15 Celebrities Who Are Poorer Than You

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Young, famous, talented, beautiful… many celebrities seem to have it all, including a lot of money. What some do not have, however, is common sense. If every celebrity had it, they’d all realize that the huge river of cash they enjoy at a certain point during their career might just slow to a trickle — or even dry up — one day. That thing our parents said about saving for a rainy day actually applies to most of us, whether you’re a rich celeb or just an average Joe.

The following 15 celebrities may actually have less money than you do.

Lindsay Lohan - Broke Celebrities
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Lindsay Lohan: Child star turned train wreck Lindsay Lohan is a perfect example of what happens when famous kids don’t learn how to manage their money. LiLo was living the big life, but she couldn’t maintain it. She dealt with substance abuse problems, trouble with the law and the all-too-common financial trap many celebs find themselves in: she owed back taxes. In fact, between taxes owed in 2009, 2010 and 2011, Lohan reportedly was in the hole with the IRS for around $300,000. At some point, Charlie Sheen threw the girl a bone and wrote her a check for $100,000 to pay off 2009′s tax debt. Fast forward to 2014 and Lindsay Lohan is still broke. Oprah gave her a break, casting Lohan in a docudrama on OWN and paying her $2 million. But apparently, the well has run dry yet again and she’s out of money. Prediction: Lohan will be broke for life, despite the ridiculous opportunities she’s had.

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