Charlotte Stokely: The Exclusive EveryJoe Interview

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Model Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely on the beach

Sexy Charlotte Stokely

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Charlotte Stokely's Tattoo

Charlotte Stokely for American Apparel

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Porn Star Charlotte Stokely

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American Apparel ad

Charlotte Stokely Model

Charlotte Stokely isn’t your average porn actress. In addition to her award-winning work in the adult industry, she also successfully crossed over into mainstream modeling with her shoots for American Apparel. We had an opportunity to talk to the beautiful blonde about everything from her career and inspirations to her hobbies and relationships.

EveryJoe: How did you get started working in the adult industry?

Charlotte Stokely: I’ve always been comfortable naked. Someone approached me and asked if I’d like to shoot a sex scene and I said Yes… after they asked the third time. I had fun deciding to continue shooting while creating a name and career as “Charlotte Stokely.” August 2014 marks my 10-year anniversary in the adult industry.

EJ: How did you make the leap to working as a model for American Apparel?

Charlotte Stokely: CEO Dov Charney saw some of my other fashion modeling photos and mentioned my name to someone, who — luckily for me — knows me and passed along my phone number. We then made a three-way phone call — Dov, myself and his photographer — and set up a test shoot. After that test shoot seven years ago, I still model for them regularly. They are a wonderful company to shoot for. I now grace billboards worldwide, city transit buses, newspapers, magazine ads, etc.

EJ: Who are your inspirations and role models?

Charlotte Stokely: I admire Oprah Winfrey a lot. She started with a small TV talk show, always with the intent of helping people. And still to this day, she continues helping people with the empire she has built. That’s pretty impressive!

I love Zecharia Sitchin. He is super rad and I own all his books. I wouldn’t mind smoking a joint with Lord Enki and saying, “Hey want to like, paint some pictures with me or play with my futuristic video console — the NES!? Yes, I own a series 001 functioning NES.

EJ: What is your mission on earth?

Charlotte Stokely: To heal the world by spreading love and teaching health through naturopathy. Other than that, my mission is to enjoy every day I’m alive!

EJ: What makes you happiest?

Charlotte Stokely: My baby girl kitty, Kidden, makes me so uber duper happy that it’s kind of ridiculous. We are pretty glued together, which realistically would be terrible since she is so hairy, but we are always touching each other one way or the other.

I also truly love to paint. I can express myself through art. My paintings make great one-of-a-kind gifts. I love to display my artwork around my house rather than buying art. You can look at my website and read a blog post called, “100 Reasons I am Smiling.”

EJ: We hear you play D&D with other porn stars. True or false? If true, tell us about your Dungeons & Dragons character!

Charlotte Stokely: Very true! Every Sunday I roll with some of my favorite people in the world, who happen to be porn stars. Zak Sabbath runs that game. I play a level 11 Tiefling Wizard. I’m only 1,517 XP away from level 12. I have a pet spider named Speedy. To this day I have not named my own character, so everyone calls me Stokes or Stokely.

I’ve been playing about a year. I own all my dad’s original D&D statues and books from when he was a teen. My dad sparked my interest, Mandy Morbid invited me to play, and my DM Zak carried me away on adventures one could only imagine. My first game ever was in Vornheim and involved a battle of 100,000 undead skeletons. Um yeah… talk about being in the right place at the wrong time! Luckily we convinced the townspeople to lend their horses for cavalry. We set up the bridges to burn enchanted graveyards, set up boulder booby traps, etc. We just had to keep the elves and dwarves busy away from each other because they didn’t get along, and one or both sides would have simply given up helping us and left. I was knocked unconscious but ultimately we defeated them!

EJ: When it comes to boyfriends (or girlfriends), what impresses you the most: Large muscles, large bank account, or large brain?

Charlotte Stokely: I’ve dated enough people to know that muscles are fun to play with, but if the person doesn’t have a heart or brain, it’s just a pretty shell. Intelligence is sooooo sexy to me — especially someone with an imagination. I’m a romantic at heart, so if we can get some feelings in the pot, then I’ll take a hot steamy bowl of love soup! I’m currently dating a girl. We have been together three years. She is amazing, strong, honest, incredible and very giving to the community. I admire her. I love her. Sadly, she does not play D&D with me, but she loves to hear my wild stories.

EJ: If any EveryJoe reader wanted to date you, what are three things he (or she) should know?

Charlotte Stokely:

  • I’m a Leo born in Year of the Tiger — RAWR! I’m a white fire liger!!
  • I’m allergic to chocolate and oranges. Please don’t eat them and then try to kiss me!
  • I like presents. A pretty leaf, a new pair of shoes… it doesn’t matter, it’s the gesture that counts.

EJ: Do you prefer…

Flats or heels? I own 60+ pairs of high heels. Some are novelty and rarely worn. I do prefer, however, my ballet flats or my combat boots for day to day walking.

Girl on top or missionary? I like to mix both… plus every sexual experience is different and depends on the connection, fit, etc.

Books or movies? Books!!! I see, feel and hear so much more when reading a book. I’m currently reading the Melanie Rawn Dragon Prince series. Fracking looove it! Dragons rock!

Highly fashionable or highly comfortable? It depends on the event. Nothing sexier than a girl in high heels. Personally, I have a foot fetish and love to flaunt my little toes.

Health food or junk food? Healthy food! I worked as a professional nutritional consultant for six years. There are few things in life I am certain of, and the expression, “You are what you eat!” is one of the truest things I know! So remember — if you eat Ding Dongs, you will turn into a ding dong!

Vampires or zombies? Vampires! Not the sparkly emo kind! I loved Queen of the Damned, but that isn’t particularly how I visualize my vampires… more like Interview with a Vampire. Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp is hilarious.

Hunger Games or Harry Potter? Harry Potter wins my fantasy vote! Hunger Games had some pretty cool costumes and I genuinely liked the movies. I’m looking forward to the newest Hunger Games movie. I read all the Harry Potter books. I read none of the Hunger Games books.

EJ: Where can your fans find more of you?

Charlotte Stokely:

All images courtesy of Charlotte Stokely

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