Exclusive Interview: Ariel Rebel Talks Talents, Rebel Girls and More

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Model Ariel Rebel

Erotic Model Ariel Rebel

Ariel Rebel in Plaid

Ariel Rebel Caged

Sexy Ariel Rebel

Ariel Rebel of Rebel Mayhem

Ariel Rebel From Behind

Ariel Rebel at the Beach

Sexy Ariel Rebel

Ariel Rebel is an erotic model, a fiesty cook, a kick-ass blogger, a website designer and an entrepreneur. She’s a Jill of all trades and she’s incredibly sexy. We had the opportunity to chat with Ariel about her rise in the adult industry, her team of Rebel Girls and so much more.

EveryJoe: You are a girl of many talents. First let’s start with your career in the adult industry. Tell us about how you got started and how you transitioned into the work you are doing today.

Ariel Rebel: Becoming an erotic model was never a dream of mine. If the current me could talk to the younger version of me, a big question mark would appear on my forehead (think manga style) and I wouldn’t believe it. Not that I didn’t like the adult world (pretty much the opposite) but more because I would have never seen myself as the “sexy girl.” I was more the “punk tomboy” growing up.

I was introduced to porn by my boyfriend at the time when I was around 19 years old. It could have been the ’90s setting of the movie (you know… big hair, big bush, granny panties) or the intense anal scene happening, but I wasn’t impressed. I much preferred the style of work that was produced by big names like Playboy, Maxim, FHM, etc.

I remember the first time I stumbled upon one of those sexy magazines, I suddenly became super excited and a bit jealous of the beauty of these girls. I then told myself that one day, I’ll probably try to shoot some sexy photos for my personal collection (you know… photos to look at when you’re 70-years-old, sagging all over and losing your hair – only to brag at the old folks home, of course) and/or to give away to my boyfriend. But nowhere in my mind was the idea of creating my own erotic website – I was way too shy for that.

When I turned 20, I worked in a sex store/video store a little bit outside Montreal. It definitely helped my shyness to be surrounded and bombarded by porn movies and sex toys everyday. It also sparked my curiosity for this world. I fell in love with the art (yes, I call it art). I remember this girl coming to the store one day giggling and searching for an all-girl gang bang movie she was featured in. The second she found it, she jumped in the air (almost) and kept repeating to me: “It’s me! It’s me on the cover!” I remember her telling me how happy she was to be an adult performer and how well she was able to live because of this unusual job – which sparked my curiosity again.

I won’t lie, I was searching for myself at this point and this conversation was either pure coincidence or meant to be, but for the first time in my life, I thought about the possibility of trying this line or work.

I had recently stopped my fashion design courses and every day I was racking my brain about what type of career I wanted to pursue. The sex shop was fun but I knew it had to be temporary. I needed to find a job with a lot of freedom to modify my schedule and also the opportunity to be creative. A few months later, I met this amateur photographer (while working at the sex shop) who introduced me to erotic modeling. It wasn’t planned to be shared online (beside his personal portfolio) but I loved the experience.

This is when I started webcaming – what a monumental fail! Now I look back on my early webcam years and laugh but I remember back then, it was really hard and often I went back home a little down because of the comments I had read during my day. The webcam world was fairly new and most girls that did this job were working from a studio. My studio looked like a messy closet, packed with girls on old couches in front of six different computer screens and one webcam.

If you watch webcam girls, I’m sure you’ve seen this phenomena of “slut shaming” that happens often (always) to every webcam model. Looking back on all this, it helped me developed this thick skin and this “fuck it” philosophy that I have today. However, it wasn’t fun and it was quite discouraging at the time. Still today, I don’t understand why all this hate for webcam models, as well as porn stars in general, coming from the very same people who watch their movies and pay for their webcam every month. I guess it’s part of those “mysteries of life” which never have a real answer.

