Is Bibiana Steinhaus The Hottest Female Referee?

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    Germany’s Bibiana Steinhaus is the nation’s top female referee — and she’s definitely cute too. Dare I say, she’s pretty hot. Steinhaus also appears to have a good sense of humor, as you can tell from the gif below.

    Bibiana Steinhaus
    Source: Imgur

    In the clip, Bibiana Steinhaus was tapped in the breast by midfielder Peter Niemeyer of Hertha BSC a few years ago, and instead of being outraged (like many women might have been) she just laughs it off, realizing it was just an accident.

    Bibiana is pretty hot, but is she the hottest female ref in sports? That’s debatable. Though the pickings are slim, there are a few other ladies who not only get the calls right, but are beautiful too. Elena Tambini of Italy might be my top pick. She’s not just a ref, but a model too.

    Check out the gallery below of Bibiana Steinhaus, Fernanda Colombo Uliana, Elena Tambini and other hot female refs.

    Elena Tambini - the Refereeing Model

    Italy's Elena Tambini

    Fernanda Colombo Uliana

    Fernanda Colombo Uliana - Hot Refs

    Cute Ref Sian Massey

    Sian Massey

    Germany's Bibiana Steinhaus

    Bibiana Steinhaus - Hot Refs

    Source: Imgur

    [h/t reddit]

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        yep – pretty hot


        Few german girls are famous

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