Boxers or Briefs: What Your Woman Wants You to Be Wearing

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Style Undressed - Boxers or Briefs

Choosing between briefs, boxers and boxer briefs is largely personal – except it’s not. Those we are dating have their absolute opinions about what they want to see their man wearing! To get to the bottom of the matter – no pun intended – we surveyed some of the girliest writers we know and love to ask them whether they prefer to see their man wearing boxers or briefs.

Turns out boxer briefs won by a landslide – so if it’s not what you are wearing now, you may want to go shopping…

“Neither! Boxer briefs all the way. somehow both boxers and briefs both manage to be silly. Briefs seem childish, and boxers are always covered in ridiculous patterns like peppers in sombreros.”
~ Marina Klimasiewfski,

“Boxer briefs. They are super manly, plus I love how they emphasize the shape of his ass. I guess I’m an ass girl!
~ Laurel House, dating and relationship coach

“I’m a fan of boxer briefs: They look flattering on a variety of body types, and they’re soft and comfortable while making sure ‘the mouse has a house.’ Leg length depends on the height and preference of the guy, and I’d recommend darker hues: they’re more slimming. Traditional boxers are also fine, but tighty whities give me adolescent nightmares… not to mention the terror of possibly finding skid marks on pristine white fabric. Keep it clean, avoid white underwear, all will be well.”
~ Kristin Booker,

“I’m a boxer girl for three reasons: 1) It gives me something to steal as pajama bottoms, 2) there’s something far more manly about boxers over briefs and 3) There’s nothing more sexy then a guy walking around your apartment in boxers.”
~ Lara Eurdolian of and

“In the underpants Armageddon, I choose boxer briefs. They’re the Switzerland of undergarments and frankly, I steal my husband’s to wear for lounging around almost every day.”
~ Bryce Gruber,

“Boxer briefs are sexy, while briefs give more of an I’m-old-and-I-give-up vibe and boxers are the worst version of peek-a-boo!”
~ Meagan Murphy, NY-based publicist

“Unless you are a prepubescent teen, ditch the boxers! The puffed out, sloppy shape is no match for today’s slimmer clothing silhouettes, and will sure to show bulk and creases underneath. Boxer briefs, however are the way to go, since the look is streamlined and looks good with AND without clothes on. As for ‘brief’ briefs… if you’ve got well-sculpted legs, go for it bro! No tighty whities though; all black with a black elastic band can look grownup opposed to the ‘training undies’ look of briefs. Regardless of if you are a boxer or brief guy, know when to say goodbye to your underwear! When the elastic starts to go at the waist and/or thighs, or it’s looking thread-bare and stretched out, shoot them into a garbage can immediately!”
~ Julia DiNardo,

“Boxers. They look great on him. They come in fun patterns and I can wear them as back up shorts in a pinch!”
~ Traci Kantowski, Chicago-based certified health coach

“Boxers have the most personality and retain shape (thus dignity) the best. Briefs are boring (and any attempts to make them otherwise look like girl panties) and anything made of stretchy cotton gets bunchy and baggy in weird places and starts to look dumpy after a few washes.”
~ Brigitta Kahn, a NJ-based illustrator and production artist

“When we first got together, I used to buy goofy cartoon character or rock band related underwear for my husband and then I realized he HATED boxers with like, Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson on them. I thought guys were into that stuff, when you go to the men’s section of a retail store they’re prominently displayed and I thought it was acceptable to him. I was wrong! Turns out he’s all about comfort, and he’s obsessed with Jockey boxer briefs. They’re mesh and sweat-wicking and fancy. And they’re way more attractive than the stuff I was buying him back in the day.”
~ Patrice Grell-Yursik,

Style shouldn’t stop when you are nearly naked – and it seems the old “boxers vs. briefs question has become archaic. If you are still wearing briefs, get with the times and get some boxer briefs! Underwear is not strictly functional, but the most intimate part of your style – one that you share with your mate. Feel free to tell us where you weigh in, below.

Aly Walansky is a New York City-based lifestyle and travel writer. Tweet her at @AlyWalansky or visit her blog at

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  • Ding ding

    I guess I should toss my tightie-whities that are barely hanging on by the elastic

  • Taj

    Basically girls like boxer briefs over boxers because they show of the goods

  • James

    Never could wear boxers my junk always pops the buttons and squeezes out to say hello. I like the Boxer Briefs. They don’t bother me when I sweat or work and they don’t bend my stuff back into a ball like tighty whities

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