This Probably Explains Why Dov Charney was Fired

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Dov Charney


Yesterday, Dov Charney was canned as the CEO of American Apparel, the company he founded 16 years ago. Now, we’re starting to see why the company’s board made such a drastic decision. And we’re understanding why it probably had to be done.

(Don’t skip the above gallery, which contains 34 pictures of Dov Charney like you’ve never seen him before. Not only is he naked, but he’s dancing, eating, talking on the phone and interacting with females.)

A video was posted on Gawker that is believed to be the former American Apparel head honcho. It’s long been rumored that he harassed employees (namely women) and this footage appears to back that up, especially if the females he’s referring to and canoodling with are workers.

It also sounds like the name Daisy Camacho is mentioned, which could be the woman listed here as a site manager. That would be yet another nail in the coffin.

It’ll be interesting to see if Dov ever tries to tell his side of the story. Will he admit this is him in the leaked tape? Stay tuned because this story is just getting started.

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  • Tom Tucker

    What a loon!

  • Marshall

    big deal, he’s naked .. damn Americans

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