This Mother Got Implants In Order To Become A Better Parent

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Tamsin Wade


Blue only

Sunglasses not needed

The goods

Bend it

Legs too




Happy face

New purchases


While we’re never against implants here at EveryJoe, Tamsin Wade had a great reason to go under the knife: She wanted to be a better mother. You see, she originally was blessed with a 32D chest. However, after she gave birth, they shrank all the way to 32AA. At that point, she became a recluse and was reluctant to take her son out of the house.

Enter the 32G monsters you see in the above pictures and Ms. Wade claims that she’s as confident as ever. As a result, she doesn’t hesitate taking her son anywhere and everywhere.

Tamsin, who is from Suffolk, England, had to take out a loan to get the procedure and now has to pay more than $200 per month. However, she doesn’t regret her decision at all and believes she is now a better parent — which alone makes this a wise investment.

Well done, lady, and don’t forget to keep showing things off for the rest of us to enjoy. Thanks in advance.

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