Connecticut Teacher Behind Bars After Affair with Student

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Danielle Watkins



Holding a beer

Knees up


With her family

Group shot


Tell me






Not only

An English teacher at Stamford High School identified as Danielle Watkins has been jailed following an investigation that found she had improper interactions with a student. Not only do police think their relationship was physical, they also believe she gave him weed.

The nail in the coffin for Mrs. Watkins was when she got pulled over and police found inappropriate text messages that included pictures of her naked. She also allegedly threatened to fail the student if he didn’t keep their relationship alive.

The 32-year-old is from Norwalk, Connecticut and she’s married with at least one child. Her maiden name is Danielle Stashenko and her husband’s name is Jermaine.

While she did some wrong, it’s difficult for me to be too angry about what happened. The victim is 18 years old — so he wasn’t a minor. Sure, it’s still illegal, but that distinction makes a difference.

Besides, looking at the gallery above, she is the type of teacher who could make a male student’s dreams come true. It sounds like she just went overboard and got obsessed with the kid.

This case is similar to what happened to Tiffany Leiseth because she too was doomed after cops found texts on her cell phone. People need to learn that technology is forever and will be your downfall when police come knocking.

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  • James

    Her students sound like idiots and sorry man hope she gets the book thrown at her. How hard is it for these whores to keep their legs closed. So she humiliated her husband destroyed her family, ended her chosen occupation, and a ton of other problems.

    Can we bring back public lashes.

    • David

      James would you believe that I am taking a behavioral class where the teacher refuses to let anyone call a woman a “whore” no matter how low the particular woman has gone, how many affairs the particular woman has had nor how much destruction the particular woman has caused. Imagine needing an earned grade from this teacher but being threatened with an “F” no matter what your earned level was because she wants to control you, all while she has both a husband and a child at home? She deserves this public humiliation. She’s another Paula Broadwell.

    • James

      The bad part? I have more respect for a whore who fucks men for money than a women who sleeps around during marriage.

      I am convinced some women seem to have a screw lose.

  • David

    What is interesting is that one student said she isn’t the only one doing it. Was he referring to the same school?

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  • Panda Rosa

    No shame, no shame, ruining her family, threatening her student, dragging her reputation through the mud, and for what? I won’t call the teacher names, but what reason can she give, how does she justify such a betrayal of of trust?

  • hyena

    nigger whore

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