Wee Wee Dazzles on VH1′s Risque Dating Show

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Wee Wee

(source: vh1.com)

Hands on her head

View from the back

Relaxing in the pool

Grim face

Looking away

Long kiss

Cold splash



Walking down the stairs


A woman from Nashville, Tennessee that goes by the name of Wee Wee is the star of the first episode of Dating Naked on VH1. She’s not only very beautiful, she has a great personality and is filled with passion. This lovely lady, whose real name is Christina Porcelli, fights for the affection of the men on the show — all while going without clothes.

Don’t miss the pictures of Wee Wee in the gallery above to see the best of her appearance on the premiere episode. Christina says that she has tried all kinds of dating but hasn’t had success. Will she have success by going bare while being filmed by multiple cameras?

You’ll have to watch to find out.

Let’s just say things get heavy with drama, jealousy and much more. Ms. Porcelli takes things seriously, which makes for great television. Watch this show; you’ll enjoy it.

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