Most Outrageous Body Modifications You’ve Ever Seen

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Body modifications are often an interesting way for people to express themselves. Piercings and tattoos can be extremely hot. But then other times, body modifications are totally out of control, freakish and gross. Set your lunch aside before scrolling down because some of these outrageous body modifications might make you queasy.

The Human Pincushion

Brent Moffatt - Human Pin Cushion
Source: YouTube

Brent Moffatt refers to piercing himself as a “thrill” and an “endorphin rush.” Sure, okay. He explains that everything he did up until he began piercing himself made him unhappy. Now he’s happy. He got into stabbing himself with needles when he was in nursing and practicing IVs and injections on other nurses. Watch the video at your own risk.


Evil in human form

Cain - Body Modifications
Source: Trend Hunter

A man named Cain took his moniker very seriously when he set out to transform his physical appearance. Cain wanted to look evil. I’d say mission accomplished, based on the results of his plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos and other body modifications.

The world’s most pierced woman

World's most pierced woman
Source: George Gastin – Creative Commons via Wikipedia

This is Elaine Davidson. She was born in Brazil and now lives in Edinburgh, Scotland. As of 2012, she reportedly had over 9,000 piercings. Of those, 500 are apparently genital piercings —both internal and external. She was married to a man who had no piercings, but they divorced in 2012. I won’t make any expected jokes about the reason for the split.

Clear lens facial piercing 

Clear facial piercing
Source: YouTube

Is it real? Is it fake? We may never know. I can’t track down the origins of this stomach-turning outrageous body modification, but much debate exists over its authenticity. Snopes says it’s real. If it is, drilling a hole into one’s chin and putting a plastic cap in it to show of your teeth says: all signs point to mental illness!

3-D tattoos 

3D Tattoos
Source: Bizarbin

It may appear as though this woman carved her leg up in an extreme body modification, but she was actually able to achieve the look of one with nothing more than a tattoo needle. I can at least wrap my mind around this type of body mod.

Most piercings in one session 

Kam Ma - Most Piericings in a Session

When one aims to set a world record, I wonder what makes him decide that it should be for the most piercings in one session. I’ll probably never know the answer, but Kam Ma set his sights on the record and achieved it. In 2006, he had over 1,000 metal rings inserted in his body in under 8 hours.

Subdermal implants 

Subdermal Implants
Source: Photography School Online

When you insert metal into your body and leave it there, your body forms around it. It turns out people do this intentionally for non-medical purposes. Subdermal implants are a type of body modification that require the person inserting them to cut open your skin, insert metal jewelry and sew you back up. So basically, it’s outpatient surgery performed by someone who’s not in health care in an environment not intended for surgery. Sounds fun.

A hole through the Achilles 

Achilles piercing
Source: Piercing Time

In another WTF? extreme body modification, you can apparently have a bar or larger rod inserted in your heel because that makes sense. If this picture freaks you out, don’t watch the video of a man giving such a piercing to himself.


However you want to express yourself, that’s your decision. It’s your body — do what you will. But I viewed far too many outrageous body modifications for a day — or a year — while putting this article together, so I’ll stick with my tattoo.

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