How to Improve Coordination and Flexibility

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    Improving your coordination and flexibility will help you to excel in sports, as well as help prevent injuries.

    Coordination is something most of us take for granted but it is very important not just in athletic endeavors but also in our daily lives. Coordination is basically how well your brain and your limbs work together. For example, the ability to hit a baseball with a bat when a ball is coming towards you is a good example of hand-eye coordination.

    The best way to improve coordination is through experiencing different sports and activities. Also helpful is training with uneven movements and complex exercises.

    Conversely, this means continuous, thoughtless exercises like the treadmill, stair stepper, or one-lift weight lifting as unhelpful to improving your coordination.

    Dribbling basketball

    Try exercises that involve adaptation and confusion. Examples include:

    Sprint up a basketball court while dribbling with your left hand. Dribble back with your right hand. Now sprint dribbling with both hands. Finish dribbling between your legs as fast as you can. You can even try more advance drills for ball handling and coordination.

    Step up
    Do step ups on to a platform to increase your leg strength but as you’re stepping up, also do a bicep curl. Not as easy to do as it sounds.

    Try light boxing where you’re only defending against incoming punches. Your opponent will keep you guessing and reacting. If you don’t have someone to spar with, use a boxing bag that moves.

    Play ping pong (or any racquet sport). Because your opponent is moving as well, racquet sports can help hand-eye coordination even more so than baseball (which is also good — especially if you are willing to try hitting against fast pitches).

    Have someone throw a basketball at you from all different angles. Try to catch it no matter where the ball is (at your feet or to the side of your head).

    Dancing is another way to improve your coordination. Try a hip hop class at the gym or take salsa lessons with your girl. There are a wide variety of dance classes available everywhere these days, and most of them will help improve your coordination.

    Improving your flexibility is very important when it comes to sports and working out. You might know that being flexible will reduce injuries, but it also allows you to have full range of motion in exercises and sports, improving your form and muscle strength.

    Warm up
    Warming up before working out is one way to improve your flexibility, but it isn’t the end all. And when you are warming up, you shouldn’t just stretch out by trying to reach your toes in static stretching positions — do some squats, lunges, jumping jacks and other stretching exercises before you dive into your routine. Do you static stretching after working out as a cool-down.

    Go all-in
    To improve your flexibility, perform every exercise with a full range of motion with lighter weights. In other words, go all the way down with your squats, extend your arms completely during curls, etc.

    Join a yoga class
    Yoga isn’t just for the ladies. Add yoga or Pilates into your weekly regimen to improve your flexibility and your core strength. And hey, you can find some hot chicks in yoga classes.

    Get a massage
    Tight, knotted muscles restrict movement. Regular massage can help break up those knots so that you can get the most of your muscles and your flexibility. Massage is a great way to reduce stress too. De-stressing is important, so do whatever works for you to eliminate stress from your life. Stress doesn’t just tense up your muscles, it can also cause a host of other health problems.

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