Shortly After Learning Girlfriend is Pregnant, Man Shot Dead

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David Ludewig


Arm tattoos




Long hair


Side view



Funny face

As a child

What started out as a night of celebration ended up in tragedy with one Colorado man dead and a family mourning. Johnny Secrest and his 25-year-old cousin David Ludewig were out drinking and celebrating the news that Ludewig would soon be a father for the first time. They were walking home from the bar when Ludewig urinated behind a garbage dumpster and they were spotted by a security guard from the apartment complex where Secrest lives.

According to Secrest, the security guard followed the two young men right to the door of his apartment, apparently attempting to detain them. That’s when Ludewig made a deadly decision and got an Airsoft gun (that shoots synthetic BBs). The security guard — apparently thinking it was a real gun — shot at the men, killing Ludewig.

According to Secrest, the security guard was overzealous. However, according to the Westminster police, Ludewig had a handgun, the security guard retreated to take cover, and fired back.

So was it a real handgun or an Airsoft gun? Well that should be easy to figure out — except that Secrest took the weapon and put it back in the house before the police arrived.

When the police got there, they went into the house to retrieve the gun. According to Secrest and Ludewig’s brother-in-law Jacob Thompson, kids as young as 3-year-old were brought outside by the police and saw Ludewig on the sidewalk with gunshot wounds.

“They brought me and four children out of the house in our underwear, sat us on the front porch, and actually made us watch him die,” said Thompson.

The security guard has not been named and the incident is currently being investigated as a homicide. We’ll have to wait and see if it was justifiable or not.

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  • Alec Revelle

    Its sad that a child will never know their father but this guy was an idiot for getting something that even looked like a gun, it doesnt matter that it was an Airsoft gun. His cousin, according to the Denver Post, even said Ludewig made a statement to the guard about how would he like a gun pointed at him as he raised this Airsoft gun…the dumbass unfortunately got what he deserved.

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