Jasmine is the Best Thing To Hit VH1 in a While

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    (source: vh1.com)

    From the side

    New VH1 starlet


    Both legs


    Helping hand


    Drink from the bottle




    Piggyback ride



    As you’ve undoubtedly heard, VH1 has a new controversial show and a woman named Jasmine will be the person everyone will be talking about after the first episode. On Dating Naked, this lady from Los Angeles, California is by far the most attractive person on the show — and she’s not afraid to play through all of her options.

    Every guy is drawn in by Jasmine, and she knows it. So instead of picking one, she makes the men chase her. However, if she feels any attention slipping away, she knows how to regain it. And that makes for great television.

    I predict that after this first episode, men will love her, women will hate her, the media will condemn her and the internet will be intrigued. If you haven’t seen her yet, be sure scroll through the pictures in the above gallery.

    Don’t miss out the images we collected of Wee Wee, her main competition on this VH1 series.

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      • Blake

        Any last name yet? Couldnt find anything about her!

        • JessicaWMiles

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      • average joe’s gym

        jasmine is porn star layla sin

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