She’s The Girlfriend At The ESPYs Everyone Is Talking About

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Kristin Spodobalski


On vacation

In Italy

On the red carpet

Jordan event

With a big smile

Drinking wine

Green scarf

In front of trees

There’s no question that Stuart Scott’s speech at the ESPYs was the best part of the broadcast. However, Kristin Spodobalski should also receive partial credit for making that speech possible. She’s his girlfriend and was the talking of social media when shown by the cameras.

As you know, Stu is battling cancer. In fact, it has come back again and again — and now he’s desperate enough that he has joined a clinical trial. Unfortunately, that may be a sign that his seven-year battle has turned into an uphill challenge.

Thankfully, Kristin has been there to help him through the tough times. She’s regarded as extremely loyal and dedicated. Plus, as you can see in the above pictures, she’s undeniably sexy — which in itself gives Mr. Scott a reason to keep fighting.

Let’s hope that there is a happy ending to this story. Miss Spodobalski marrying a healthy Stuart and the two living long lives together would be so, so wonderful.


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