    The eff do you think this is, eBay? Craigslist is the Wild West of the Internet – and that’s why you need some tips for getting through it in one piece. Let’s take a look.

    Man on Craigslist
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    I don’t care if you’re looking at the Women seeking Men section; it’s gonna be a dude on the other end of that Ethernet cable – every single time.

    Jobs in General
    If you’re cool with working for a waiter’s wages (without tips), then by all means, look for a job on Craigslist. Otherwise, you may want to check LinkedIn, Indeed, Careerbuilder, Monster or any of the other sites out there that aren’t being trolled by the cheapest of cheap employers who couldn’t even be bothered to pay for a job listing.

    If you’re buying a phone, make sure it has a “Clean ESN” (electronic serial number). This means that the phone has never been reported as stolen. If the seller won’t give you a straight answer about this, then it may very well have “fallen” off the back of a truck, out of someone’s pocket, or from a store display.

    Free Stuff
    Do you need a steel boat for salvage, 100 cardboard boxes, or a hot tub that hasn’t been used since the 80s? Free Shit is fucking awesome. Think of all the times you wanted to throw shit out and did just that, when what you tossed was perfectly usable by someone else with lower standards.

    That vacuum is $16 for a reason, buddy. And since there’s no buyer protection of any kind, you’re gonna find out the hard way just how bad it sucks. Or doesn’t suck?

    Missed Connections
    No one ever connects with someone they missed on Craigslist. This section is there purely there for comedy sites to aggregate or groups of friends to read for the lulz.

    Before doing anything else, sort by owner or no-fee realtor. After all, aren’t realtors just an expensive roadblock between you and your new place?

    Sales Jobs
    If a job says any combination of the words “public relations/management/trainee” or that they are “scheduling interviews” it’s just a soulless sales job where they literally only care that you are a warm body who will shill their products and/or services for as little money as possible while you make them as much as possible.

    Video Games
    When buying video games be wary of “Mods”, or games that are only able to be played on systems that have had illegal modifications made to them. You could easily end up with a very fancy drink coaster with the words “Assassin’s Creed IV” on it.

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