Prison Psychologist Falls In Love with Convicted Murderer, Gets Fired

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Bobbie Maree Bergmeier


Cat in hand

Having fun

Chilling with a kangaroo

At a party



Happy face


Goofy hat


In a case that sounds like it’s right out of the movie theaters, Bobbie Maree Bergmeier had a job as a psychologist in an Australian prison. While working with a prisoner who was locked up after getting convicted of murder, she fell head over heels for him. She planned a life together with him and did everything she could to stay as close as possible to him within the prison walls.

(Don’t miss the pictures in the above gallery to see how dazzling she is; it’s no surprise a jailed man fell for her.)

Unfortunately for Bobbie Maree, she has been fired from the gig at Junee Correctional Centre. Furthermore, she’s lost her license to practice. Authorities allege that she took steps to cover up the relationship that were blatantly against policy. For example, they say she manipulated the books to make it look like another psychologist was his treating him in order to cover her tracks.

Additionally, Ms. Bergmeier used the alias Briony Watts to have Skype calls with the inmate. The investigation found that she conducted more than 250 calls that way.

Surprisingly, there’s a bit of a happy end to this true story. While her professional life is in shambles, the convicted murderer has been let out of prison — and the two are officially a couple.

Sure, she messed up and she should pay that price. However, what if these two souls were meant to be together? If they remain happy, you can bet she won’t regret one second of anything she did.

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