I quickly realized that webcaming was not my cup of tea but fortunately I had met another photographer during my short stint at the webcam studio. With his help, I began my online adventure and created my official website (www.ArielRebel.com).

Because I was very innocent at the time and didn’t want to lose this opportunity I let the photographer take control of my career. It just felt natural but it was quite clear he believed that only he knew what was selling in the industry at the time. I was able to give a little input here and there, but the main style of the site, the content and even my stage name were not chosen by me.

He wasn’t a bad guy at all but, as I learned more about the industry, I realized that we clearly didn’t have the same views on the style of content we should publish. I also wanted more control over everything that was happening with the site. This led us to an impasse and our work relationship started deteriorating every time we saw each other. We then decided to part ways and I took control over the site. Although I’m grateful to him for helping me start this crazy adventure, I think this separation was necessary for me to change the childish image of me that had been stamped all and show to the world who I really was and wanted to be.

Fast forwarding through a lot of time and adventures, it bring us to today. I have the chance to work with an amazing photographer and videographer, who is also my lover and partner in crime Max Rebel. I credit Max for the new fresh vision for the site and the renewal of energy that I needed to work on it. With him, we have accomplished so much for ArielRebel.com and are always pushing each other to dig further and be better. That’s what love is all about anyways, right?

Ariel Rebel

EJ: How did you become a porn actress?

Ariel Rebel: The whole “porn actress” status only came up this year after I filmed my first hardcore lesbian DVDs under the Dorcel brand and I also started to shoot blowjob content for my personal website. Like this whole experience, I didn’t plan on exploring a more hardcore side of me but as the years goes by, values and fantasies change. I woke up one day and decided that it would be the hottest thing ever to share this part of my life with my fan base… I think I’m getting more exhibitionist every year.

So that’s pretty much how I got started, I know there is still a lot of work to be done to be where I want but I love challenges and I know the future will be great as long as I keep a straight head and just do what I love. Follow your dream people, you never know what can happen!

EJ: You’ve racked up a ton of award nominations and wins in recent years, what makes Ariel Rebel special?

Ariel Rebel: I’ll be honest… I have no idea. I don’t feel more special than anybody else but I’ve been told often by other people that I’m genuine and down-to-earth. Also, I don’t always tweet and blog about porn and sex, and I can see how appreciated it is by my following. Maybe also because people have seen that I haven’t changed much over the years (beside being louder and louder every year). I’m still the same old Ariel who’s trying to be as happy as possible and that always needs to try new things and push the limits.

EJ: You have also built up quite a community at RebelMayhem.com. Tell us how that got started, and a little bit about the other Rebel Girls?

Ariel Rebel: I’m so excited every time I talk about RebelMayhem.com. It’s my newest baby and one of the coolest free projects I had to work on. I’m so glad to have an amazing team of gorgeous and sweet ladies to blog with me – which is what makes this “community” blog so successful.

I bought the domain about four years ago. I wanted to create a promotional blog outside my personal blog, but never got around to have enough time to keep steady updates. The traffic on the site crashed and I forgot about it for a few years.

Back when I started putting together the Rebel team, I used to create a stand-alone blog for each of my girls so they could start promoting themselves and get used to blogging (because I think it’s a major part in becoming a successful online model). Later, as the family grew and more blogs kept popping up left and right, I realized that since we’re a big family who share a lot of the same fans (and browsing all those blogs can be a hassle for our readers) that I needed to create a place where people could get all their favorite Rebel Girls without having to remember the URLs of a ton of different blogs. So that’s when Rebel Mayhem as we know it today was born.

Over the years, the team has changed a lot. I have hired and fired a bunch of girls to finally end up with what I think is my dream team. Every girl is gorgeous, fun and entertaining. Each one loves the industry and we are all very different. I think the diversity of style and mentality among the girls is what makes the strength of our team. We all learn from each other, help each other in hard times and like I said, we literally are a big Rebel family. I don’t think I can say enough how much I love these girls and how much their upcoming solo girl websites will rock. I strongly suggest you follow them on Twitter and on RebelMayhem.com to interact with them because they are all generous of their time and love their fans.

