This Girl Was Thirsty After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Taken out

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Elaina Fink


Wearing Sunglasses

Smiling in the Grass

On the Dock

Water Fountain


Robinson Secondary School


On a Boat at the Lake

Playing a Guitar

With her Friend


Loving Pizza

Wisdom Teeth

When you get under to get your wisdom teeth removed, it’s a good idea to avoid cameras for a while after you wake up. Unfortunately for Elaina Fink, she didn’t listen to that advice. Instead, this girl — known on social media as pizzaequalslife — filmed herself and posted the results on vine.

Among the things she said on the video is that she loves Ryan Gosling, she thought her doctor was attractive, she wanted to be a Kardashian and she really wanted to get plugged by a white stick. Seeing Elaina in that way was uncomfortable — but also intriguing at the same time.

As you can see by scrolling through the above pictures, Ms. Fink is quite the attractive lady. Getting to know her inner thoughts was awesome and made everyone like her even more. Let’s hope pizzaequalslife is able to parlay this fame into a reality show. That would be extremely apropos.

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  • Casey

    Please take this down. I am a personal friend of Elaina’s, and she never meant for the material to become public. Please take this article down.

    • akulkis

      Yes, people who never intend for something to be public ALWAYS post it on the internet.

      Casey, stop white-kinighting for a ditz.

  • JM

    That’s a teenage girl that changed her mind about Vine and now you’ve raided her Instagram account?

    What the hell is wrong with you? She’s not a celebrity, she’s a regular person and a minor.

    • akulkis

      You’re saying that all of this stuff is what she put up on the internet for public display, and you’re shocked, SHOCKED, that it is public?

      How stupid are you? Note that I’m not asking *IF* you are stupid… you’ve already demonstrated that. I’m asking to what degree your stupidity sabotages your attempts at rational thought.

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