Will Male Makeup Ever Go Mainstream?

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Man makeup - Style Undressed

These days, more men are wearing makeup, and we don’t mean just men like Johnny Depp or Russell Brand. Male makeup is going mainstream, and if you take a look at who is shopping at the cosmetics counter, you’ll see men from every walk of life checking out the skin care products and makeup. It’s a billion-dollar industry and that’s why top designers like Calvin Klein, Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs are getting in on the makeup for men bandwagon, says independent recording artist and producer Ricky Rebel.

“Men are using makeup because it makes their skin look clean, even and healthy in that metrosexual way – especially if you want to cover razor burns, a heavy five o’clock shadow, lines or acne,” says Rebel. Men are also realizing that a lot of girls think it’s hot. “Girls love beautiful skin on men or women – it doesn’t matter. Good skin equals attraction,” he says.

Easing into it
So you want to give makeup a try? Don’t worry – no one has to know. The best way is to wear natural makeup, makeup that no one realizes you are wearing. “I use mineral-based makeup to achieve an overall subtle look that makes my skin look natural and flawless. The coverage is light though, so it’s not going to hide severe acne or pock marks. To cover more obvious imperfections, I use both a liquid- and a powder-based foundation,” says Rebel.

Grooming for the occasion
For women and for men, there’s definitely a difference between everyday makeup and makeup for special occasions, photography sessions or performances. “I wear full makeup on stage because it’s my job as a performer to connect with the crowd no matter how far away they are from the stage,” says Rebel. When Rebel performs, he is photographed often and cameras are always zooming in on his face. “I use makeup that gives my face full coverage but not too much to the point that it makes my skin look fake or caked on. It always has to look natural,” he says. Make sure the color palette you choose reflects the natural color of your skin tone and don’t forget to blend, blend, blend. “Offstage, I like to keep it simple and stick to powder-based mineral makeup with SPF 15 to protect my skin from the brutal California sun. The sun will prematurely age you, so wear SPF and a good moisturizer every day,” Rebel says.

Picking the right products
Rebel says one product he could not live without is Smashbox Photo Finish Primer. This is the secret to having that smooth “I’m not wearing makeup” look. “Every dude knows that you have to use a good primer if you’re going to paint your car or house, and painting your face is no different. Picking a good primer is the key to making sure the paint you put on looks smooth and natural. Make sure you take your time when applying your primer,” says Rebel.

Make Up For Ever works great if you will be photographed by HD cameras or in photo shoots. Also, Calvin Klein carries a one-stop shop makeup line just for men. Rebel is a fan of their Makeup for Men Mega Kit. “It has everything guy need for all their bro makeup needs including concealer, foundation, moisturizer, guy liner, and ‘man’scara,” Rebel explains.

The bottom line is makeup isn’t just for the ladies anymore. If you want your face to look a little smoother and healthier, don’t be afraid to give male makeup a try.

Aly Walansky is a New York City-based lifestyle and travel writer. Tweet her at @AlyWalansky or visit her blog at alittlealytude.com.

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  • darkcirclequeen

    i hope not! makeup is for girls only!

  • guest

    That’s pretty fruity.

  • guest

    Why is it okay/normal for females to improve their looks and “empower” themselves with make-up, revealing outfits, shoes which make them half a foot taller… but not men?
    Oh that’s right, because females are inferior.

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