Cali Carter: The Exclusive EveryJoe Interview

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Born and raised in a small town in northern California, Cali Carter is a beautiful blonde who is making a name for herself in the porn industry. Known for her piercing blue eyes, tanned and toned body, and insatiable sexual appetite, Cali is a fun-loving, adventurous beauty who is up for anything new and exciting. Her porn resume is impressive, shooting for some of the top names in the business, and she has acquired a loyal legion of fans around the world.

We had an opportunity to talk to the beautiful porn star and learn more about her life on and off the screen.

EveryJoe: How did you get started working in the adult industry?

Cali Carter: Getting into the business is really not very difficult. Once I was mentally prepared, all I had to do was make an account on and before I knew it I had dozens of companies and agencies asking me to come shoot for them or sign with them. It was almost overwhelming at first to have so many companies all over the U.S. asking me to fly to them for a scene. I expected the process of getting work to be much slower, but within a week of my profile going up on I was doing my first scene in San Fran and by the end of the month I was signed with an agency! Now here I am over year later with 50+ scenes under my belt!

EJ: Who are your inspirations and role models?

Cali Carter: I don’t really have any role models per se. I have people that I look up to both inside and outside of the business, but nobody in particular that I aspire to be. Instead of looking up to somebody and trying to follow in their footsteps, I would rather be a rebel and blaze my own trail! I want to be able to look back on my accomplishments years from now and know that I was the sole reason that I am where I am. I also feel that when you aspire to be somebody or aspire to reach the goals of your role model, you could be inadvertently setting yourself up for disappointment. Everybody has a different path in life and I don’t want to try to compare my path or follow somebody else’s path — I want to be my own role model!

EJ: What is your mission on Earth?

Cali Carter: This is a hard question to answer, but if I had a mission on Earth I guess it would be to bring myself happiness and my friends, family and followers as much happiness as I can. If I can look back 50 years from now and know that I have lived a happy and fulfilling life on Earth then I’ll think that my mission was accomplished!

EJ: What makes you happiest?

Cali Carter: There are a few things that make me happy. Of course family and friends… they always come first and that includes my two beautiful dogs. Secondly, seeing other people happy. I have a huge heart and I’m always trying to find ways to give back. Knowing that I’m the one that can make a difference in someone’s day makes me happiest — both sexually and non-sexually. Not only am I a giver in life but also in bed.

EJ: What’s the best thing about being a porn star?

Cali Carter: I don’t know if it’s the best thing, but my favorite thing about being a porn star is that you get to travel! I’ve always wanted to travel the country but never had the funds to do so. Now that I am in the adult entertainment business, I get paid to fly around the country, meet new people and explore new places! I could not ask for much more than that.

EJ: What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened to you since becoming a porn star?

Cali Carter: Something that I have not gotten used to yet and still weirds me out is all of the strange fetishes in the biz. I have fans from all across the globe asking me if I would do certain “sexual acts” for them and sometimes the things that they are requesting are so far out there that all I can do is laugh. For instance, I had a fan ask me if he could pay me to just do my hair and makeup in front of him and use a lot of hair spray and products while he just sat behind me and watched. That may not be weird to some people but it freaked me out! Another thing I find weird is the way people treat me now. I come from a small country town in northern California and when people in my hometown found out that I do porn, all of a sudden I was treated like a celebrity. People I hadn’t talked to in years were contacting me. When going out to bars I hear people talk about me when I’m two feet away. I find it very weird because I don’t feel that I’ve changed. Porn is just a job; I’m still the same person I was before I got into the business.

EJ: When it comes to boyfriends (or girlfriends), what impresses you the most: Large muscles, large bank account, or large brain?

Cali Carter: Well I’m openly bisexual so I’m attracted to different things from each gender. When it comes to women I want a girl that is just like me… someone who is similar in looks and has similar interests, and most importantly is a nympho like myself! Now men on the other hand, it takes a lot to impress me. I like a man that, first off, is intelligent — a guy that can keep up in a conversation with me about whatever it is that were talking about. Secondly he must be attractive. As shallow as it sounds, I want a man that can complement me when we go out to social events or parties. I want a man that I can show off like arm candy just like he shows me off. The last and maybe most important thing I look for in a man is his drive in life! I want a man that has a goal and does whatever it takes to accomplish that goal.

EJ: If an EveryJoe reader wanted to date you, what are three things he (or she) should know?

Cali Carter: It’s difficult to narrow down to three things, but if I had to then I would say:

  1. You must be a gentlemen and treat me like a lady!
  2. You must understand that I am a business woman and that my career is very important to me and that means that my partner may come second at times.
  3. I’m a nymph and I need a man (or woman) that can keep up with my sexual desires.

EJ: Where can your fans find more of you?

Cali Carter: The easiest way to see more of me and about me is to just Google my stage name (Cali Carter). But if you want to see more specifics about me and my career, then a good place to look is It has a list of all my work that I have done, and it also has my bio and accomplishments in the biz. Social networks to contact me and keep up to date with me would be my Twitter @CaliCarterXXX and my Instagram @OfficialCaliCarter. And coming soon —

EJ: Do you prefer…

Flats or heels? Heels.

Girl on top or missionary? Missionary — I like the man in control of me.

Books or movies? I’m a movie girl, just because my lack of free time.

Highly fashionable or highly comfortable? Comfortable!

Health food or junk food? I’m a health nut! It’s all about salads and lean meats for me.

Vampires or zombies? Neither really, they both scare me… but vampires can be sexy sometimes.

Hunger Games or Harry Potter? I like both actually but Harry Potter’s more my style.

All images courtesy of Cali Carter

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