Meet the Rebel Girls

Now RebelMayhem.com is not only for the Rebel Girls but soon will have a lot of our sexy friends blogging and podcasting with us. It’s already a pretty kick ass blog as it stand today, but a year from now, it’s going to be even more kick ass so stay tuned and never hesitate to comment.

EJ: We know you have a nerdy side and are a bit of a gamer. What’s your favorite game?

Ariel Rebel: I admit it – I am kind of a geek and honestly I wish I had more time to game. Now that you’re making me think about it, I might break out this very old computer game that I play over and over again: Caesar3 from Sierra. I used to love the Sierra game – it’s so sad that the company doesn’t exist anymore.

I have a pretty nice collection of Phantasmagoria 1 and 2, The Beast Within and Pharaoh (with the Cleopatra extension… of course) and when I can, I play them again. I’m mostly a computer gamer who’s addicted to strategy games like Caesar3, SimCity, Pharaoh and more. I like managing, controlling the situation and making people happy – I cant help it.

EJ: We understand you love to cook. What’s your favorite meal to cook for a date?

Ariel Rebel: I love cooking! It is one of the few hobbies I do because I find it relaxing. Plus, there is nothing better than seeing at your guests enjoying your food with a nice glass of wine. For me, paradise is sitting around a big kitchen table eating with your close friends.

As for a date, it will always depend for whom I’m cooking for. If I don’t know anything about the person and want to impress, I’ll probably make a batch of freshly homemade raviolis, sushi or a nice juicy piece of meat. You can be sure that everybody (or almost everybody) will love it and with a happy tummy, you can bring this person back in to your bedroom. However, portion control is very important on a date. The last thing you want is to get the other person so full that they can’t move anymore. No matter what I prepare, I always make sure that I present food in a “tapas” version – just enough to be satisfied and teased.

Everybody knows what’s the dessert anyways *wink*, so you have to make sure to still have some room.

EJ: What’s one food that you absolutely can’t live without?

Ariel Rebel: It might be very Canadian of me but… maple syrup all the way! Think about it – maple syrup makes anything taste better!

EJ: What’s your ideal date?

The ideal date obviously must include some delicious food; that’s a must. If you can combine that with a guitar, a lot of funny jokes, and plenty of passionate kissing and grabbing slammed up against the wall, you’ll have me happy and purring. RAWRRR!

Oh and maybe a little bit of dancing somewhere in there too. Nothing is hotter than flirting with our bodies on the dance floor.

EJ: Who’s your celebrity crush?

Ariel Rebel: Hmm… how long do you have? Chris Hemsworth, Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Adam Levine, Gerald Butler, Joshua Jackson, Joe Manganiello, Justin Timberlake, Jensen Ackles, Alexander Skarsgard, Orlando Bloom, David Beckham, Robert Downey Jr. and Channing Tatum.

Also, Isla Fisher, Kat Dennings, Alicia Keys, every members of the band Girls’ Generation, Carey Mulligan, Penelope Cruz, Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson, Olivia Wilde, Shakira, Cara Delevingne, Lana Del Rey, Mila Kunis, Selena Gomez, Alison Brie and Jessica Alba.

…I could keep going but these are the yummiest.

EJ: What’s next for Ariel Rebel?

Ariel Rebel: Probably a lot! I always need a ton of projects to keep my brain occupied and happy. I’m planning on a lot more food blogging, a cooking show, more naughty DVDs, more erotic photos and videos for ArielRebel.com, more web design, more podcasts and articles on RebelMayhem.com, the launch of a Rebel store and maybe a handmade lingerie line. Plus obviously the launch of all the official websites for the Rebel Girls and another pretty sweet secret project that I can’t talk about for now! I don’t know exactly what the future will bring but I’ll always make sure to make it great, make it fun and make it sexy.

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