Raleigh Twins Get Arrested Doing World’s Oldest Job

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Katelyn Lothrop and Sarah Lothrop

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Mirror at the park




Bellybutton ring

Ready to swim

Sizzling twins






Twin sisters from Raleigh, North Carolina are currently behind bars following an unfortunate brush with the law. Katelyn Lothrop and Sarah Lothrop were arrested shortly after they posted an online classified ad in which they were selling their bodies. They offered prospective clients a fun time and a group discount with a pair of naked twins.

These 19-year-old sisters have admitted to sharing a drug problem. However, they recently said they were turning their lives around and were going to start working real jobs. Apparently, that didn’t happen.

All in all, it’s a sad situation. These Lothrop girls obviously have issues and they need money. While I don’t believe what they did should be illegal — and it’s certainly not something cops should spend valuable man hours pursuing — I’m hoping this could serve as a turning point in their lives.

As you can see in the above pictures, Sarah and Katelyn are both attractive. They’re young enough to turn it all around and be whatever they want to be in life. Let’s hope that happens.

If it doesn’t, let’s at least hope that their escapades are put on film. I’d watch — and I’m sure many others would too.

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  • darkcirclequeen

    super hot!

  • Gordo

    LOL at suggesting these girls can ‘turn their lives around’ after this sort of shit is now everywhere on the internet. This is why Europe passed ‘Right To Forget’ legislation- so maybe a decade from now,when they look back on these years and regret the dumb shit they did like many of us do on our late teens/early 20′s- they have a chance to MAYBE get out from under their youthful indiscretions if they want to, but perverting the intent of “FREE SPEECH!!!!!!!11!!one!” means articles like this will live on in perpetuity. These girls are fucked in mainstream life until the day they die unless Google changes and stops ruining peoples lives forever over shit like this. “YOU SHOULD HAVE THOUGHT OF THAT BEFORE YOU…” is an idiots mantra in situations like this. There’s some things America does right but others where we’re just such a naive and unwise civilization.

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