I’ll Say This: Prince Fielder Is Brave

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Tue, Jul 8 - 10:13 am EST | 4 years ago by
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    Prince Fielder

    (source: espn.com)

    Covering Up

    Yellow Screen

    In a Robe

    Side View

    Powerful Chest


    Holding Bat


    This morning, the internet is laughing hysterically at Prince Fielder. The chubby slugger for the Texas Rangers decided to pose for The Body Issue, the annual edition of ESPN The Magazine that is supposed to feature the best bodies in sports. Let’s just say that not many people are wishing to have his physique.

    Truth be told, Fielder isn’t that fat. As you can see in the naked pictures above, he’s just a powerful human being. He has meat on his bones but there isn’t much jiggly blubber or anything like that.

    I actually like the choice by ESPN. This gallery will get people talking. Mostly, they will be making fun of Prince, of course. But he doesn’t seem to care — and he gets to dispel the obese label.

    Win-win for both sides.

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      • Ray

        “not many people are wishing to have his physique.” I’d like to know the reason behind this statement. I’d rather have this beautiful build than some defined twinky shape with walnuts for abs.

        Read more: http://www.everyjoe.com/2014/07/08/sports/prince-fielder-nude-photos-the-body-issue-espn-magazine/#ixzz36vPNPYD5

        • AishaBPena

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      • barbie

        I think he looks gorgeous

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